Emulating a Hunter/Gatherer Exceptionally Varied Early Human Lifestyle & Evolution Supporting Diet!!!

Recently I realized that over the last decade or so I’ve managed to short circuit the original delusional meat + 2 vegetables recommended diet/food intake angle.

You could say that I’ve adapted my eating habits to somewhat reasonably accurately ’emulate’ a diverse food supply foraging species diet . . .

Over the last decade+ I’ve stopped eating breakfast, I also stopped eating and don’t have lunch and have ended up only having one single evening meal.

I have two cups of decent/proper ground coffee (not instant) with cream/milk in the morning and a pot of tea (organic) in the afternoon, I should also make it clear that I don’t ‘snack’ during the day and as such I don’t ever buy or eat biscuits either for example. I also completely avoid sugar and I don’t drink any canned or bottled drinks (I drink filtered water, coffee and tea (made using filtered water)). I don’t buy ready made meals (except pizza).

Recently I remembered that (decades ago) I used to occasionally fast for 2/3/4 days . . . so a few months ago I fasted for 3 days, strangely I never felt hungry while doing this AND even more bizarre I had absolutely no ‘toxin’ release symptoms either, the fasting was a none event, it didn’t seem to impact me in the slightest . . . however, the ‘no’ toxin release symptoms indicates that my body likely has a very, very low toxin ‘load’ . . . basically from reading around, if you fast and or don’t eat much this causes your body to burn off stores which often include stored ‘TOXIC’ shit . . . it’s the release of these toxic deposits that result in the ‘ill/nasty’ toxin release effects!!!

Maximising your chance of Staying Healthy During ‘Insane’ Inverted Health Times ‘RECIPE’!!!

I used to start preparing/cooking my evening meal at 6 and be eating it likely just from around 7 (while watching some movies/series) . . . however I noticed that despite that I’d just eaten a decent meal I felt compelled to eat some snacky things like ‘crisps’ which is bizarre, so, I switched to ‘snacking’ on an unbelievably diverse ‘muesli’ (has 12 ingredients and which isn’t 90% oats, while including pecan, hazelnut, almonds as nuts plus pumpkin seeds plus ‘fruit’ pineapple, banana, dates, 2 types of raisins and papaya) . . . I also switched to starting to cook later (after 8:00) eating around 9:00 . . . this seems to work fine for me . . . I’m still ‘not’ hungry BUT I recently I’ve started to eat less and have lost weight (that I gained a few years earlier)!!!!

I generally have 2/3 very small portions of protein for my single daily meal (fish, chicken, pork and or beef) for ‘fish’ I also occasionally use tinned sardines/pilchards/mackerel which are cheap while also being at the bottom of the food chain (the first two) and are hence less fucked up!!!

I generally make a paella/risotto type dish with 2/3 rice types (depending on what I’ve got/ what I feel like (so it’s often a mix of risotto/paella rice with some basmati) I then use between 9 and 12 vegetables hardest/longest to cook go in first then more and more is added into a heavy large flat bottomed skillet, I finish cooking this (just after adding in the washed/almost dried rice mix) by adding a very decent/significant ‘dash’ of LOADS of DIFFERENT spices/’curry’ mixtures/herbs, the latter are the most important as they basically help supply many the missing vitamins/nutrients that are now scarce with respect to our ‘fucked up/depleted food’!!!

Veg etc (in ‘general’ cooking order) are from:

Parsnip/Carrots/Potatoes/Yam (cut small) then cooked in some oil/garlic which has already had a few very small bit’s of frozen sliced bacon cooking for 5 minutes while I chop these (put lid on for a few minutes to steam/accelerate cooking/stir occasionally) you prepare these ‘first’ while having the pan on a low heat with oil in, so you can start cooking these as you chop/prepare the rest (you’ve already defrosted anything/have washed the rice/boiled some water in a kettle so it’s ‘ready’). Also I might take these out and leave in pyrex dish to add back in towards the end (depends on how long they are cooked for, they may be cooked longer than they should be because I’ve taken longer to chop the rest!!!!).

I start with chopped in quarters/6th’s/8th’s depending on size of the Mushrooms/Baby Sweet Corn in small discs/Chopped Fennel Bulb (add oil to pan before new additions as necessary)

Then after 5 minutes of so add in chopped onions . . . then when the above is half/partially ‘cooked’ I add in some uncooked meat/fish in chopped/diced form. . . cook for a while / a few minutes I add some chopped/sliced broccoli/cabbage/sprouts (put lid on for a few minutes to ‘steam’ the whole lot to make sure the meat/fish is mostly cooked) . . . then leeks/chopped Fresh ‘Rocket’ herb and or coriander etc, any defrosted frozen Peas or tinned sweet corn (or even a bit of a frozen stir fry mix) again cook for a few minutes/5 minutes!!!

The above are ‘now’ all ‘oil’ coated so you can sprinkle/add in the now drained rice and stir well and leave for a minute or two . . . then add in some plain Yoghurt/Cream plus hot water (to get the water content ‘right’ for the rice!!!!) I then add in things like some organic Baked Beans/tomato paste/pasta sauce as part of both getting ‘right’ the ‘water/liquid’ additions as well as a better base flavour/taste . . .

I always added in specifically Black pepper, Cayenne, Chili, Ginger, Turmeric, Cinnamon and Cumin as one or more of these specifically is generally always mentioned with respect to vitamins/minerals/rare human health needs, I’ve recently bought some mustard seeds to the mix after reading this pdf here.

So, I add in decent ‘dashes’ of the above plus spices/’curry’ mixtures/herbs likely a total of 12+ different ones added in total with respect to what I feel like!!!!

Stir and then add any small tinned fish or already cooked meat (like left over chicken) just left on the top of the rice around an egg cracked in the middle (temporarily put lid on to heat to cook the egg), I then sometimes add bits of blue cheese over the top of any fish/meat/the now cooked egg and leave on reduced heat lid mostly off for 10 minutes or so until the rice is cooked . . . if I’ve a bag of mixed herb salad in the fridge I’ll add a small hand full (shredded/torn up into small pieces) sprinkled over the top.

The other ‘advantage’ to this approach is that you’ve only one pan to wash and as it’s cooking I clear up all of the chopping mess/wash anything (which just takes minutes)!!!!

Now the main problem with using/cooking a lot of separate ingredients (for one person too) is that it’s difficult to buy just a small amount of carrots or parsnips . . . so, the ‘potential’ restriction/limitation of this approach is ‘waste’ because you’re using a small amount of a lot of different things . . . however, recently in the UK I found a supermarket called ‘Iceland’ which focuses on frozen foods, BUT sells the likes of bags of chopped mixed veg for stir fry (of 8+ veg items including many items I’d not normally buy because of the size in a single purchase and or the preparation (mung beans, water chestnut, quinoa, kidney beans, green beans, Snap Peas, bamboo shoot) it also sells (which I couldn’t believe when I first saw this) a frozen mushroom mix that includes: Oyster Mushroom, Button Mushroom, Shiitake Mushroom, Nameko Mushroom, Porcini Mushroom. i.e. as I always add in ‘normal’ mushrooms then a small portion of the frozen mix gives me 5 more mushrooms AND mushrooms are extremely good for you too . . . . . . at least according to this page here.

In all this one meal often includes quite small portions of 2 meats, some fish, maybe a few prawns plus often between 20 and 30 veg/mushroom types . . . plus 10+ herb and spice additions!!!

This ends up as my single largish portion meal of the day most of the time, occasionally I eat half and have the remaining the next day with a very diverse mixed salad (with EXACTLY the same combinations of spices and herbs etc sprinkled in).


  1. Paul
    March 15, 2019 @ 6:01 pm

    Hi Clive
    A well written post.
    Have stopped the 3 meals and have 2 meals a day now. However if I missed lunch It would not be a big deal. I only discovered this process by fasting and realizing I was not hungry in the morning and sometimes not hungry at lunch time either. Which at the time was a shock for me. As eating 3 meals a day was the done thing . It’s micro-nutrient-rich diet that help’s the body thrive from what I have read. Although If our soils keep getting depleted of minerals we be better off eating cardboard boxes .


    • Clive
      March 15, 2019 @ 6:26 pm

      Hi Paul, I should have mentioned that (if I feel at all ‘under the weather’!!!) I’ll take some decent V&M’s with probiotics because like you say ‘useful’ minerals in soil are getting more and more depleted and hence are now automatically lacking in food too!!! I’m pretty sure that ‘gut’ bacteria (as in the gut ‘biome’) actually ‘symbolically’ represent our subtle forms feeling/evaluating sense, which again big efforts have been made in the design of the EAAS to f**k these up too . . . I’ve read quite a few science articles that very much suggest that the glycophosphate/round up concoction does a great job of completely FingU/killing off our gut biome too!!!!


  2. Clive
    September 6, 2019 @ 11:23 am

    As someone asked about ‘real’ vitamins and minerals then I personally buy: Terra Nova, full spectrum vitamin complex by magnifood which are about £20+ on ebay for 100 capsules


  3. Sha
    December 1, 2019 @ 12:01 pm

    I thought this article was relevant & thought you might find it interesting….

    Anthropologists & Scientists Explain How Ancient Humans Were Predominantly Vegan


    i do have a sense of ‘why’ you choose to consume ‘meat’
    …….. and i ‘thankyou’ for your ‘Conscious_Eating’ practices.


  4. Sha
    December 2, 2019 @ 10:01 pm

    Just ordered a pot of ‘Terra Nova, full spectrum multi-vitamin complex’ by magnifood [from Amazon]

    I’ve been having difficulty buying our favourite colloidal mins. & vits for a few months now …. so thought we’d give these ‘multi-vits. a try… since they come recommended



    • Jack
      December 5, 2019 @ 2:45 pm

      Hi Sha,

      It was very difficult for me to purchase them from Canada. It took nearly one month for custom to clear and enter into Canada.


      • sha
        January 11, 2020 @ 7:30 am

        Hi Jack,
        i didn’t have the difficulties with customs & the delivery delays that come with that, as i live in the UK.

        When holding the pot of multi-vits. i get a sense of ‘good quality’ from them
        ….. and as my daughter pointed out, they turn your pee ‘bright yellow’.

        Unfortunately for myself, i find the capsules rather large & have difficulties swallowing them even with food.
        i did try emptying the capsules into water & drinking it that way, but found the taste too unpleasant.

        Once we have finished these minerals, i think i will go back to consuming the:
        Morningstar Minerals, Energy Boost 70, Fulvic Minerals, 32 fl oz

        …..as i found this product easy to use & ‘health-giving’ & as it’s in liquid form it suits me better.


  5. Han Xin Ying
    January 27, 2021 @ 5:53 pm

    Wow thanks for the recipe guide! You should start a series like ‘cooking simulator‘ hahaha! I recently watched a documentary called ‘Chef’s Table ‘ on netflix there was an episode and it was about a Restaurant called Blue Hill and the owner talked about how the nutrients in wheat and corn is essentially destroyed by through processing to increase the shelf life which was shocking to me. As a Food Tech student I these problems are very impt to me. The part about your diet consisting of mostly veggies and even probiotics like cheese reminds me of a book i read last year ‘Cultured: how traditional food feed our microbiome’ which presented a very interesting perspective. The book talked about how intrinsic the bacteria in our gut is with relation to our health and gave an interesting perspective on the over-sanitisation of our world. This is definitely one of the easier posts on your site to read!


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