"Mandela Effect Anomalous Memories Investigation: This 18 page series (full list here) uses my own Walkers Crisps Mandela Effect experience to demonstrate how discussions of ANY/ALL Mandela Effect Experiences are all themselves consistently anomalous, specifically because essential/basic/important information relevant/central/critical to the 'ANOMALIES/EXPERIENCES' being discussed aren't even mentioned. In contrast, this series examines/evaluates memory 'composition' as well as important memory recall factors (feelings, emotions, internal states, inner sensations & awareness's (plus senses)) in attempts to not only 'highlight' these discussion anomalies while simultaneously providing comprehensive evaluation and analysis of the Mandela Effect memory anomalies, while even mentioning other apparently 'invisible/impossible to become aware of' memory anomalies too!!!"

Well, you might have forgotten, BUT, I actually specifically started to write this series because I eventually did experience one of these ‘MANDELA’ EFFECT MEMORY ANOMALIES MYSELF and in that it was ‘somewhat’ shocking (and particularly my reaction/response to it) then I spent time thinking about it while attempting to figure out how reality ‘WOULD HAVE TO BE’ to account for this as an anomalous ‘memory’ experience . . .

Walkers Crisps Salt & Vinegar <> Cheese & Onion Packet Flavours Colour Switch Mandela Effect Experience Introduced

So, there is a Mandela Effect where some people have noticed that some specific Walkers crisp flavours packets ‘appear’ to have had their colours swapped around (BLUE <> GREEN). Basically some people have noticed that ‘suddenly’ the Walkers Salt & Vinegar flavour crisps are now in a green packet while the Cheese & Onion flavour crisps are now in a blue packet. So, it will appear (at least to some people and ‘definitely’ to myself) as if, despite Walkers selling crisps for decades in exactly the same coloured packets for all of their flavours, ‘suddenly’ (with no announcement) they ‘appear’ to have swapped the colours of the packets of two flavours seemingly overnight!!!

It was only when reading the Reddit ‘Mandela Effects’ page a few weeks after having this experience that I became aware of some comments describing the ‘Walkers Crisp Packets ‘Colour’ Change’ that I realised that I had ACTUALLY EXPERIENCED THIS/THE SAME!!! Basically, because of various factors as well as because I’ve an exceptionally good memory I’d not actually realised that I’d experienced a Mandela Effect, instead, my initial overall response in the first few days was that the Walkers crisp produces were idiots because they were obviously intent on committing commercial suicide, I was basically exceptionally ‘PUZZLED’ about what I’d noticed and went through various evolving responses/reactions to this happening over a few weeks/months!!!

So, in contradiction to most Mandela Effect discussions/speculations elsewhere, I’m going to describe in great detail the original circumstances when I first noticed this Mandela Effect memory anomaly impacting myself including my ‘immediately’ reaction/response as well as how it impacted myself over the days and weeks that followed.

In that the Mandela Effect memory alteration experiences are actually HIGHLY ANOMALOUS then you’d imagine that anyone that is ‘REALLY’ SERIOUS about trying to understand these would be treating the original instance/situation/circumstances of when any of these anomalous memory change/alteration actually first happened/was first noticed as being of equivalent importance comparable to a serious crime incident.

You’d absolutely expect this of academic/science orientated folks SPECIFICALLY because they’ve a fetish for evidence (as in ‘FACTS) which essentially means that they ‘should’ be focused on accumulating/cataloguing as many FACTS/DETAILS as possible for each specific Mandela Effect ‘item/experience’, and this would particularly be the case because doing this would absolutely be a pre-requisite before they/anyone would be able to properly assess ‘ALL OF THE FACTS’ related to any of these types of experience!!!

In this respect, you’d imagine that this would have them wanting/asking for ‘comprehensive’ accounts inclusive of as many details/facts as possible not only about the specific circumstances of each specific Mandela effect experience (as it happened), but more so, with respect to that persons ‘history’ in memory terms of the specific ‘memory’ item that was involved in their own Mandela Effect experience!!! At the very least, you’d expect science types/people investigating these to be complaining because there are ‘NOT’ sufficiently comprehensive details of most Mandela Effect experiences for anyone to make any realistic/decent assessment about these AT ALL.

Mandela Effect ‘Discussion / Presentation’ Anomaly No5:

“There is rarely any comprehensive ‘DETAILED INVESTIGATIONS/DISCUSSIONS’ of the perceptual history/back story of the specific Mandela Effect item/object/thing/person nor details of the circumstances/unfolding experience of when the specific ‘ITEM/OBJECT/THING/PERSON’ that the MEMORY ANOMALY IS FOCUSED ON/ASSOCIATED WITH, FIRST HAPPENS!!!!”

Pretty much the only Mandela Effect where this is not the case, is of the original Nelson Mandela’s death Mandela Effect and this information is only available because of the efforts of Fiona Broome whose web site is here!!!

However, the Nelson Mandela specific Mandela Effect itself is actually substantially different in that it’s not of an ‘alteration’ of an existing memory of a specific ‘commonly’ seen/heard/smelt/tasted item/object, it’s of a group of people all having EXTENSIVE/SUBSTANTIAL/CORROBORATING MEMORIES OF RADIO/TV/NEWSPAPER ETC COVERAGE OF THE DEATH of a specific VERY PROMINENT PERSON that in fact NEVER ACTUALLY HAPPENED (because they never died).

For the more common Mandela Effect anomalous memory types that are all of a specific ‘common/everyday item/object/thing’, then, depending on the circumstances/history of the specific item/object/thing including how often and for how long each person saw/heard/smelt/tasted/touched and or had feelings associated with this item that they could, perhaps/possibly miss-remember a specific detail of it. HOWEVER, it’s highly improbable that the exact same/identical memory lapse/transformation/anomaly would end up being experienced by MANY PEOPLE with regards the exact same item/object/thing!!!

As a ‘start’ you’d expect people to miss-remember things that they were not very familiar with rather than a commonly/regularly encountered/item/object/thing which is what is ‘OBSERVABLY’ HAPPENING/RECORDED. If’ there was some ‘natural’ mechanism/defect of memory functioning that would cause this type of ‘miss-remembrance’ problem then you’d expect this to happen more randomly to a wider scale/spread of items/objects/things rather than ‘coincidentally’ this seemingly specifically happening to VERY COMMON/REGULARLY ENCOUNTERED ITEMS/OBJECTS/THINGS and particularly when at least some of these will involve memory storage/recall of multiple senses as well as feelings as the Nelson Mandela Effect specific experience itself OBVIOUSLY DOES.

The Walkers crisps Mandela Effect for example specifically involves SIGHT, TASTE as well as for some people SMELL. In some cases a Mandela Effect will invoke/be associated with feelings/emotions too. For example, the ‘We are the Champions’ alleged Mandela Effect which I described on a previous page here because I eventually managed to recall/remember that track clearly enough to be very sure it wasn’t an example of a Mandela Effect, and I could do this, despite that I’d not heard that track for over a decade specifically because of the feeling/emotions specifically associated with that music!!!

SERIOUSLY!!!! . . . having the EXACT SAME memory anomaly of the EXACT SAME common/regularly encountered item/object/thing happening to MANY PEOPLE is NOT PLAUSIBLE IN THE SLIGHTEST!!! However, what is way, way, less plausible/even less likely is that that even one individual would have very detailed memories of an event that NEVER HAPPENED, never mind that MANY PEOPLE do have such memories, AND even WORSE/EVEN MORE UNLIKELY these memories are often offering substantially consistently details of the same events/circumstances which aren’t recorded as ever happening, they ‘seemingly’ never happened!!!!

A Lack of Details/Facts about ME Experiences Leads to Obvious Misclassification Problems, which also AREN’T NOTICED!!!!

I should also point out that for something that didn’t happen then THERE ARE NO MEMORIES TO ‘MISS-REMEMBER’, YOU CANNOT MISS-REMEMBER DETAILS OF AN EVENT THAT NEVER HAPPENED IN THE FIRST PLACE!!! That many people have corroborating/consistent memories of an event that never happened, specifically involving any ‘EXTREMELY’ HIGH PROFILE/PROMINENT PERSON, is way, way beyond ‘IMPROBABLE’, it is HIGHLY/UTTERLY ANOMALOUS.

If you disagree with the above such you ‘IMAGINE’ that we have plausible/rational explanations presented by others whom you’d imagine must have comprehensively studied these anomalies sufficiently such that they are then competent/knowledgeable/qualified enough with regards to these possibilities then you’d imagine that they too have also identified Mandela Effects sub category types rather than of continuing to (very confusingly) lump them all together as one type only!!!

Basically, anyone that has studied these Mandela Effect anomalies ‘substantially’ should have become aware that there are distinct/OBVIOUS Mandela Effect sub types/categories, leading them to become aware that there are 2 ‘Substantially Different’ Mandela Effect anomaly types which should be studied/investigated/evaluated separately/independently:



3. The: MANDELA EFFECT INVESTIGATIONS/EVALUATIONS THEMSELVES BEING CONSISTENTLY ANOMALOUS in that such investigations consistently fail to identify, never mind then point out some of the many ‘obvious’ HIGHLY ANOMALOUS things associated with these such that I’ve not seen anyone point out that they are dealing with two separate/independent types of anomalies. Basically, those investigating/writing about these appear to be consistently prevented from accumulating details/facts (as well as being prevented from realising this either) such that they remain completely unaware of the Substantial ‘CONSISTENT’ Differences between some individual Mandela Effects such that they don’t even realise they are dealing with two different anomaly types which ‘should’ then be investigated/evaluated independently.

The Difficulty of Finding Detailed/Comprehensive Accounts/Descriptions Of Individuals Mandela Effect Experiences

It would be a ‘fact’ to state that you absolutely cannot properly evaluate ‘anything/something’ that you don’t actually have decent/comprehensive details of!!!!

In this respect, you’d actually expect ‘science/researcher/evidence’ orientated types to AUTOMATICALLY BE THINKING in these terms (at least way more than ‘normal’ folk) such that you’d expect a stream of questions focused on gaining as much in-depth information/evidence of the circumstances of the actual anomalous ‘incident/experience’ itself. This would be the case because, only by doing this can you start to build up a detailed picture of all factors associated with ‘what actually happened’, which may then make you aware of ALL SORTS OF THINGS about any specific individual Mandela Effect experience such that you can then perhaps ELIMINATE some of the more obvious crack pot/delusional explanations (such as each of these being nothing more than examples of miss-remembering)!!!!

It is in fact exceptionally rare to find anyone that’s written about any Mandela Effect memory anomaly event giving comprehensive, moment by moment details, specifically of WHEN IT HAPPENED TO ‘THEMSELVES’, INCLUSIVE OF THE ORIGINAL CIRCUMSTANCES ‘&’ THEIR UNFOLDING RESPONSE/REACTION/ANALYSIS OF THIS HAPPENING!!!!

Basically, despite that each Mandela Effect is actually an anomalous ‘personal’ experience, you don’t often have it presented/described in terms of the ‘actual’ LIVED experience inclusive of the full circumstances/situation of the first time of when this actually happened IN GREAT DETAIL.

As such it wouldn’t be outrageous to expect/imagine that ‘rational/science/crime scene grade facts/evidence’ orientated folks would have noticed/OBSERVED these obvious omissions/lack of details, such that they’d then be OBSERVED asking questions about all manner of details specifically focused around the time that the anomalous experience actually happened. You’d imagine that they’d also be PARTICULARLY interested in knowing/becoming aware of the last previous time that the specific Mandela Effect ‘item’ in question was seen/heard/smelt/tasted in the form/presented as they expected it to be, wouldn’t you?

A Science Orientated Evidence/Fact Based Analysis of Mandela Effects would require Detailed Factual Accounts

As such it wouldn’t be outrageous to expect/imagine that ‘rational/science/crime scene grade facts/evidence’ orientated folks would have noticed/OBSERVED these obvious omissions/lack of details, such that they’d then be readily OBSERVED asking questions, enquiring about all manner of details specifically focused around the time that the anomalous experience actually happened.

You’d imagine that AT THE VERY LEAST they’d be PARTICULARLY interested in knowing/becoming aware of the last previous time that the specific Mandela Effect ‘item’ in question was ‘KNOWINGLY’ seen/heard/smelt/tasted in the form/presented as they expected it to be before it ‘changed’!!!

Wouldn’t you?

What else would you imagine they’d be wanting better detail of as part of carrying out a rational/coherent never mind ‘comprehensive’ investigation?

What ELSE?


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