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Okay so obviously a lot of this stuff goes over my head but in general makes sense pulling back. When you talk about things being hard or difficult to detect I’m pretty sure you’re referring to people who already have enough ability to sense and interact with such things easily and on a regular basis considering the majority of people have no idea about sensing energy at all. Me, I can feel and manipulate energy and some things I can see (energy patterns/moving air, light around stuff) , these are the things I do naturally 24/7, my body will just start flowing with energy patterns if I let it, which somehow allows me to ground people’s energy. There’s also the whole connecting with your intuition crap as well, which comes a lot less naturally and only every once in a while. These are things very developed in me when compared to the average person, but still very very underdeveloped when compared to someone like you or even some people that I know. I’ve been working with a friend who we’ve discovered is a very strong empath, can manipulate emotions, can detect ‘sparks’ in certain people (which allows us to find more people like us, but we’ve also discovered that not some people who don’t have sparks can still have certain sensitivities, like my sister doesn’t have a spark but is sensitive to spirits, she just doesn’t want anything to do with ghosts or this kind of stuff at all) and can do some of the things I do. And we work a little with another girl who we look at like our Oracle because she has visions and stuff. Even though I can feel the energy around me from anything at will, I still don’t understand how you’re constantly interacting with these things on such minute, broken down levels, like you can feel a subtle energetic implant or some issue and figure out what’s causing it and stuff, and I have no idea how to even go about that. Is that something specific to you and certain people or is it something developed? Are you just really advanced, or is all this subtle network detecting stuff just part of what YOU can do? I also feel like the stuff I sense isn’t the limit to the stuff I could be sensing, we are still figuring out the extent of our abilities and what we can do, but we feel like there are blocks and want to know how to get through them. I also notice of course that you don’t ever actually explain how to deal with a lot of the issues that are here, just  a lot of pointing out that there are issues and possibilities to be aware of.

On the front page of I list some of my serious and debilitating personal issues that were all an overriding and un-ignorable incentive to ‘get my arse in gear’ in terms of understanding enough so that I’d be able to resolve these life shrinking issues.

So, I’ve not been ‘dabbling’ or casually exploring the subtle or just playing with energies or healing approaches, I’ve been systematically stripping reality down to the bare floor boards and beyond.

My web site gives some ‘relaxing’ examples of my EARLY mostly seriously worked for developed abilities. These emerged after pushing the ‘awareness’ boundaries virtually daily for about 15 years to gain intimate awareness of ‘myself’ and to learn to engage with as many of my full range of senses and perceptions as I could. That’s a decade and a half of determined digging from the age of 21 until about the age of 36.

After 15 years my ‘what’s right in front of me basic subtle ‘viewing’ senses’ became engaged and in using these early basic senses to look at subtle reality domains this resulted in all the earlier pages on

Awareness of Subtle Realities & Gaining Healing Experience

As part of improving my subtle reality awareness learning curve I engaged with the ‘new age’, lightworker, new spirituality line at around the 36 year mark and about 4 years later I wrote the Although in my terms this book is ancient history as it doesn’t in the slightest represent anything about ‘reality’ in any accurate way it ALSO tries to encourage the person reading it NOT to take things at face value, to NOT automatically trust so called ‘divine’ or ‘light’ beings because this is what led me way beyond that book.

Another 8 years down the line I write articles for to give people some ‘off the edge’ examples that gives clues that the new age line/approach/understandings are not actually working too well and isn’t actually presenting accurate information with respect to ‘healing’ (not in the slightest).

I’ve only very rarely USED the ‘what’s right in front of me basic subtle ‘viewing’ senses’ for 10 years now, they proved irrelevant in terms dealing with things on a larger scale at a great distance and at a such a finer microscopic ‘subtle’ resolution that makes all the quantum bits look as if they are the size of planets.

Then about 6 years ago I start to update

The none ‘scary’ pages are aligned with the and some of what is up on although there are examples beyond from later that are put up there in attempts to make you aware that NOTHING is as you are MADE to believe.

An Awareness of How Subtle Energy Healing Actually Works

If you are allowed to take in the new scary pages then it should sink in that the best, cutting edge, most advanced healing systems (new age and everything else) ALL OF THEM (NO EXCEPTIONS) are all what I’d call STICKING PLASTER HEALING systems. Irrespective of ‘success’ and I’ve gone to great pains here to make it very clear that how all subtle healing systems, therapies and approaches get their results, their ‘successes’ are all achieved by NOT doing anything in the slightest ‘correctly’. Every single one is about doing more to the energy field, making adjustments, putting up subtle protection, saturating your subtle body with ‘nice’ subtle energies to counteract fear, depression, negativity or ‘whatever’ OR you can be cleansed of negative ‘shit’ and end up being gifted with losing vast quantities of your subtle energy body.

I even give a very detailed, blow by blow example of the outcome of the use of so called ‘advanced healing’ and the dire awareness and pathetic understandings of so called ‘Advanced healers’ here.

The entire scary articles detail on page after page how new age and all other so called advanced healing actually works and the long term dire consequences that result.

And so, to the question you want answered as to why I don’t even attempt to try and explain anything in detail here: It’s very obvious.

It’s because there is no point in the slightest trying to explain anything to people whose competence level in healing and awareness terms is as advanced as ‘STICKING PLASTER’ when what is actually necessary is the equivalent of sophisticated brain surgery that has taken so far about 34 years of dedicated daily ‘pushing’ and understanding ‘reality’ terms to get to these depths of awareness and competence.

My site and book is slightly more advanced than the most advanced ‘new age’ healing available. The scary articles on this site are describing a competence level in both awareness terms and healing that are a few orders of magnitude beyond this. I’ll repeat that just in case you didn’t get it – A FEW ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE beyond the best, most advanced others elsewhere.

You can tell how well managed all the new age ‘lightworker’ types are because one of the things you are actually deliberately warned of is of anyone claiming to know way more than they do. Seriously, you reading this, you really have to make a big effort to remember that anyone actually writing 100’s of pages to back up what they are stating isn’t a sign of competence or expertise or the outcome of two and a half decades of way off the edge reality explorations and practitioner healing experience it’s the sign that someone is . . . wait for it . . . “Egotistical” . . .

It’s hilarious!!!

It’s hilarious how those that ‘imagine’ themselves as not being SHEEP, have been backed into a very dark and unaware corner while giving a very good impression of being shackled to the biggest pack of lies ever perpetrated while being managed IN EACH MOMENT by subtle means to ‘discern’ against anyone questioning and investigating beyond what they are doing.

The very same people are for the most part still holding to the same fantasies even after all signs of the so called ‘ascension’ have failed to materialize.

I’ve had people write to me asking for details of my ‘methods’ and ‘procedures’ which to be honest is like asking to be given the full procedure details to carry out delicate brain surgery when the only experience you have in these areas is of knowing how to apply STICKING PLASTERS.

How to Expand your Healing Practitioner Experience and Subtle Reality Awareness

As I mention on this site on page here I described what I’ve been doing quite well:

“It’s me that figures out what is wrong and what needs to be done. It’s me that stretches my awareness and subtle abilities to the limit so that I have the best chance of understanding what is going on. It’s me that figures out ‘what’s what’ and it’s ‘actually’ my spirit ‘colleagues’ that learn from me how to actually resolve difficult issues for and between people on all dimensions.”

Never mind that the other reason as to why there is no point describing what I do is because resolving ALL that is contributing to a lot of issues requires the UNDOING of ALL past accumulated healing solutions that were permanently applied to your energy body (and as still there NOW as you read this). If you don’t believe this then read the extended in depth blow by blow account (with audio) of a single healing session and all of the past ‘subtle’ shit including LOTS of ‘healing’ SHIT that had to be dealt with (this 20 page example starts here). That was one healing session out of about 100 that dealt with similar, after all you reading this are an immortal subtle being that has been around for millions of years so doing things WRONGLY for huge spans of time adds up to a lot of healing shit that needs to be undone (as explained in depth on this page here).

So, let me put all that is presented on this site into a larger and more accurate perspective. This site presented what was required to dig up all ‘subtle’ shit contributing to ‘issues’. All of this is now done and dusted, there is nothing more to do. For myself, all my issues as described on on the first page here and more, I’ve sorted them all out BUT I myself and all my clients had other issues which clearing all subtle shit either didn’t fully resolve or didn’t touch. In all, dealing with subtle crap ‘properly’ will clear between 5% and 90% of issues. ‘Average’ per person is say 25%. The other 75% isn’t ‘physical’ either it’s due to us living in a virtual reality and what this reality does directly to ourselves. This is what I’m smacking around the head at this time.

To put the above into a more focused perspective, the client with the least resolved in terms of her ‘core’ issues wrote this ear infection example on this page here in other words she had in my terms major ‘ear’ issues magically disappeared BUT that was a drop in the ‘negative’ issue ocean from the point of view of her ‘serious’ issues. The serious ones are due to the virtual reality we are in translating some events and experiences from her origins and the consequences of these events completely incorrectly.

As far as I’m concerned we’re all buried under a combo of accumulating ‘subtle’ shit both ‘real’ and ‘virtual reality’ generated while being messed with by a deranged virtual reality system (read all of the simulation aricle series if you want to understand more about these areas). It’s the artificial reality components that I’ve been working on stripping down for the last two years.

So, I’m busy and I’ve no interest in working with anyone new BUT, if you want all ‘real’ and most of the ‘unreal’ simulated subtle shit dealt with ‘properly’ then check out what I’m offering as automated absent healing clearings on my session page.

I’ve also put up a page listing the huge range of my own negative, debilitating, life shrinking issues that I’ve now resolved in dealing with all the subtle shit (and more) that I describe on this very web site. It only took about 30 years of hard graft and determination to start dealing with these correctly. This page is here.