The Universe Lovingly Provides Self Empowerment

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"What happens when you Ask for, Call or Invite Help from Spirit, Spirit Realms or Invoke any type of Healing Intervention? Who comes? How are they organized? Why personal investigations of the subtle energetic origins of negative issues are sabotaged? How hidden Spirit Help cause these Sabotages. Why the Spiritual Hierarchy keep all of this Secret? How all of this was uncovered."

I’ve personally never heard mention of anything within lightwork, healing or spiritual circles with regards what I have found with respect to the ‘real’ realities of spirit help and healing and therapy interventions in terms of;
  • The sheer numbers of spirit beings (2 billion) involved in responding to calls made for help to spirit (just to people in this earth space).
  • The huge scale and sophistication of the bureaucratic organizations that manage and run them.
  • The numbers of separate well organised bureaucracies servicing different paths, ways and groups as well as particular communities of people.

Why are those helping also deliberately kept COMPLETELY separate from so called spirit guides or other front end ‘visible’ spirit activities of spiritual, healing and therapeutic groups, communities and practices. Why is this?

Are Angels, Healing Guides and Teams just Window Dressing?

Why is it that in terms of spirit ‘help’ that it’s spirit guides, healing guides and more often angels that spring to mind BUT the feeling these beings invoke is ‘personal’ in terms of their relationships to ourselves and their responses to us . . . while the actual REAL reality is of large numbers of impersonal beings going about their business trying to make sure you DON’T become aware of themselves AND particularly that you don’t ever become aware of what they have been doing to help you?

You should ALSO know that despite what you think or HAVE BEEN TOLD every single healing and therapy session done by every single earth inhabitant is actually serviced by these well hidden spirit help beings doing what they do UNKNOWN TO YOU.

It is these beings that respond to EVERY HEALING INTERVENTION no matter what the physical or spiritual front end presentation is.

It was these beings that are responsible for the ‘subtle energetic effects’ that I was regularly aware of that I could feel and sense were happening even though I could not subtly ‘perceive’ either any beings OR what was being done (I describe this in detail HERE). It’s these super organised Spirit Help beings doing EVERYTHING while making sure that no one can see or become aware of EXACTLY what they are actually doing on our behalf to address your own or anyone else’s issues.

These ‘Spirit Help’ Bureaucracies are Involved in EVERY healing Intervention

Yes, they certainly might be doing things ‘specific’ to your own ‘amazing’ brand of healing or therapy or ‘whatever’ you call it BUT the REAL REALITY is that any front end ‘spirit’ beings that some of you are aware of are nothing more than window dressing.


A question you should be asking is;

Why are huge efforts made to keep both the existence of these beings, what they do, the call centres AND the huge organizations that govern and manage them secret and hidden?

How many of you are aware that such beings exist in such huge numbers whom are making such a determined effort to stop us OURSELVES from directly investigating issues and anything responsible for issues? If any of you were aware of them then we’d have been reading about what I’m presenting here on other web sites and it would be common knowledge . . .

Wouldn’t IT?

So, another question you should be asking yourself is;

How have they made sure that none of you find out about this?

Of course if you’ve managed to read most of the pages on this web site then you’ll already have some idea. How a ‘dark force, terrorist’ fantasy is used to encourage all of you to use protection that ensures that your awareness abilities are degraded lifetime upon lifetime (as described HERE) and hence have you and all of us less and less capable of being aware of anything. Then there are the 11 Lightworker Implants in virtually ALL subtle, spirit, sensitive, caring people that together manages their beliefs, ideas, thinking, attitudes as well as their awareness abilities too. I’ve covered some areas of the beliefs you’re made to have in the series I describe these implants HERE . . .

So, for all the ‘super empowered and super discerning’ out there!! Can you tell me? Has the universe or divine source or ‘ALL that Is’ lovingly provided YOU with these pages to read for yourself . . . OR have they been divinely and lovingly provided for you to ignore?

MMMmm . . . that’s a difficult one isn’t it . . .

Do, you reading this think or believe that everything is ‘perfect’, that we are all one, that the universe provides, that divine source, or ALL THAT IS or ‘???’ will return us to our perfect selves . . . if we just ‘believe’ in this?

The ALL That IS, Universe Lovingly Provides . . .

How come we are encouraged to think that a ‘Universal’ or ‘Higher’ or ‘Divine’ being or BEINGS are in charge, that ‘IT’ or THEY know what they are doing, that ‘IT’ (or THEY) are looking out for you and are working hard to help make changes for ourselves here. Apart from being full of contradictory holes these presentations imply that;

  • Everything is perfectly unfolding . . .
  • That nothing can go wrong . . .
  • That everything will turn out right ‘eventually’ . . .

Which to be quite honest is an amazingly fantastic way of having people sit on their arses twiddling their thumbs and have them in really REAL terms actually doing . . .


. . . even as the walls close in . . . all the while still waiting for the ascension bus . . . or their own sacred brand of ‘spiritual’ rescue, the 5D ET intervention or deliverment or ‘whatever’ . . . that will whip you off into your own edited version of some heavenly or perfect or spiritual space . . .

You are Virtually Gods you are living your Divine Empowered Self

How come you are told and are encouraged to believe the above while you are ALSO told (and are encouraged to believe) that you are becoming empowered, that you are yourselves virtually Gods, that you yourself can manifest anything you want, that to do this you just have to believe this, want it, step into your own Divine Empowered Self for this to BE.

How come we are told we are capable of doing virtually ANYTHING while actually just taking notice of basic contradictions or of even thinking about what they ‘might’ mean seems to be beyond just about everyone . . . that’s a bit ‘odd’ isn’t it?

Maybe we can do just ANYTHING except think about simple contradictions or what they might mean? . . . is that right?

Perhaps that’s our only Divine flaw?

YES, if you ‘just’ trust, hold to the right alignment and engage with ‘Source or ???’ then;

>> ‘Something’ <<

. . . in it’s ineffable loving divine intelligence will put you (and everything else) back to rights and end up sorting everything out for us/you.

Is this Empowering?

Is this REALLY True?

Is this EVEN Vaguely Likely?

The ORIGINAL Divine Source offers ABSOLUTE Self Empowerment

I can ABSOLUTELY 100% guarantee that ‘something’ originally manifested our original ‘soul’ ancestors . . . I can also ABSOLUTELY 110% GUARANTEE that this is right because like EVERYTHING else presented HERE I check it all out DIRECTLY . . . on the other hand . . . I can ALSO absolutely 10,000% GUARANTEE that this ‘original something’ has absolutely NEVER EVER interjected on our behalf since . . .

Not Even Slightly . . .

What it has done is to leave us COMPLETELY FREE to figure things out and to fend for ourselves.

What an amazingly EMPOWERING gift!!!

Which fits in well with something I read years ago that described something that ‘made’ our ‘original’ souls (as a mini version of itself perhaps?) in the very VERY distant and murky past AND that it did this to ALLOW ourselves to explore INDEPENDENTLY of it . . .

The Universe Lovingly Empowers us with complete Divine Independence

Did you get that?

To ALLOW ourselves to explore INDEPENDENTLY of it

>> Independently <<

So, it’s remit is to NOT take on the role of being your ‘mummy’ but for it to allow you / US / ourselves . . . Absolute COMPLETE FREEDOM to;

>> ‘Do our own thing’ <<

No Matter How ‘Amazingly’

>> STUPID <<

Our ‘Own Thing’ just ‘Might’ BE

In it’s Divine ineffable wisdom it’s leaving us completely free to do ANYTHING we damn well want . . . WITHOUT any guidance, interference, dis-empowering 5th (6th, 12th or ??) dimensional ‘rescues’, ‘inter-dimensional hand holding’, parallel reality shifts, ascensions, enlightenments, rapturings, universal frog mergings, special ‘signed for’, ‘next day’ deliverments or ANYTHING else WHATSOEVER from ITSELF.

In which case it’s probably a REALLY good idea to actually START thinking about why you’re being bombarded with so many different and COMPLETELY contradictory ideas and beliefs that have you not only not even moving forward but of actually moving backwards and of becoming less and less of ALL OF YOURSELF and also LESS and LESS empowered while bizarrely imagining the opposite . . . It would actually be a VERY GOOD IDEA to actually START thinking about this NOW before you’re incapable of having any choice of having ANY empowering thoughts what so ever . . .

Why would Divine and so called ‘loving’ beings keep anything secret if ‘they’ themselves or ‘something’ larger is actually responsible for or getting on and sorting things out for us?

Why would ‘something’ larger that is apparently ‘EVERYTHING’ and which can also ‘apparently’ do or manifest anything be trying to convince you both that you are as able as IT while ALSO bizarrely treating you as something so pitifully insecure that you are constantly told to stay away from anything negative or upsetting while having you super glue yourself to ONLY the ‘POSITIVE’ while also giving you all sorts of weird and contradictory ‘truths’ which you’re also told to TRUST and BELIEVE in . . . perhaps just like you once did for the tooth fairy or Santa Claus . . .

. . . why would ‘something’ that is considered to be ‘everything and perfect’ be presenting us with so many contradictory truths that we end up not being able to agree which of these truths are actually really ‘TRUE’?

. . . why would ‘someone’ that is told it is ‘everything and perfect’ EVER have to be told to avoid anything vaguely ‘negative’ or be incapable of thinking about why they are bombarded with contradictory beliefs?

Why would someone so amazingly EMPOWERED have to avoid THINKING about or have to avoid Considering ANYTHING?


Why exactly would a Divine Loving Universe ‘Divinely and Lovingly’ provide you with beings pretending to be Divine whom are managing and manipulating your beliefs, feelings and thinking so that we all get to sit around in a pretend empowered state waiting forever for some ‘magical’ divine shift to happen that they have convinced you will end up with you getting what THEY TELL YOU IS GOING TO HAPPEN?

Any Ideas?

In the mean time if you just want to understand something a little simpler like why these ‘pretending to be (but not really) Divine’ beings are keeping spirit help hidden then read the next page . . .