New Age Term & Understanding Translator Implant

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"The Etheric Implants 'Managing' Sensitive, Multidimensionally, Spiritually and Subtle Energy Aware Earth Residents wanting to Improve the Quality of Life, live in more 'Equitable, Balanced, Honourable and Harmonious ways' specifically to gradually erode such peoples reputation while keeping them; Occupied, Passive, Out of the way and absolutely unaware of anything they might otherwise disagree with.."

I’m an empathic type and until recently I’d thought ’empathic’ described my ’empathic’ abilities BUT now I’m not sure. Empathy is described as the ability to ’empathize’ with another, to deeply relate to what another is experiencing, feeling and presenting. On the other hand, what I can do is sense, perceive, feel what others are actually sensing, perceiving and feeling DIRECTLY. In other words I can actually pick up what others are feeling, perceiving, sensing within themselves . . .

Feeling and Engaging with a Spiritual Source . . .

A long time ago (about 14 years ago now) I was ‘gifted’ with having a chat with some people whom were all talking about ‘source’. They were all enthusiastically talking about their ‘source’ experiences and relating of course very strongly to each other and in ‘doing what I do’ and picking up ‘others’ senses I could feel each of them accessing, engaging with and feeling their own ‘source’ and yes ‘source’ exists . . . except . . . that what they were each accessing was actually quite different . . . this not only had me confused in terms of ‘source’ being presented as ‘one’ thing when it turns out NOT to be the case but this incident also made me ‘more’ aware that although lightworker types can talk in great detail they often seem to ‘default’ to thinking that they are all talking about the same thing . . .

The ‘Bias’ trying to make New Age & Spiritual Terms, Meanings & Understandings ‘seem’ equal

I’ve noticed even with the depth of material I’m presenting here which is absolutely 100% totally different to everything else out there that bizarrely when I talk in DETAIL to some people they seem to think I’m talking about something they can relate to from their own ‘way’ AND they get quite uncomfortable if I start asking DEEPER questions to highlight the ‘extreme’ differences . . . while for some bizarre reason they quite often STILL INSIST IT’S THE SAME AS THEIR OWN UNDERSTANDINGS . . .

A few of my clients have noticed the same happening within themselves. One client in particular has been quite shocked to find their head (and the rest of themselves) automatically leaping to confirm the same ‘samenesses’ and the same ‘correspondences’ when talking with others whom are explaining particular ‘things’ from their own angle.

Some of my clients whom have had enough direct experience specifically of what I’m talking about because they are using resources to address different angles of the energetic mess that we are lost in EVERY DAY have been quite shocked to find their head and thinking STILL at times automatically insists on explaining things in ways that;


long term and direct non ‘lightworker’ experiences

Spiritual & New Age Contradictory ‘Meanings & Terms’ Translator Implant

Even more bizarre is that this ONLY happens with lightworkers . . . I’ve actually been amazed to find that in some cases people whom I’d have assumed would not even be able to relate to the basics of what I’d be explaining would get it quickly AND are amazingly able to think pretty well about it too . . . and these are people whom you’d imagine would ‘know’ either little or nothing about ANY of these ‘subtle’ or ‘spirit’ areas . . .

Would you reading this not be a little suspicious about these accumulating bizarrenesses?

Having investigated these areas and found what is causing this then I’d have to state that when you’ve got a subtle energy implant automatically orientating both what you say AND how you interpret something so that these interpretations always correspond to a specific ‘set’ of TERMS and UNDERSTANDING then these weird bizarreness’s start to make sense . . .

It directly translates as you are reading something or listening to someone and feeds this alternate dialogue directly into your head. It has the following translation modes

The ‘Negative’ to ‘Positive’ Conversion Mode

It will detect anything that would be deemed ‘negative’ to a lightworker and attempt to convert this into something that would be perceived as positive this can result in a lightworker coming away with an understanding that is the complete opposite of what was actually written or conveyed.

The ‘Prevent Awareness of ANYTHING ‘against’ Lightwork’ Mode

If you make the mistake of presenting anything negative about or ‘god forbid’ actually against lightwork then this implant conveniently works overtime to try and have the lightworker either actually NOT notice this or if that is NOT possible then amazing efforts will be made to absolutely ensure that any coherent details, common sense or logic of the presentation never mind the obvious depth of experience of the presenter does not impact a lightworker being presented with such information. Their ‘Discernment for Dummies’ implant device (described later on) will also be working overtime to ensure that they run away screaming and don’t return.

The ‘Translate Non ‘Light’ Explanations into Approved Ones’ Mode

This will attempt to prevent a lightworker from being openly presented with terms, understandings or explanations that are not part of the ‘light’ propaganda brainwashing program by having such material translated into acceptable and watered down ‘light’ terms. This again prevents a lightworker from having even a ‘conceptual’ choice to openly or freely take in and appraise different angles of information (whatever they are). So, much for freewill!

This type of translation happens ALL THE TIME and is very successful. I left a comment on a web site with a link to my ‘soul purposes’ page to have a reply that made absolutely no sense with regards what I’d written, I even thought that they must have read the wrong page. My ‘Soul Purpose’ page is HERE and the comments (the first two) relating to this page are HERE.

The ‘Light & Spiritual Terms & Understanding Translation’ Mode

In this ‘mode’ all those that are part of the light ‘family’ whom are ACTUALLY working in contradictory ways and or to different understandings or ‘myths’ have their opposing terms and understandings translated into each others terms and understandings and so negate any ‘raising’ of awareness that might result.

Perhaps someone wants certain people to all think and be sure that everything between them is equal and to CONVINCE them that what they are all talking about is ‘REALLY’ the same thing . . . particularly as another lightworker implant the ‘Mood & Emotions Control & Regulation’ Implant works in conjunction with the ‘Light, Spiritual & Healing Terms Translator’ implant to MAKE people FEEL RIGHT & SURE about their TRANSLATED & MANAGED interpretations too . . .

This couldn’t be the sort of thing you’d sneak into people to try and support a lame claim along the lines of;

‘ALL paths are equal, all truth’s are really equal ‘REALLY’, we are all ‘really’ talking about the same things ‘really’ “REALLY!” fantasy


Why are New Age types gifted with such a Mind £**#ng Implant?

Well, it’s aim is to SEVERELY REDUCE the possibility of anyone catching on to the HUGE differences in presentations between and within ‘light’ factions and spiritual, therapy and healing paths and ways never mind to prevent lightworkers from REALLY being able to take in information such as I present here. They very strongly want to make sure that no one will pick up on the stunning contradictions within ‘light’ areas nor even think about anything presented ‘outside’ of their artificially maintained ‘light’ bubble and so this is yet another implant that greatly contributes to discouraging people from checking things out directly and from digging deeper.

If you were ‘actually’ GIFTED with being allowed to think FREELY (rather than of having your thinking managed) then I’d imagine a ‘fair proportion’ of you would start to become aware that some of the beliefs, ideas and understandings of different ‘light’ ways DON’T actually ‘REALLY’ support each other never mind in some cases of being completely opposing (or have you missed these?) . . . without this particular negative implant influencing you some of you would over time collect enough examples of this that you ‘might’ just possibly be jolted out of the;

“All paths are equal, we’re all talking about the same things ‘really’ “Yes REALLY!” fantasy'”.

Management of New Age & Lightworker Understandings & Beliefs

In which case you might ‘SHOCK HORROR’ start asking awkward questions, which would be met with diversions OR silence (as happened to me) which might ‘just’ have you tempted to do the grossly obscene thing and actually start exploring beyond what you’re light masters recommend (or even allow) . . . which is really REALLY exciting and interesting because by doing this you’re gifted with 24/7/52 ‘light’ attacks that make dark force efforts seem rather feeble in comparison . . . BUT if you’re a persistent b$%&rd like myself then you might get yourself a REAL education . . . never mind that your understandings of . . . oohhhH just about EVERYTHING, will go waayyy off scale . . . same as mine did . . . and still does . . .

So, to avoid any such dreadful awkwardness while also conveniently keeping things aligned to their ‘no confrontation’ and ‘no conflict’ agenda (that’s a good one eh!!) they’ve gifted ALL lightworkers with this amazingly debilitating ‘no freewill choice’ subtle energy implant.

Some Advice and things for you to ‘THINK’ about . .

Some of my clients with these implants (or other energetic crap doing similar) have THEMSELVES noticed their own difficulty taking in or understanding particular information sets some have particularly noticed that their head seems to force their thinking down specific lines and generate particular arguments AUTOMATICALLY.

After becoming AWARE of the POSSIBILITY that ‘something’ (a subtle implant, a spell or one of a range of other things) may ACTUALLY be managing how they think.

They THEN find that they can choose to take more notice of their thinking and hence ‘sometimes’ become directly aware of the extreme efforts being made (for example) to have something understood or evaluated by themselves COMPLETELY wrongly OR out of context.

My thoughts, feelings, realisations and beliefs are MINE . .


The first time I DEFINITIVELY identified and became aware that my thinking had been managed, this COMPLETELY and totally shocked me. In fact it scared the living daylights out of me for about 3 days because I (probably like yourself) took my thinking as being utterly and absolutely MINE. Just to be confronted with this even as a POSSIBILITY is VERY hard to accept. In fact to say that it’s hard to accept is the understatement of ALL understatements. I know this because I’ve been there and lived through experiencing this ON MY OWN, so, I know what it’s like if it REALLY HITS you because it rocks your entire foundations to the core because you can be left thinking that you CANNOT RELY ON ANYTHING.

Except for THREE things that you should think about;

  • It eventually sank in that my thinking obviously no matter how well managed wasn’t actually being managed well enough to stop me thinking about ‘the possibility’ that my thinking WAS being managed never mind that it obviously wasn’t being managed nearly well enough to stop me getting rid of WHAT WAS MANAGING my thinking in particular ways in the first place.
  • I DON’T like one little bit ANYTHING of what I’ve found that I’m presenting on these scary pages HERE. It’s 15000% horrific. On the other hand I’m 15000% VERY HAPPY that I’ve found out what is actually going on because rather than staying in a ‘managed’ noddy land ‘Santa Claus’ grown up type fantasy I’ve actually been able to find the means to deal with EVERY LAST THING I describe on every page here. That’s the point, keeping each person locked their own little ‘belief and ideas fantasy box’ keeping them CONVINCED of their fantasy while ensuring they’ll never venture outside the box OR EVEN OF THINKING ABOUT THIS AS A POSSIBILITY.
  • Do, you think we are heading for a ‘glorious’ future? YES? ‘REALLY’? . . . and is that YOUR uncorrupted thinking that has you THINKING this OR is something managing you to think (for example) that EVERYTHING WILL WORK OUT FINE, and so have YOU (like everyone) else continue to remain stuck in the same beliefs, understandings and ideas box (whatever they are) and so be supported to have everything continue as it always has done? While bizarrely everything is getting worse and worse . . .

So, if you can then at the very least take note of the following. As this is the first page here of this complete series then;

A) You should be made aware NOW that you have at least two other implants whose agenda is to make sure that you run off and never make it back. You can either go with this being forced upon you by ‘controlling’ others or you can attempt to take a stand and attempt to read more. And, if you do then;

B) You can NOW watch yourself while reading the rest of these pages with the understanding or the possibility that your ability to take in this information is being very well ‘managed’. You therefore have a chance to push against this AND actually read some information that others DON’T want you to become aware of AND actually read about how this is being done AND WHY.

Would anyone like more choice to more ‘FREELY’ think?