New page, giving yet more evidence of subtle forms interfacing from a very different angle . . . I’m using two sections from this page (the oak forest section and the Roman getting pregnant, giving birth, looking after baby, young toddler/child . . . etc) to expand on these angles for later pages . . . i.e. when the later pages get written these sections will disappear from this page!!!!

In writing earlier versions of this page I’ve been very gradually becoming more and more aware of the sheer scale and variety of ancient ‘Gods & Goddesses’ as well as the sheer scale and breadth of in some cases very narrow earth environment and or human life angles that they were apparently ultra obsessed with PLUS that we have many different, separate Gods connected to many different cultures all obsessively focused on the exact same earth life and environment aspects/areas too.

These repeating patterns eventually had me realising that absolutely ‘everything’ that is significantly different IN ANY WAY between the subtle form and any avatar/animal form it may find itself interfaced to as well as of any and all differences between the subtle environment and the physical environment and particularly the day in day out, as well as any LONGER TERM embedded habitual experiences of all subtle forms (whom in most cases will have been around for 10’s of millions of years) are then very likely to cause serious problems with respect to them adapting to being incarnated into what would be an utterly/exceptionally different i.e. completely alien physical environment while also being interfaced to and hence then being ‘represented’ by, an exceptionally, utterly different ‘alien’ animal vehicle/avatar life form which compared to the immortal subtle form is exceptionally short lived never mind that how most physical forms propagate/reproduce (to be quite explicit) is also utterly absolutely/different compared to how subtle forms propagate too!!!!

Let me give you some actual examples of the scale and range of pretty much any subtle form’s utterly embedded, engrained experiences and habits as well as its automatic/automated expectations, all of which will be exceptionally, utterly embedded because they will have accumulated over an utterly vast time scale. Coincidentally absolutely all of these engrained habits and expectations will be exceptionally, utterly different compared to absolutely anything it will experience regularly, if not ALL THE TIME should it ever become incarnated and hence then find itself permanently living as some animal form while it endeavours to have an earth based physical life experience!!!

Our Subtle Form & the Subtle Population’s Long Term Subtle Experience Made Explicit

Most subtle forms will have been living as a subtle being within the subtle environment for literally 10’s of millions of subtle years, in fact, many of the subtle population will be around 15 million subtle years old around the time that they started to become aware of the parallel physical strata, although it would be even longer before they’d figure out how to interface some of the early subtle explorers/researchers to various aspects of the physical . . . in other words in that the vast majority of the subtle population will have been propagating by dividing asexually to produce either identical and or none identical twins of the parent form then this will result in pretty much ALL OF THEM having approximately 10 or 15 or 20 million years of absolutely embedded subtle environment experiences inclusive, for example, of themselves and everyone else always living IN THE SKY although it is also exceptionally likely that they’d all have a lot of experiences ‘splitting/dividing’ to produce twins/duplicates of themselves many, many times too . . .

Can you reading this appreciate the problems of interfacing a form that’s basically had 10, 15 maybe 20 million years of then embedded subtle reality experiences into an utterly, completely different ‘alien’ surface of a planet environment never mind that they are all, when incarnated going to find themselves being ‘represented’ by a totally/utterly alien life form (compared to themselves)!!!!!

For example, pretty much any of the essentially alien physical animal forms (and particularly the larger ones) that any subtle form could be interfaced to also substantially change over time because most if not all of the larger animals go through multiple transforming, developmental phases as a newly born animal baby form grows in size while then living through various stages of growth and developmental transformations too!!!!

In that subtle forms divide asexually to then produce twins, which in most cases are then substantially equivalent to how they were before they ‘split’ in both size as well with respect to memories and experiences as well as with respect to acquired/learnt skills to the single original parent.

In this respect, absolutely none of the earth’s larger physical animal forms means of propagation, birth nor ‘growth’ phases/stages have any parallel with respect to the asexual, self dividing means of propagation that is ‘normal’ for the entire subtle population which I’ll remind you is also the only ‘species/life form’ within the subtle too!!!!

Basically, every single aspect of the subtle form’s embedded/engrained experiences of itself, its interactions with other subtle beings as well as of itself permanently living up in the sky within the subtle environment, all of which it will have accumulated over millions of years, will all be substantially different compared to what it will experience being incarnated/interfaced to a (relative to itself) very short lived physical animal life form while it spends time likely permanently living on the two dimensional surface of an alien physical world (rather than flying or bobbing around in the sky), and, rather than there being just one life form/species, there are a vast multitude of many, many, many different types, a small proportion of which will very likely be dangerous to its avatar’s ability to survive never mind all of the different types and varieties of earth pathogens responsible for all sorts of diseases as well as bad weather events, poisonous plants, venomous snakes and so on . . . in this respect it’s actually exceptionally likely that any large scale subtle to physical population incarnation effort is then very, very, very likely to include extensive overseeing guidance able to offer support and guidance at least for the first few incarnations/physical ‘lives’ until they all then gradually become adapted to the vast variety of differences . . . in other words, it seems exceptionally likely that there absolutely would have been ‘some’ subtle strata incarnation focused administration & support efforts specifically setup to monitor/track as well as guide/facilitate/support/help all of the newly incarnated subtle forms that were part of the first/earliest earth physical life colonisation efforts . . .

A Reminder of the STARK Differences Between the Subtle Form, Subtle Environment & its Current Physical Experience Circumstances

Let me ‘explicitly’, remind you of our current actual ‘human’ form circumstances as well as the past unfolding historical progression that led to these!!!

The human body is nothing more than a remote vehicle, an ‘avatar’ being driven around by an ‘intelligent’ none physical energetic/resonance based/frequency emitting ‘organism’ which is often called or described as ‘the soul’, and or as a ‘spirit’ although it’s occasionally seen or more often ‘felt’ as a ‘ghost’ form presence too (and particularly around the times when it’s been recently disengaged/de interfaced from the physical body/avatar form that it was using as a remote vehicle for its ‘now’ last life) although it is also sometimes referred to as the ‘subtle body’ here, at least within certain circles!!!

In that the process of initially researching and investigating/exploring the earth surface’s physical environments and habitats must have happened a very long time ago (in our terms) AND, that it is very likely that early physical earth planet incarnation and direct physical exploration efforts would have been very, very gradual, specifically because they’d have to figure out how to permanently as well as seamlessly interface their subtle people to likely a few different animal forms while then working out how to synchronise the subtle form to the daily (day and night and waking and sleep) cycles as well as more long term cycles (the seasons of the year for example) never mind of themselves also having to become used to the fact that unlike their subtle selves whom (if you remember the details I presented on the previous page) don’t ever actually have to go looking for food, nor then spend time preparing and then eating it to actually ‘STAY ALIVE’ never mind that all subtle beings in being immortal, then actually live FOR EVER & EVER & EVER too . . .

Based on what I write above, then one of the primary problems/handicaps of interfacing our subtle being/soul form to any physical animal form is that they are going to have to seriously adjust themselves with respect to them suddenly finding themselves interfaced to an animal form that then requires regular meals requiring them to adapt such that they then have to identify and then find and then eat food that is of an appropriate type for that specific animal avatar form. Although, it will also have to regularly find and also drink clean water and also then learn to shit and pee in places well away from either food or water sources while also having to find somewhere to sleep every night that’s ‘safe’ because rather than having absolutely no other species at all to think about, there are not only millions of different species on this earth planet BUT, unbelievably, none actually come with identifying labels specifically indicating whether they are poisonous or not, or are a predator of the animal you are currently using as a remote vehicle/avatar either!!!

Despite the above collection of day in and day out ‘adaptation’ problems, these will actually be minor compared to finding yourself interfaced to an animal that is not only ‘NOT’ IMMORTAL but worse, it also very gradually ages, becomes older and older such that over time it becomes more and more decrepit/disabled until ‘shock horror’ it eventually pegs out/kicks the bucket and then dies.

Which means that at the point that the interfaced form dies, it will be essential that the subtle form be de interfaced/disconnected from the now dead and hence then beginning to decay/break down body. If it’s not de-interfaced from the dead physical body fairly promptly it may end up being described/labelled as being one of the ‘still living’ dead.

Once de-interfaced from the physical avatar form, its subtle perceptions/senses, in now no longer being physical body/physical reality orientated (these sensory signals would have been being transmitted via the subtle to physical interfacing) would (depending on the culture) likely be fed sensory signals representing some type of virtual ‘reception’ space where it would likely have to wait until a suitable developing fetus of a currently pregnant animal form becomes available before it would then find itself re-interfaced/incarnated into a physical life form ‘YET AGAIN’!!!

So, overall during these early physical world exploration times, you are actually interfacing an exceptionally different i.e. an ‘alien’ subtle energetic organism to a remote physical avatar/vehicle. Such that despite that the subtle form (unlike the animal form) is actually ‘intelligent’ it is exceptionally unlikely to have any clue what so ever about any facet of the physical environment except/unless it’s been directly involved in some way with the physical earth planet remote investigations/research and or if it’s been intensively educated about different facets of the earth’s physical environment and also the exceptionally alien (to itself) physical animal form it’s supposed to use as a remote vehicle/avatar to inhabit/explore i.e. to actually attempt to FUNCTION/LIVE within this unbelievably different essentially alien environment/habitat!!!!

Just in case you ‘STILL’ don’t get what I’m trying to make clear here . . . then let me point out some things/angles for you to think about and particularly with respect to putting yourself in the position of being a subtle leader and or those subtle forms directly working on behalf of some subtle form leader whom specifically finds ‘ITSELF’ (remember it’s not either male or female) at the point of just THINKING about maybe/possibly interfacing some of their better educated subtle people as part of putting together a small specific environment/habitat expedition team whom would be responsible for figuring out as much as possible as part of preparations to have their entire subtle culture essentially pretty much permanently interfaced to some physical animal form.

The Needing to Regularly Find & Eat Food & have Shelter Within an Utterly/Unbelievably Alien Environment Problem

All the details and problems of which they’d very much have to figure out ‘well before’ they’d start to interface a significant number of there cultures larger subtle population into the physical and particularly as part of them starting to put together their own physical culture . . .

In that this would be a massive undertaking i.e. it essentially represents a mass exodus of an entire population of immortal subtle beings whom have naturally arisen and hence then always (as in ‘forever and ever’) lived within a very, very different energetic/resonance based environment for likely a very very long time being interfaced to a very, very different as well as essentially unknown ‘alien’ environment while being interfaced to (a ‘to themselves’) exceptionally alien type of life form!!!

Let me present you with what is likely a very limited/contained list of things they’d seriously need to know about before even starting to interface more than a very few subtle people to any physical animal species within what to themselves, and their entire population would be an exceptionally/utterly ‘alien’ landscape/environment!!!!

  1. What water source is acceptable for any specific animal type to safety drink ‘and’ where are the best places to find this type of water and which water places should it avoid, perhaps because the water is stagnant, poisonous or is the home of crocodiles?
  2. What type of environment is any particular animal species adapted to live within?
  3. What other animals/animal species are predators of the form that you are interfacing to ‘and’ how do those animals detect and or attempt to avoid these predators?
  4. What other animals or plants are poisonous if eaten or if specific parts are eaten or even just touched by your newly interfaced subtle form whom perhaps finds itself as a cat or a mouse or a hawk or a pigeon or a wolf or a sheep or a reptile or frog or slug or snake or rabbit . . .

You have to keep in mind here that the earths animal species in being base instinct, needs, drives and or hungers focused/orientated are then unlikely to have even thought of designing and then building ‘shelters’, nor are they likely to even have the concept of writing/keeping records, such that they won’t have got round to writing any handy reference books detailing all useful and or dangerous aspects of different types of flora and fauna.

In other words, no matter what animal form any subtle form/subtle being is interfaced to this subtle form (despite being intelligent) is at least initially very likely not going to have any clue what so ever about what for themselves can only be described as an exceptionally alien physical environment (at least compared to the one it’s ALWAYS LIVED IN and hence then is ‘perfectly’ adapted to) never mind of having absolutely no understanding of any/all aspects of the physical world/environment which could be directly or indirectly dangerous/damaging to itself when it becomes interfaced to any type of avatar . . .

” . . . HEY!!! does anyone know if ‘this’ plant can be safely eaten by my specific animal avatar?!?!?, . . . No!!! OK, well, I’ll see what it tastes like then, BUT I’ve already decided I’m going to call it ‘Belladonna’?!?!?! . . . “

Wouldn’t the earliest subtle to physical animal form interfacing efforts have as an ultra top priority to specifically focus on the well-being and hence then the health of the animal form the subtle being/spirit was interfaced to!!!!

How would the earliest interfaced to an animal form subtle settlers be facilitated to properly look after the animal form they have been interfaced to!!!!

Let me remind you that the subtle form never actually consciously ‘eats’ anything. It doesn’t have to because its subtle body naturally as well as automatically absorbs the resonances/frequency combinations that are ‘nutrition’ to itself directly . . . it might feel or otherwise be prompted to spend time in a more ‘nutritious’ environment if it ever felt that it was deficient of any resonance or frequency combinations . . . contrast this with it then finding itself interfaced to an animal that both has to directly spend time eating to take in ‘nutrition’ while also having to spend time finding what it needs to eat which is some cases might require it to hunt and kill other animal forms to do nothing more than STAY ALIVE!!!!

Can you appreciate the stark problems here!?!?!?!

Which is that you have a life form, which for millions of years has very, very likely, completely unconsciously, taken in nutrition in ways that are substantially equivalent to a plant or tree.

In other words, in that the subtle form automatically with no effort or thought, takes in it’s nutrition from its surroundings/environment, such that it’s actually exceptionally unlikely to even have conceptually contemplated any form of life having to hunt and then kill and or having to regularly spend time gathering food never mind then having to spend time actually eating/chewing/swallowing food too!!!! It’s actually likely that if any subtle philosopher presented these as ideas/concepts they’d be considered crazy/mad. How would a subtle form that found itself incarnated/interfaced to some species of animal now living in the physical survive under these conditions? How would it know what is appropriate for its avatar to eat, how would it know where to catch and or find the food it’s avatar needs?

How easy would it be for an immortal being that is very likely to have never ever needed to do anything to ‘maintain’ any aspect of itself, to actually cope/adapt when it finds itself living as an alien life form, that to just stay alive has to spend regular time likely each and every physical day actually having to hunt/kill and or otherwise acquire food that it then needs to spend time eating JUST TO STAY ALIVE!!!!

Unfortunately it’s even worse than I describe above, because sometime after having eaten food, it will also find that the alien body it’s occupying eventually feels compelled to disgorge/eliminate unused waste food products, which it must also somehow magically learn to do well away from its normal living/sleeping areas as well as its food and water sources, else, ‘IF’ it doesn’t, it’s then at risk of becoming ill!!!!

Hence then, based on the above, can you appreciate the sheer scale of the forever and ever and ever embedded habits relating to the . . . “never ever even needing to think about looking for, nor ever having to learn to identify nor then regularly having to spend time eating ANY food, never mind very specific types of ‘food’ nor has it ever had to find somewhere safe/remote to regularly eliminate toxic/unhealthy processed body waste” . . . PROBLEM!!!

In this respect wouldn’t all subtle forms being made ready to be incarnated into the physical have to have drummed into themselves during the ‘Getting Yourself Ready to be Incarnated’ orientation sessions they’d likely have to ensure that they were all made very, very, very aware of all of the physical life ‘problems’ that THEY WILL ALL BE FACING & WILL HAVE TO ADAPT TO else they’ll very rapidly find themselves facing a multitude of problems!!!

I personally cannot see how even if all earth colonist volunteers experienced having ‘rather a lot of earth physical life orientation’ sessions how these would adequately prepare them for the actual reality of living as some alien physical animal species while also having to learn to live within an exceptionally alien environment!!!! In fact, it seems very obvious to me that they absolutely must have consistent ‘subtle’ support/facilitators watching out for themselves while also if necessary regularly directly intervening and helping them and particularly to make sure that they avoid all sorts of health problems . . . .

Coincidentally on checking, we seem to have had RATHER A LOT of health Deities/Gods in our ancient past, whom are seemingly associated with pretty much every major culture including: African, Armenian, Aztec, Celtic, Chinese, Egyptian, Etruscan, Greek, Hindu, Hittite, Inuit, Japanese, Maya, Mesopotamian, Native American, Norse, Persian, Phoenician, Roman, Sami, Slavic, Thracian, Yoruba and Afro-American . . .

African Health Deities:

  1. Agwu, Igbo god of health and divination
  2. Jengu, water spirits that bring good fortune and cure disease
  3. !Xu, sky god of the Bushmen of southern Africa who is invoked in illness
  4. Osanyin orisha of herbalism

Well the first two above cover both health in general (i.e. what you should eat), herbal use for remedies when you get sick, as well as an up in the sky god on call for actual illnesses i.e. likely serious illnesses as well as physical avatar body damage!!!!

Chinese Health Deities:

  1. Wu Ben (Baosheng Dadi, the King of Medicine)
  2. Shennong, a mythical emperor who spread knowledge of herbs and medicine.
  3. Taiyi Zhushen, God of Qi
  4. Taokang Geyan, God of Essence
  5. Zhang Guolao, one of the Eight Immortals, whose wine was considered to have healing properties
  6. He Xiangu, one of the Eight Immortals, whose lotus flower improves one’s mental and physical health
  7. Li Tieguai, one of the Eight Immortals, who alleviates the suffering of the poor, sick and needy with special medicine from his gourd
  8. Wong Tai Sin, a god with the power of healing
  9. Jiutian Xuannü, goddess of war, sex, and longevity (long life), who is connected to calisthenics, diet, alchemy, neidan (inner alchemy), and physiology

Strangely we have 3 of the above Gods explicitly described as immortal.

Coincidentally, you reading this are an immortal subtle/spirit/soul form that’s currently interfaced to physical human animal form that unfortunately has an exceptionally limited lifespan at least when compared to ‘immortal’. Perhaps this is why we also have the idea/concept of reincarnation presented by many cultures here.

Conceptually, exactly what in physical terms could be passed from a now dead body such that it is then able to be reborn through another body such that for some people, they are able to access details of past life memories?

The first reference to reincarnation appears in the Upanishads (the sacred scriptures of Hinduism) about 2600 years ago.

Now for my own current incarnated life’s culture/environment (in the UK) in the distant past, as well as the rest of Europe (if not pretty much ‘everywhere’), it was all originally exceptionally dense mixed woodland, BUT primarily of oak!!!

In other words, early subtle to physical research and investigations with respect to understanding enough to start to interface people would have been completely focused on a dense forest habitat that was primarily of oaks . . . although there’d likely be less to no trees on more upland/higher altitude areas and possibly even no trees on mountain tops.

In that the first subtle settlers would be interfaced into this giant woodland then it is exceptionally likely that they’d have a lot of subtle ‘facilitators/monitors’ associated with all of the different aspects of the forest (which is mostly oak) as well as all environments and habitats/sub habitats associated with this forest canopy!!!

In that I’ve already pointed out on the previous page the being interfaced to an ‘isolated’ tree possibility, AND in that only recently has science actually become aware of the networks of tree roots and fungi species combinations providing a network connecting both the trees and the surrounding land/topsoil/biome it’s perhaps possible that some of the upper subtle colonisation facilitators would eventually think of interfacing to a well established tree AND use its root system and the surrounding biome to allow them to have a direct physical environment sensory awareness/presence over a very large area of forest. This would allow them to become aware of and to track all none interfaced animals and particularly any that were potential threats (hawks/eagles/owls/wolves etc) so they’d be able to give some pre-warning of these threats allowing them to make their interfaced people ‘magically’ aware of potential threats to themselves!!!!

If you do a search for “myths related to oaks, oak trees and forests” you get a lot of interesting information related to oaks specifically. For example, all of the major cultures of Europe held the oak tree in very high regard, in fact to many of the major early tribes the oak was the most venerated of trees, with the oak tree being sacred to Dagda, Zeus, Perun, Jupiter as well as Thor, although the Greek god Zeus and his wife, Hera, were known as the oak god and the oak goddess. Interestingly, many of these oak associated Gods are also described as having dominion/control over thunder, lightning and rain too!!!

The Gods (In or from the Sky/above) are then Described as Becoming the First Kings

In early myths/legends, the first ancient kings are described as actually presenting themselves as the (maybe now fully incarnated into flesh) physical personifications of these Gods, as apparently they are described as wearing crowns of oak leaves and are doing this very specifically to symbolise themselves as being the oak god they are now each representing as a king on Earth. There are also records that those loyal and or are successful in service to the king/the kingdom were also presented with crowns of oak leaves too.

In this respect the first subtle settlers that were interfaced into this giant mixed woodland would very, very, very likely have a lot of subtle ‘facilitators/monitors’ associated with all of the different aspects of the forest as well as all environments and habitats/sub habitats associated with these, such that they’d have subtle experts/facilitators on all the different habitat/environment areas such as streams and rivers as well as ponds and lakes . . . although you’d also have to have as experts/facilitators of the coastal areas, beaches and the sea too . . . you’d also have to have experts on all of the different plant and herb types as well as of all of the different animal species!!!!

Based on the above, you’d have subtle experts on plants and particularly herbs specific to different habitats, you’d have others whom are the experts on different animal species, you’d also very, very likely have specific subtle beings as ‘guardians/protectors’ who’d be ‘in the sky’ and monitoring and or over looking/facilitating the early physical settlers too . . .

Sky & Heaven Deities & Beliefs & the Above Location & Descriptions of Eternal Heaven Too!!!!

Many early cultures have a sky and or a heaven deity or deities. Despite that some have quite a few, there is often one specific deity that reigns over the others or is at least considered the most powerful. Sky deities can be masculine or feminine, for example Isis, Astarte, Ishtar, and Inanna whom often holding the title of the “Queen of Heaven”, although the same name was often applied to the Virgin Mary, along with various other features and attributes of ancient pagan goddesses.

A variety of religions describe heaven as being populated by angels, demons, Gods and goddesses, and/or heroes (in Greek mythology for example). Heaven is generally construed as a place of happiness, sometimes eternal happiness, however the consistent belief of most is that one enters heaven at the moment of death (which would equate to the time the ethereal spirit/soul form would be disengaged from the physical interfacing).

You might have noticed that I’ve highlighted the ‘eternal‘ word in the paragraph above!!!

Let me give you the definition of ‘ETERNAL’:

without beginning or end; lasting forever, always existing.

Now, just in case you don’t make the connection yourself then for a living form to be eternal would directly equate to that form being ‘immortal’!!!! Strangely despite the meaning of eternal being substantially similar/equivalent to immortal it doesn’t appear in either synonyms nor related words of immortal (nor vice versa)!!!

In early religions Heaven was described as a place far above the Earth in a “dark area/place” and more specifically it was considered a place where there were no stars. In other words it was considered a place much, much higher than and beyond the stars, such that you could no longer see them.

In other words these descriptions by and large describe a place that is conceptually above as well as separate from the easily observed physical Universe.

Departed souls (i.e. de-interfaced from a now dead physical body ‘souls’) are considered to undergo a literal journey to reach Heaven, in some cases this journey may involve hazards including the presence of entities attempting to prevent them/you from reaching Heaven. Strangely this directly implies impediments to you conceptually returning to the subtle reality/environment which is your natural originating place as it’s where your inert subtle body is lying somewhere while it’s interfaced to yourself.

In medieval times it was apparently popular to view ‘Heaven’ as a physical place above the clouds and that God and the Angels (let’s translate these terms as relating to the primary leader and the leaders most trusted/competent/knowledgeable advisors/facilitators of that culture) all of whom are considered to be above while also watching from above over ‘physical’ man.

The Eternal in the Subtle Strata Heaven & Ancient ‘Deities’ As Knowledgeable/Competent Subtle Forms Possibilities

Interestingly, about 2 and a half decades ago now, I directly, perceptually accessed what I later described as the subtle strata which I also conceptually viewed as ‘higher’ because it didn’t present anything dense, solid or fixed, i.e. there were no identifiable physical phenomenon or structures, everything was ‘energetic’, meaning that it was composed of just frequencies and resonances. In some ways, the subtle strata environment is somewhat equivalent to energetic plasma i.e. all phenomena within this strata are resonance/frequency based such that everything (unlike the physical) is always ‘obviously’ moving/in motion including the subtle life forms found there.

I became aware of the above because I was spending consistent time (as in up to 6 hours at a time most days) absolutely holding an unwavering passive intention on various internal physical body sensations, feelings in efforts to become completely aware of the origins of various (now completely resolved) debilitating issues (massive from before birth through early childhood trauma that resulted in a chronic bad stammer/speech block).

It was in doing this that I eventually become aware of the subtle/soul/spirit form of myself existing/present elsewhere.

In other words the causes/origins of the supposed physical, emotional ‘trauma’ issues I was trying to get to the origins of, in concerted efforts to understand and resolve these weren’t actually held within my easily observed physical body BUT were located within the body form that actually animates the human avatar vehicle, hence then in a conceptual sense, be aware that every time you drive your car, this is directly equivalent to what the ‘ACTUAL REAL YOU’ is doing right now with respect to the human vehicle/body you are using to read what is written here. I.e. you are not this human body, you are just the driver of it!!!!

So, we here/now find ourselves (at least in sense/perception/awareness terms) within a specific multiverse strata that in relative ‘vibration and frequency’ terms (at least compared to the strata where our/your subtle body is present now) is, very, very dense and slow, which coincidentally, also allows the base matter/particles of this specific multiverse strata to be attracted to each other, such that over long spans of time they congregate and coagulate, eventually resulting in stable physical universe macro phenomena such as suns, planets and moons . . .

Early Physical Strata Explorers Will Have to Adapt to having a Permanent/Continuous Day & Night Cycle

In that the subtle environment doesn’t present anything equivalent to a rotating planet going around the sun type of experiences then subtle forms won’t experience and hence then won’t be adapted to anything equivalent to a repeating for ever and ever LIGHT DAY TIME, DARK NIGHT TIME CYCLE somewhat then strongly indicating that the subtle population are unlikely to easily or automatically adapt to having a repeating forever and ever day and night cycle. Also, if they were initially interfaced to humans they’d also likely find the dark/cannot see ‘night’ cycle quite scary/difficult to cope with, particularly as in the ancient past, they’ve no light bulbs, no torches or candles either, all of which is yet another reason as to why it is seriously unlikely that they’d interfaced to a none night adapted human form rather than say a cat or an owl!!!!

In it being highly predictable that the earlier interfaced subtle beings would have trouble coping/adapting to more or less 8 hours or so of dark night time during the early trial and error interfacing efforts then they’d also likely try and figure out means to make a fire pretty quickly BUT they are also very likely to setup overhead, high in the sky night watchmen type Gods too . . .

Again an internet search makes me immediately aware that we have plenty of Night Deities & Night Gods, and again, many cultures (14) had these, including: Arabian, Aztec, Canaanite, Egyptian, Etruscan, Greek, Hindu, Iranic, Lithuanian, Māori, Norse, Polynesian, Roman & Slavic. Here are some descriptions of the Night Deities & Gods from a couple of these cultures . . .

Aztec Deities of Night Phenomenon

  1. Lords of the Night, group of nine gods, each of whom ruled over a particular night
  2. Itzpapalotl, fearsome skeletal goddess of the stars
  3. Metztli, god or goddess of the moon, night and farmers
  4. Tezcatlipoca, god of the night sky, the night winds, hurricanes, the north, the earth, obsidian, enmity, discord, rulership, divination, temptation, jaguars, sorcery, beauty, war and strife
  5. Tzitzimimeh, skeletal goddesses of the stars
  6. Yohaulticetl, lunar goddess known as the “Lady of the Night”

Some Greek Night Deities

  1. Achlys, primordial goddess of the clouding of eyes after death, the eternal night, and poison
  2. Artemis, goddess of the hunt who was commonly associated with the moon
  3. Asteria, goddess of nocturnal oracles and the stars
  4. Erebus, primordial god of darkness
  5. Hades, god of the underworld, whose domain included night and darkness.
  6. Hecate, goddess of witchcraft who was commonly associated with the moon
  7. Hypnos, god of sleep
  8. Nyx, primordial goddess of night
  9. Selene, goddess of the moon
  10. Thanatos, personification of death, twin brother of Hypnos and son of Nyx and Erebus

Let me point out some of the obvious subtle to physical incompatibilities/problems that at least some of the above Gods/Goddesses are specifically focused on with respect to the differences between the subtle form and its normal functioning and habits compared to pretty much any animal form it would be interfaced to which ‘coincidentally’ would have to be monitored and or be addressed and or involve adjustments and or direct interventions!!!!

The Immortal Interfaced to a SHORT Life Span Avatar Vehicle Dying at Night Problem!!!!

In reading about ‘Achlys, Primordial Goddess of the Clouding of Eyes After Death, the Eternal Night, & Poison’, above, then it seems to me that this Goddess is representing one of the physical population’s overseeing subtle forms that is specifically dealing with the de interfacing of the subtle form specifically from a recently dead avatar form that ‘maybe’ specifically dies during the night.

Although it’s also entirely possible that because the death of the animal form that you are interfaced would mean that you’d no longer receive signals from its senses i.e. such that you’d effectively then be IN THE DARK in eyesight/vision as well as other sense terms could then be accurately described as the interfaced subtle form experiencing an ‘Eternal Night’ i.e. it would receive zero physical sensory input!!!

This state would likely be quite scary and maybe also be traumatizing to the subtle form still interfaced to a now pegged out/dead animal, hence then you’d have a ‘God’ whose job would be to monitor the state of each interfaced animal form specifically for signs of death, so as to de-interface the subtle form as quickly as possible after the death of the vehicle avatar!!!!

The Subtle Form Interfaced to a Physical Animal Incompatible Sleep Duration Problem

In reading of ‘Hypnos, God of Sleep‘ in the above list, this reminded me that subtle beings only sleep about 10% of the time rather than about 30% of the time (relative to being awake) for physical animals such that the subtle forms will perhaps need to be adjusted/adapted with respect to finding themselves being interfaced to an animal form (any of them really) that in most cases would absolutely need to sleep a lot longer than they themselves are used to!!!!

However, after writing the above and thinking about this angle for a while then it seems to me that during the phase that the physical animal/avatar is asleep it would be possible for technologically competent cultures (via the interfacing) to divert the focus of consciousness/awareness away from the physical animal form perhaps to a VR of a subtle environment equivalent space where they could meet and or interact in equivalent ways to how they would have interacted in the subtle itself i.e. as ‘in the sky/flying/interacting’ subtle beings!!!

The Interfaced Subtle Leaders & Habitat Experts of Many Settlements Sharing of Knowledge Problem

It seems to me exceptionally likely that leaders, as well as many of the incarnated population leaders, facilitators and various ‘physical’ experts whom were then part of separate physical settlements would very likely have this type of facility specifically because it would allow all of those that were part of perhaps physically isolated settlements to meet up during the long dark/sleeping phase to discuss ‘whatever’ about the progress of the colony and more so to identify and or find ways to resolve any problems any of the individual settlements were having as well as perhaps helpful to resolve conflicts or potential that may arise between different cultures colonisation efforts.

In a sense those that were part of any the above ‘meet in a VR’ groups in the distant past would perhaps be those that ‘now’ experience lucid/conscious dreaming and or astral travelling. During which ‘people’ in these states often meet up with others and interact too!!!! In fact it seems very likely to me that ‘Asteria, Goddess of Nocturnal Oracles and The Stars’ could be the interfaced subtle form that was the facilitator/director of these types of ‘flying in the sky’ meetings/discussions trying to address problems or get advice based on others’ experiences . . . after all they are all interfaced into an exceptionally alien environment which is not only exceptionally different compared to their own, whilst also continually involving dangerous factors that are utterly alien to themselves such as predator <> prey scenarios, such as having to keep your avatar fed as well as watered as well as making sure you don’t have your avatar shit near any of your food or water sources etc . . . . either!!!!

Oracle: A priest or priestess acting as a medium through whom advice or prophecy was sought from the Gods in classical antiquity.

In this respect, both Asteria, Goddess of Nocturnal Oracles and the Stars as well as Selene, Goddess of the Moon, make sense to me as the interfaced subtle forms would very likely be guided by subtle facilitators/helpers (aka the ‘Gods’) to use the moon and the stars to both orientate themselves as well as to navigate and particularly during the night!!!

Early Physical World Pioneers Will Also Have to Be ‘Facilitated’ To Cope With Changing Seasons

The subtle environment in not being physical in the slightest never mind presenting planets won’t then ever present anything approximating ‘seasons’ i.e. fixed/regular periods/phases where all manner of things are consistently different and or are changing/in the process of changing . . . if you think about the physical seasons then they often determine cycles of life/growth/bounty and harvests as well as phases associated with a lack of many different types of food as well as of phases associated with death.

Also, for many animal species, there are seasonal phases related to fertility/propagation as well as then pregnancy and giving birth and also ‘death’. In other words it wouldn’t be long before those investigating earth world realise that the factor that would have the greatest detrimental effect on your interfaced population in terms of ‘survival’ with respect to the prevalence of food would be the seasons.

In that the seasons would mean feast and famine times and hence then be critical with respect to incarnating a significant number of people, at least more people than was natural or able to be supported by the natural/normal animal and or plant food supplies during any particular season . . . in that seasons would likely be the most detrimental, negatively impacting factor to those that were attempting to have a permanently interfaced population there would have to be subtle forms researching and also facilitating/guiding these already interfaced whom were part of the earlier efforts to understand these factors . . . in other words you can predict that there will be entire subtle teams dedicated to very closely monitor the early ‘permanently’ incarnated settlers as part of advising as well as helping them such that you’d perhaps expect different ‘in the sky’ support teams working to facilitate/advise them with respect to each of the seasons . . .

Interestingly we have a whole host of deities and personifications associated specifically with the different seasons.

List of Gods of the Winter Season

Coincidentally, here is the list of the different culture’s ‘Gods’ that in the past were associated with the season of ‘winter’, which coincidentally, seems to have significantly more Gods associated with it compared to any other season!!!!

  1. Beira, Queen of Winter, also Cailleach Bheur, a personification or deity of winter in Gaelic mythology
  2. Boreas (Βορέας, Boréas; also Βορρᾶς, Borrhás) was the Greek god of the cold north wind and the bringer of winter. His name meant “North Wind” or “Devouring One”. His name gives rise to the adjective “boreal”.
  3. Ded Moroz (literally “Grandfather Frost”), a Russian substitute of Santa Claus
  4. Father Winter – Albanian mythology[citation needed]
  5. Great Winter God (冬大神), of Ba Jia Jiang (The Eight Generals), originated from the Chinese folk beliefs and myths
  6. Hiems, the Roman personification of winter.
  7. Hine-Takurua Personification of the winter in Māori mythology and one Tamanuiterā, the sun god’s two wives
  8. Itztlacoliuhqui, deified personification of winter-as-death in Aztecan mythology
  9. Jack Frost
  10. Kheimon, from Greek kheima, a hora of winter, early ancient Greece
  11. Khione ((from χιών – chiōn, “snow”) is the daughter of Boreas and Greek goddess of snow
  12. Morozko, from a Russian fairy tale, translated as Father Frost
  13. Nane Sarma, Grandma Frost, Iranian folklore.
  14. Old Man Winter, personification of winter.
  15. Skaði (sometimes anglicized as Skadi, Skade, or Skathi) is a jötunn and goddess associated with bowhunting, skiing, winter, and mountains in Norse mythology
  16. Shakok the god of winter the North Mountain in Native American mythology
  17. Three Friends of Winter in Chinese art, the plum, bamboo and pine.

Spring time, (maybe the time of giving birth for many animal forms), has the next highest number of ‘Gods/Goddesses’ associated with it, followed by summer and then by autumn!!!

Easily Deduced Consequences of one Single Species Becoming Aware of a World Presenting Gazillions of Species/Life forms!!!!

It’s perhaps very conceptually important that you keep in mind that there is only ONE SINGLE LIFE FORM in the subtle environment.

In other words there are no other life forms other than the subtle beings/forms within the subtle environment. In this respect, in that the surface of the earth is literally teeming with an unbelievable variety of life then in ‘WOW/F***ING WOW’ terms it’s likely equivalent to a moth’s reaction to a bright light in terms of AMAZING/ASTOUNDING WONDERMENT!!!!

‘AND’ there are also very, very, many different types of physical life too . . . all intermixed and interacting . . . it’s hard to imagine their reaction to all of this beyond it seeming to be an unbelievable amazing wonder!!!!!

In that all of your subtle population will be interfaced to the developing fetus likely sometime before it’s going to be born AND that the birth of a now interfaced aka ‘intelligent’ form is in a foundation/base sense not only critical to your setting up an ‘earth’ civilisation plan BUT is also the most technically challenging then it’s very likely you’ll have one or more high up ‘in the sky’ subtle monitors/facilitators aka ‘Gods and or Goddesses’ overseeing this!!!!

In that the subtle forms are androgynous and hence then divide asexually to produce in most cases a twin of themselves AND in that in their own entire environment only hosts one life form (coincidentally THEMSELVES) then won’t those accessing and remotely viewing the earth environment be having their whole/entire conceptual viewpoint with respect to life, different life forms as well as ways of propagating, giving birth and or having offspring completely blown apart!!!!

In that the interfacing to a physical form would be their most technically difficult task AND would then be seriously focused on then I was expecting to find a lot of Gods related specific to the birth of an animal form . . . however, what I found wasn’t a lot of Gods and or Goddesses of ‘Birth’ BUT a whole host of Gods and Goddesses of FERTILITY . . . which to myself, didn’t make sense until I figured out the above.

I.e. you have single species population which coincidentally has absolutely no experience of ‘sexual’ reproduction whom also live in a energetic/resonance/frequency based environment that doesn’t in the slightest present anything equivalent to planetary seasons suddenly being confronted with a world teeming with many many completely different varieties of life forms never mind gazillions of individual species such that their the department of species/life forms AND all processes and aspects of all of the different types of life forms would ALL ON ITS OWN BE ‘MASSIVE’ . . . i.e. in this respect, ‘fertility’ isn’t actually really about ‘FERTILITY’ it’s actually about all factors related to the unbelievable . . .


A single isolated species that has an entire reality to itself i.e. it is the ONLY SPECIES/LIFE FORM WITHIN ITS ENTIRE REALITY, suddenly gets access to a completely different parallel reality/environment that is teeming with literally gazillions of COMPLETELY DIFFERENT LIFE FORMS, ALSO OF MANY, MANY DIFFERENT TYPES all of which are also reproduce BUT often in many different ways, including ways that don’t involve the simple binary division/splitting into two of an organism!!!!

Hence then the definition of ‘fertile/fertility’ is a generic term for ALL OF LIFE as well as of ALL THE DIFFERENT WAYS/MEANS OF REPRODUCING . . . MOST OF WHICH WOULD BE COMPLETELY ALIEN TO THE RESEARCHING SUBTLE FORMS . . .

Fertile (adj.): mid-15c., “bearing or producing abundantly,” from Middle French fertil (15c.) and directly from Latin fertilis “bearing in abundance, fruitful, productive,” from ferre “to bear,” from PIE root *bher- (1) “to carry,” also “to bear children.”

Hence then we have lots and lots of:

Gods & Goddesses of Fertility, Inclusive of Pregnancy & Birth

There are 33 Cultures presenting approximately 200 different deities related to fertility.

So, below are some examples of Gods & Goddesses of Fertility, Inclusive of Pregnancy & Birth just from the Greek and the Japanese cultures.

Greek Culture Fertility Deities

  1. Aphaea: Local goddess associated with fertility and the agricultural cycle
  2. Demeter: Goddess of the harvest, agriculture, fertility and sacred law
  3. Dionysus: God of wine, grapes, and festivity, associated with fertility, particularly that of the vine and males
  4. Hera: Goddess of the air, marriage, women, women’s fertility, childbirth, heirs, kings and empires
  5. Ilithyia (also called Eileithyia): Goddess of childbirth and midwifery, likely of Minoan or earlier origin.
  6. Pan: God of shepherds, flocks, mountain wilds, and rustic music; associated with fertility, particularly that of animals
  7. Phanes: primeval deity of procreation and the generation of new life
  8. Priapus: rustic god of fertility, protection of livestock, fruit plants, gardens, and male genitalia
  9. Tychon: A daemon imagined as a boy
  10. Persephone: Goddess of spring, Greek god of fertility

In checking out other cultures I’m also presenting the Japanese list here because their list is specifically inclusive of a ‘Deity of ambiguous gender’. Now in that ‘ambiguous’ is to be very honest a weird descriptor I checked the main wikipedia page, which was actually way, way less ‘ambiguous’ in that it uses the term androgynous i.e. it implies neither directly male or female but something that is fluid and hence then is more able to either one or the other . . . which is how subtle forms are ‘psychologically’!!!!

Japanese Culture Fertility Deities

  1. Kichijōten, goddess of happiness, fertility, and beauty
  2. Kuebiko, god of agriculture and knowledge
  3. Inari Ōkami, deity of fertility, rice, agriculture, foxes, and industry; this deity is of ambiguous gender and may be portrayed as male, female, or ambiguous
  4. Shinda, fertility god of the Ainu people

However, on becoming aware of the sheer scale of involvement of the Roman culture’s fertility Gods efforts whom seem to have been involved in every minute aspect of human reproduction, pregnancy, child bearing, childbirth as well as both baby and toddler and young child rearing efforts then these Roman Gods are listed/described too!!!!

The No Sexual Reproduction/No Newly Born Form, Self Dividing Twin Being Interfaced to a Handicapped Baby, then a Disabled Toddler Problem!!!!

What other Goddesses and Gods would you expect to have because the population has forever and ever and ever propagated by dividing itself such that the twins that result are then endowed with the history and hence then the memories and experiences of its parent/twin?

In other words, subtle forms that propagate by dividing themselves automatically then have the experience of their ‘split/parent’. As such they don’t then have any experience equivalent of being a newly born baby, nor do the newly divided subtle forms then have any experience being a toddler, nor a young child nor then the experience of being a teenager nor will they experience going through adolescence or puberty either!!!!

Now, just Imagine them having a physical newly human birth experience, which is going to have them perhaps being interfaced to a fetus in a womb for a time which after being born is then (at least for the human animal species) it is then going to find itself experiencing being a helpless baby for quite a long time too. It’s then going to spend time as a toddler and then more time as a very young child, after which it’ll reach puberty and become a teenager before then becoming an adult . . . all of which will be something of a mystery never mind perhaps considered bizarre and or super weird to a self dividing form that then becomes a duplicate of an identical twin.

So, with respect to all of the above, then when I first came across the God/Goddess of Childhood it took me a while (after an initial ‘WTF’ reaction) for me to figure out why these god ‘minders/facilitators’ would be necessary!!!!

Seriously, if we are a product of evolution and are then just nothing more than an animal form that naturally via instinct pretty much automatically propagates, gives birth, raises its young then WhyTF did we have ‘rather a lot’ of Gods all seemingly completely pre-occupied with all stages of human reproduction, including being sexual, being pregnant, giving birth, being a helpless baby and then going though childhood and VERY SPECIFICALLY, ALL OF THE ASPECTS OF ‘BEING BORN & GROWING UP’ THAT WOULD BE A COMPLETE MYSTERY TO OUR SELF DIVIDING SUBTLE FORMS!!!!

Hence below I’m giving a List of Roman marriage, birth and childhood deities all obsessed with some minute aspect of human reproduction and propagation!!!!

Roman Gods & Deities Apparently Ultra Obsessed with Sex, Conjugation & Getting Pregnant

The Gods of the marriage bed (di coniugales) are also Gods of conception. Juno, one of the three deities of the Capitoline Triad, presides over union and marriage as well, and some of the minor deities invoked for success in conceiving and delivering a child may have been functional aspects of her powers.

There are about 12 of these, here are few just to give you some examples of, to be honest all of the angles of ‘help’ the Gods were responsible for with respect to specifically helping subtle forms navigate absolutely all aspects of male and female animal form interactions, sexuality, courtship, marriage as well as sexual intercourse and even conception!!!!

  1. Jugatinus is a conjugal god, from iugare, “to join, yoke, marry.”
  2. Cinxia functions within the belt (cingulum) that the bride wears to symbolize that her husband is “belted and bound” (cinctus vinctusque) to her.[15] It was tied with the knot of Hercules, intended to be intricate and difficult to untie.
  3. Subigus is the god (deus) who causes the bride to give in to her husband in sexual intercourse.
  4. Prema is the insistent sex act, from the verb primo, primere, to press upon.
  5. Inuus (“Entry”), the phallic god Mutunus Tutunus, and Pertunda enable sexual penetration.
  6. Consivius is the god of propagation and insemination, from con-serere, “to sow.”
  7. Liber Pater (“Father Liber”) empowers the man to release his semen, while Libera does the same for the woman, who was regarded as also contributing semina, “seed.”
  8. Mena or Dea Mena with Juno assured menstrual flow, which is redirected to feed the developing child.
  9. Fluonia or Fluvionia, from fluo, fluere, “to flow,” is a form of Juno who retains the nourishing blood within the womb. Women attended to the cult of Juno Fluonia “because she held back the flow of blood (i.e., menstruation) in the act of conception.”
  10. Sentinus or Sentia gives sentience or the powers of sense perception (sensus). Augustine calls him the sensificator, “creator of sentience.”


What a quaint idea it is that some actually imagine that we are nothing more than naturally evolved ‘animals’ which if true then they wouldn’t ever need to have their penis guided during intercourse by a God then would they!?!?!?

WhyTF would you have ‘Gods’ whom apparently have to be unbelievably knowledgeable about all human courtship, mating, intercourse and propagation factors when all of what they are obsessed with would for any animal be NATURAL BY INSTINCT!!!!

More Roman Gods & Deities Seemingly Ultra Obsessed with both Pregnancy & Giving Birth/Birthing

The primary deity presiding over the delivery was Juno Lucina, who may in fact be a form of Diana. Those invoking her aid let their hair down and loosened their clothing as a form of reverse binding ritual intended to facilitate labour. Soranus advised women about to give birth to unbind their hair and loosen clothing to promote relaxation, not for any magical effect.

There are then about 11 sub pregnancy/giving birth areas with one or more ‘deities’ facilitating each of these!!!!

  1. Egeria, the nymph, received sacrifices from pregnant women in order to bring out (egerere) the baby.
  2. Postverta and Prosa avert breech birth.
  3. Diespiter (Jupiter) brings the baby toward the daylight.
  4. Lucina introduces the baby to the light (lux, lucis).
  5. Vagitanus or Vaticanus opens the newborn’s mouth for its first cry.
  6. Levana lifts the baby, who was ceremonially placed on the ground after birth in symbolic contact with Mother Earth. In antiquity, kneeling or squatting was a more common birthing position than it is in modern times; see di nixi. The midwife then cut the umbilical cord and presented the newborn to the mother, a scene sometimes depicted on sarcophagi. A grandmother or maternal aunt next cradled the infant in her arms; with a finger covered in lustral saliva, she massaged the baby’s forehead and lips, a gesture meant to ward off the evil eye.
  7. Statina (also Statilina, Statinus or Statilinus) gives the baby fitness or “straightness,” and the father held it up to acknowledge his responsibility to raise it. Unwanted children might be abandoned at the Temple of Pietas or the Columna Lactaria. Newborns with serious birth defects might be drowned or smothered.
  8. Lucina as a title of the birth goddess is usually seen as a metaphor for bringing the newborn into the light (lux, lucis). Luces, plural (“lights”), can mean “periods of light, daylight hours, days.” Diespiter, “Father of Day,” is thus her masculine counterpart; if his name is taken as a doublet for Jupiter, then Juno Lucina and Diespiter can be understood as a male-female complement. Diespiter, however, is also identified in Latin literature with the ruler of the underworld, Dis pater. The functions of “chthonic” deities such as Dis (or Pluto) and his consort Proserpina are not confined to death; they are often concerned with agricultural fertility and the giving of nourishment for life, since plants for food grow from seeds hidden in the ground. In the mystery religions, the divine couple preside over the soul’s “birth” or rebirth in the afterlife. The shadowy goddess Mana Genita was likewise concerned with both birth and mortality, particularly of infants, as was Hecate.
  9. In contrast to the vast majority of deities, both birth goddesses and underworld deities received sacrifices at night. Ancient writers conventionally situate labour and birth at night; it may be that night is thought of as the darkness of the womb, from which the newborn emerges into the (day)light.
  10. The cyclical place of the goddess Candelifera, “She who bears the candle,” is uncertain. It is sometimes thought that she provides an artificial light for labour that occurs at night. A long labour was considered likely for first-time mothers, so at least a part of the birthing process would occur at night. According to Plutarch, light symbolizes birth, but the candle may have been thought of as less a symbol than an actual kindling of life, or a magic equivalent to the life of the infant. Candelifera may also be the nursery light kept burning against spirits of darkness that would threaten the infant in the coming week. Even in the Christian era, lamps were lit in nurseries to illuminate sacred images and drive away child-snatching demons such as the Gello.

Yet More Roman Gods & Deities Now Ultra Obsessed with Neonatal/New Born Baby Care!!!!

  1. Once the child came into the light, a number of rituals were enacted over the course of the following week. An offerings table received congratulatory sacrifices from the mother’s female friends. Three deities—Intercidona, Pilumnus, and Deverra—were invoked to drive away Silvanus, the wild woodland god of trees: three men secured the household every night by striking the threshold (limen; see liminality) with an axe and then a pestle, followed by sweeping it.
  2. In the atrium of the house, a bed was made up for Juno, and a table set for Hercules. In the Hellenized mythological tradition, Juno tried to prevent the birth of Hercules, as it resulted from Jupiter’s infidelity. Ovid has Lucina crossing her knees and fingers to bind the labour. Etruscan religion, however, emphasized the role that Juno (as Uni) played in endowing Hercle with his divine nature through the drinking of her breast milk.
    1. Intercidona provides the axe without which trees cannot be cut (intercidere).
    2. Pilumnus or Picumnus grants the pestle necessary for making flour from grain.
    3. Deverra gives the broom with which grain was swept up (verrere) (compare Averruncus).
    4. Juno in her bed represents the nursing mother.
    5. Hercules represents the child who requires feeding.
    6. Rumina promotes suckling. This goddess received libations of milk, an uncommon liquid offering among the Romans.
  3. Nundina presides over the dies lustricus, the purification day when the child was given a name (praenomen). This occurred on the eighth day for girls and the ninth day for boys, a difference Plutarch explains by noting that “it is a fact that the female grows up, and attains maturity and perfection before the male.” Until the umbilical cord fell off, typically on the seventh day, the baby was regarded as “more like a plant than an animal,” as Plutarch expresses it. The ceremony of the dies lustricus was thus postponed until the last tangible connection to the mother’s body was dissolved, and the child was seen “as no longer forming part of the mother, and in this way as possessing an independent existence which justified its receiving a name of its own and therefore a fate of its own.” The day was celebrated with a family feast.
  4. On the dies lustricus, the Fata Scribunda were invoked. The “Written Fates” probably refers to a ceremonial writing down of the child’s new name, perhaps in a family chronicle. To the Romans, the giving of a name was as important as being born. The receiving of a praenomen inaugurated the child as an individual with its own fate.

Even More Roman Gods & Deities Now Ultra Obsessed with Young Child Development!!!

In well-to-do households, children were cared for by nursemaids (nutrices, singular nutrix, which can mean either a wet nurse who might be a slave or a paid professional of free status, or more generally any nursery maid, who would be a household slave). Mothers with a nursery staff were still expected to supervise the quality of care, education, and emotional wellbeing of children. Ideally, fathers would take an interest even in their infant children; Cato liked to be present when his wife bathed and swaddled their child. Nursemaids might make their own bloodless offerings to deities who protected and fostered the growth of children. Most of the “teaching Gods” are female, perhaps because they themselves were thought of as divine nursemaids. The Gods who encourage speech, however, are male. The ability to speak well was a defining characteristic of the elite citizen. Although women were admired for speaking persuasively, oratory was regarded as a masculine pursuit essential to public life.

  1. Potina (Potica or Potua) from the noun potio “drink” (Bibesia in some source editions, cf verb bibo, bibere “drink”) enables the child to drink.
  2. Edusa, from the verb edo, edere, esus, “eat,” also as Edulia, Edula, Educa, Edesia etc., enables the taking of nourishment. The variations of her name may indicate that while her functional focus was narrow, her name had not stabilized; she was mainly a divine force to be invoked ad hoc for a specific purpose.
  3. Ossipago builds strong bones; probably a title of Juno, from ossa, “bones,” + pango, pangere, “insert, fix, set.” Alternative readings of the text include Ossipagina, Ossilago, Opigena, Ossipanga, Ossipango, and Ossipaga.
  4. Carna makes strong muscles, and defends the internal organs from witches or strigae.
  5. Cunina protects the cradle from malevolent magic.
  6. Cuba helps the child transition from cradle to a bed.
  7. Paventia or Paventina averts fear (pavor) from the child.
  8. Peta sees to its “first wants.”
  9. Agenoria endows the child with a capacity to lead an active life.
  10. Adeona and Abeona monitor the child’s comings and goings.
  11. Interduca and Domiduca accompany it leaving the house and coming home again.
  12. Catius pater, “Father Catius,” is invoked for sharpening the minds of children as they develop intellectually.
  13. Farinus enables speech.
  14. Fabulinus prompts the child’s first words.
  15. Locutius enables it to form sentences.
  16. Mens (“Mind”) provides it with intelligence.
  17. Volumnus or Volumna grants the child the will to do good.
  18. Numeria gives the child the ability to count.
  19. Camena enables it to sing.
  20. The Muses give the ability to appreciate the arts, literature, and science.

Can you think of any other phenomenon/circumstances that any upper/in the sky/heavens subtle monitoring forms whose job would be to monitor and then facilitate an incarnated into the physical population would then also warn them about?

Well won’t the next most potentially frightening and or dangerous unknown be bad weather in general and particularly destructive well as exceptionally frightening storms? In which case I’d expect that these will be the next most common although irregular phenomenon that subtle observers will look out for and then magically WARN/ADVISE their incarnated populations about!!!

Gods of Bad/Dangerous Weather, The Rain, Bad Storms, Wind & Thunder & Lightening, Hail & Snow

In other words it is very likely that early physical strata population colonisation efforts would have ‘in the sky’ atmospheric weather phenomenon monitoring systems, which in some cases would perhaps include regular weather forecasts as well as upper advice and in some cases help depending on how bad specific weather conditions/circumstances are ‘predicted’ to be. Hence then it’s not been much of a surprise to myself to find that not only do we seem to be a vast number of so called Gods of various bad weather phenomenon BUT there also seem to be a large number of Gods dedicated to very specific weather types/phenomenon, and this seems to be the case for many different cultures/peoples too.

GREEK-ROMAN Gods of the Weather:

  1. Zeus/Jupiter god of the sky, rain, lightning and thunder.
  2. Poseidon/Neptune god of sea storms.
  3. Iris is the goddess of rainbows.
  4. Fulgora the goddess of lightning.
  5. Aeolus is king of the winds.
  6. Aether god of the air.
  7. Tempestas is the goddess of storms.

Interestingly the following Gods unlike those above seem to be more ‘advanced’ as they appear to have figured out common associations with respect to different weather conditions and how they would or could detrimentally impact an incarnated into flesh population!!!!

NORSE Gods of the Weather:

  1. Þórr, is the god of ‘heaven’, thunder and also lightning & rain.
  2. Óðinn god of the sky and the wind.
  3. Freyr & Njörðr are both gods of rain, fertility and harvest and seasons.
  4. Ullr is the god of snow and winter.
  5. Þorgerðr & Irpa are both goddesses of hail storms.
  6. Rán is the goddess of sea storms.

A quick check reveals that there are many, many different cultures that all by and large have an equivalent mix of ‘weather’ Gods (depending on the climate of their population’s location), in fact all early cultures seem to have these BUT you’ll get the general idea of how ‘comprehensively’ the forecasts/early warnings are with respect to the different weather types of the two cultures I give above . . .

So, if you as an immortal subtle being, have actually been repeatedly re-incarnated again and again over a very long time span while also actually being someone whom in the very distant past was one of the overseeing/monitoring ‘facilitators’, then is it possible that under certain conditions you’d become aware of your past ‘facilitating’ experiences and perhaps particularly when you find yourself in a similar situation to what you, yourself monitored and or directly facilitated in the distant past!!!!!

Strangely, I’ve 2 web pages explicitly describing myself ‘Personally’ directly ‘interactively’ changing/directing the weather in seriously impossible ways . . . by interacting with what I actually directly named/called a weather God!!!!

  1. Directly Interacting with a Weather God or Air Sylph, & Dramatically Changing the Weather!!!
  2. An Example of Interacting, Directing and Changing the Weather at will

Coincidentally for years after this specific incident (which happened in my very late 20’s) I’d occasionally tune in and directly engage with the weather system and or air elemental/weather god form and pre order the weather a few days before I was going to be out walking in nature and more particularly for walks where I’d be with other people AND particularly as part of organised walks to give myself and others the opportunity to encounter/engage with different types of ‘nature’ spirits.

Strangely, these ‘requests’ were always carried out. In other words I always got the weather that I wanted!!!!

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