Examples of Encountering, Identifying & Dealing with ‘Conscious’ Soul Form Fragments

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I encountered a couple of dozen or so of these types back within 2-3 years of my spiritual awakening phase which I dealt with as they turned up.

From then I’ve not been aware of any more.

My First Conscious Soul Fragment encounter is Confusing

The first of these estranged energy field parts appeared toward the end of my six month phase of dealing with loads of entities and because of this I mistook it for an entity and tried to deal with it as one . . . . which caused quite a bit of confusion for a few days . . .

Before this encounter I’d been in continuous disturbing feelings of fear, terror and panic. These had been going on for about 3 or 4 years and had been at their worst about two years previously. Even when in the worst times I still managed to stay pretty detached and settled while in these extreme feelings (I did work all the while during this for example).

It was NOT wanted because it reacted with fear, terror and panic

It turned out that in a previous life while also experiencing the same type of fear, terror and panic phase I became more and more disturbed, agitated and worried. I was basically becoming fearful, frightened of, terrified and panicking ABOUT being in these feelings. In a previous life these responses made me very disturbed and unstable such that I made an effort to get rid of them and hence this returning soul fragment. This is also why I’d managed to stay detached from these feeling extremes in this life.

There were times in this life were I became aware of the possibility of me becoming frightened, terrified of or panicking over being in these extreme feelings BUT I was determined to NOT go down that line and made an effort to block myself from reacting in these ways. The point where I consciously made this determined blocking effort represents the point in some previous life where I actually got rid of the parts of myself that actually did react in those ways.

So, outwardly I looked and behaved most of the time as if I was pretty relaxed contrary to what was going on inside of myself. So, this returning energy body part of myself was HOLDING these attitudes including fear, worry and preoccupation, terror and panic . . .

While dealing with it, I felt what it had felt

While dealing with this assumed entity I WAS frightened and disturbed over how this entity invaded me and I worried and was preoccupied about getting rid of it AND in fear and panic at times over whether I’d be able to figure out what was going on . . . so, this form that I was recovering HELD within itself feelings and reactions of worry, fear, preoccupation, terror and panic and it turned out that it was more that I was feeling THIS form’s feelings while in the disturbing circumstances of trying to deal with this soul fragment itself, rather than them being my own in the moment feelings.

Clearing the negativity that this form held allowed me to integrate this important energetic part of myself (they are all important) because it no longer held what I’d not wanted . . .

Examples of Soul Fragment Encounters follow . . . .

The next page gives a full and detailed description of what I went through to recover this part of myself while initially trying to deal with it as an entity. Further pages beyond this give other and very different examples of my own and my clients Conscious Soul Fragment encounters and recovery.

What is your experience of these possibilities? Have you experienced anything similar? If you can contribute then leave a comment below.


  1. Shandi
    August 17, 2015 @ 10:05 pm

    Hi, I just read your encountering conscious soul fragments and have recently experienced something rather similar! It really scared me! Except instead of just getting the emotional part of this (what I assumed as an entity) it was as though I picked up everything about it. Thoughts, feelings, different mannerisms, I had gained weight over the years, and lost it all within a month and a half of this occurrence, I was a smoker, but I quit and felt that it wasn’t my choice to do so. I started receiving signs, things that I would read, certain words in songs all would pop out to me, all relaying messages that seemed positive until later then it started getting bad and negative. I tried blocking it all, but couldn’t find a way to stop it and it even still sometimes seems to come through other people at times giving me messages. I’ve been trying soul fragment healings, different healing music without words, prayer, and talismans, but I no longer feel like myself, and I no longer know what to do other than keep trying.


    • Clive
      August 20, 2015 @ 2:16 pm

      The problem is that for pretty much all ‘healing’ approaches and or therapies we have been GUIDED to do everything ‘wrongly’ I started to figure this out a decade and a half ago. This page here puts this into perspective . . . then this entire series here describes just one single healing session of ‘investigative’ ‘sessions’ out of literally 100’s this one person had (I know because I’ve still got the audio’s of them) AND how even ‘IF’ you do manage to become aware of some of the nitty gritty things that need to be addressed a couple of months down the line (when your no longer looking) what you have addressed ‘properly’ is quietly ‘RESTORED’.


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