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"The Etheric Implants 'Managing' Sensitive, Multidimensionally, Spiritually and Subtle Energy Aware Earth Residents wanting to Improve the Quality of Life, live in more 'Equitable, Balanced, Honourable and Harmonious ways' specifically to gradually erode such peoples reputation while keeping them; Occupied, Passive, Out of the way and absolutely unaware of anything they might otherwise disagree with."

This is another super amazing subtle ‘light’ technology device that I’m really REALLY impressed with that again has been efficiently installed into the energy field of every single lightworker.

Managed & Prompted Discernment . . . a true path to Ascension?

I’m sure that lightworkers everywhere will be jolly relieved to know that they have in their energy bodies a wonderful device that tries to make sure that they are not in the slightest burdened or inconvenienced by having to actually themselves try and discern who or what is good or bad or indifferent by having an implant work overtime to help make these decisions for them.

It must be a huge relief to know that you don’t have to bother ‘really’ thinking about or attempting to evaluate anything for yourself at all . . . BRILLIANT!

That all you have to do is take notice of the subtle nudges, inner insights, managed ‘directing’ feelings or even impulses to follow such guidance that keep you ‘orientated’ ‘correctly’. All to ensure that you studiously avoid anything UuuuGggh; nasty, negative or not of the ‘light’ . . . while being encouraged to take in, believe and align to tried and tested ‘light’ management lines (as mentioned on the previous ‘Light Wisdom’ pages).

Prevented From Engaging with Enlightening information

I mean you wouldn’t want to be inconvenienced by being confronted with anything even vaguely factual or slightly correct . . . would you? Especially if it might result in a ‘negativity’ overload melt down . . .

Yes, you’ll be pleased to know that you all have an implant that at least tries to guide you and keep you aligned to only what some others actually want you to encounter.

Anti Self Empowerment Actions Taken on your behalf by this Implant

This implant works overtime to try and make sure that you;

  • Only connect to and engage with ‘light’ guides or ‘light’ approved people or spirits. It will take actions to put you off any ‘none’ light aligned or orientated material while also guiding you to good solid A grade and Five Star light propaganda and baubles as in web sites, books, course, tapes, correctly energised crystals, drift wood etc
  • Studiously attempt to keep you away from ‘disapproved’ of information and being types which would be ‘labelled’ as being contaminated by the dark or demon beings or energies. To facilitate ‘aversion’ of such encounters by using various levels of ‘Pavlov’s dog’ type aversions which include;
    • Making you feel uncomfortable, anxious, not right in the presence of ‘disapproved of’ info or beings which might escalate to this implant making you feel as if you are receiving negative energies or bad vibes. These will increase as your interest increases.
    • If you are stupid enough to be persistent then it will engage the tried and tested ‘Poo in your pants fear and anxiety inducer and make ’em’ run for the hills protocol’ (TM Spiritual Hierarchy Industries LTD) implant just to make sure you high tail it before you have any chance what so ever of having any interesting and educational chats and so risk becoming unbrainwashed . . . although lightworkers should never fear this because it’s virtually impossible with the sheer numbers of mind, mood, feeling and behaviour managing technologies stapled into their energy body . . . so there is ABSOLUTELY no need for you to ever worry that this might happen.
  • If you take ‘unapproved’ of directions, orientations, research or investigations they will initially use the feeling generator to dissuade you else try and guide you to get a reading for guidance or have a ‘more’ brainwashed lightworker friend or associate directly try and re-orientate you to ‘approved’ lines. However, if you are consistently and determinedly persistent in taking ‘dangerous’ lines then this device will contact an emergency ‘call centre’ and through this you will have direct action taken against you to try and FORCE you to give up. In such cases you’ll find yourself experiencing lots of ‘resistance’ as in being blocked, sabotaged and experiencing all sorts of set backs as well as life difficulties, in effect you will be being attacked by ‘light’ beings. This is particularly the case if you attempt to take investigative or deeper research lines for example to;
    • Explore the absolute real origins of personal and life issues.
    • Understand the deeper structures and functions of our subtle energy body.
    • Try and investigate our REAL historical origins.

As I’ve studiously and persistently taken EVERY SINGLE UNAPPROVED line possible then I can now understand why in particular phases I was under ‘attack’ 24/7/52 just because for example I wanted to resolve some persistent and SHIT life issues and was deeply investigating these and their origins never mind trying to find out why ‘light’ approved ‘tools’ didn’t have much effect on these (there is a whole series of scary articles about this HERE).

Discernment Implant Diagnostics and Status Test

Hence if you are reading this without much more than slight anxiety then it’s highly likely that this discernment implant is either faulty or has been disabled by some bastard sneaky darkie types or even worse you may not actually have this implant . . . in which case I’d rush on over to the ‘Love & Light’ Implant order collection page and place an emergency order for immediate delivery.

You’ll know when it’s been delivered and installed because the amount of accurate but entirely ‘disapproved’ of information presented here will easily activate the separate;

‘Poo in your pants fear and anxiety inducer, make ’em’ run for the hills protocol’ (TM Spiritual Hierarchy Industries LTD) implant

. . . and then you’ll find yourself either heading for the hills or the toilet (depending on how fast it takes for you to respond) . . . BUT shock horror . . . if that fails and you’re still feeling fine about what is written here then you may also be missing another implant deemed super essential by the Spiritual Hierarchy that I describe on the next page . . . BUT . . . if you feel compelled to continue reading then;


. . . and consider that perhaps you really REALLY DO need to sort these areas out else you may be ‘rejected’ as a ‘good and compliant’ lightworker in which case you ‘may’ actually be at risk of invoking the little known ‘lightworker self destruct’ (TM Spiritual Hierarchy Industries LTD) implant which could be absolutely disastrous if it activates particularly if you have anyone standing close to you . . . you could even be posthumously sued for any singes or burns or trauma experienced by others whom were near by . . .

It’s MUCH tougher than most people appreciate trying to stay in the light . . . and to stay aligned to the promised . . .

Enlightenment or Ascension or Spiritual Oneness . . .

. . . on the other hand if you’re like me and secure enough to live on the edge of uncertainty then . . . keep a sick bucket handy as you head over to the next horrifying page . . .