All About Spiritual Missions and Soul Purposes

This is the Introduction and Contents page of a 17 page article series on:
"Soul Purposes & Spiritual Missions, Examples & Details of Sabotaged & Blocked Missions by Whom & Why. Effects & Life Symptoms of Blocks + Clearing these. Implications for Therapists & Healers . . . . "

As this Earth space was designed to specifically help us achieve something that is described as ‘spiritual’, then this is why we have a strong emphasis and much presented about soul missions and spiritual purposes, particularly during this end of cycle time.

Soul missions and soul purposes are actually two different things, but often the same terms are used to describe the same thing particularly at the present time.

Soul Purposes

A Soul Purpose is a purpose that can only be described as being built into your soul at its creation point which drives your life as a soul in certain ways relating to whatever the purpose is. Your soul parents would be the instigators of this of course and not yourself. These often turn out to be quite hellish. Read about this HERE . . . .

Spiritual or Soul Mission

A Soul Mission is about doing something with a ‘spiritually’ meaningful agenda or goal, although at the present time it’s a little more complicated. For more details on these areas then read this page HERE.

Blocked and Sabotaged Spiritual Missions and Soul Purposes

As my clients and myself have been comprehensively and enthusiastically dealing with these areas head on then we have lots of in-depth information on the different and varied causes and the various horrific and worry consequences of these. A detailed introduction to these pages (listed below) you’ll find HERE.

Sabotages to Healers & Therapists

Are you a Healer, practitioner or therapist type working to help others? If you are then you’ll be particularly interested in this page as it gives a catalogue of different common angles of sabotage to practitioners, healers and therapists. These are described in a VERY long page HERE.

Symptoms & Life Effects of a Blocked Mission

I know of quite a lot of people and I’ve regularly received e-mails from those whom feel as if they’re only half powered (if that) and some whom don’t even feel as if they are off the starting blocks in terms of what they feel they are here to do and to be entirely honest I’ve come across quite a few whom aren’t even sure any more of what the starting blocks even look like? So, if you think you might be being blocked from starting or completing a soul mission then read about some of the life symptoms and more specific effects HERE . . .

Problems Addressing Blocked Spiritual Missions

I’m going to be cheeky here and say; Problems!, NOT AT ALL. Myself and my clients have absolutely no problems what so ever addressing the extensive and wide ranging never mind horrific sabotages subjected to some (probably virtually ALL of US actually to one degree or another). On the other hand I’m staggered that an internet search of these areas revealed NOTHING of what I’m presenting here, seems like you’re all lagging behind by a few millennium with respect to what’s actually going on in the ‘Sabotaging Missions’ department. I’m also singularly unimpressed with the quality of advice offered elsewhere to anyone having problems engaging with a ‘spiritual’ mission or soul purpose. For information on the problems you’ll encounter addressing these areas other than trying to become aware of them, then read about these HERE . . .

What is MY Spiritual Mission or Soul Purpose

WARNING!! This a REALLY relaxing page with hardly any scary bits in it at all. So, for ALL of you into EXTREME scariness then I’d leave this one, it’s boring AND too nicely worded AND you DON’T even get shouted at . . . you’ll probably not be able to cope . . . if you DO need nice AND relaxing AND you’re insistent then you can read this page HERE . . .