"Earth as a Simulation Series 2: Are we simulated copies of people? How, slowing down technological development in your simulation will get around the potential recursive building sims in a sim glitch problems. However, an accurately simulated population will STILL present specific experiences, despite that the technologies these experiences depend on DON'T YET exist (immersive VR experiences for example). This series presents evidence of anomalous 'missing technology' experiences & evidence of obscuration of these & evidence that the simulation we are in was built in the last few decades."

Before I write more about the technological slow down possibility I’m going to present a couple of pages to expand in more detail of what is involved to simulate a copied person living someone else’s  life. This will make you aware of another set of differences that a simulated person will exhibit compared to a real person AND how once again we have evidence of these differences here too.

As I’ve already pointed out, despite ourselves having a ‘simulation argument’ for well over a decade none of our researchers or anyone else appears to have spent time understanding in a fundamental sense what it would actually be like to be a SIMULATED COPIED PERSON living out someone else’s life.

Again as I have also already pointed out, copied people won’t exhibit ‘real’ freewill. They will think and feel and be convinced that they do have freewill because the people they are simulating would have had ‘real’ freewill but they won’t actually ‘really’ have any in a simulation project.

What else will be different about simulated copied people compared to real people?

How the Cause to Effect Flow is Reversed with Simulated Copied People Living in a Simulation Project

Well, ‘IF’ we are in a simulation project then another of those stupidly obvious things that I’ve not seen mentioned elsewhere is that because everything will be pretty much already pre-determined for each person’s copied life then the simulation software will be specifically programmed to ensure that you very accurately follow the life of the person you are simulating (which will be defined in detail by a personal to yourself script).

In effect a simulated copied person will be living a duplicated, already pretty much completely mapped out life.

If you spend some time THINKING about this then you will realize that in a real reality you would naturally have a cause or series of causes leading to an outcome or a series of cascading outcomes. In a simulated copied reality rendering copies of self aware free thinking individuals their future lives are shockingly already completely mapped out in fine detail.

In this respect the flow of determinants defining how a simulated copied person’s life unfolds will be the reverse of that of a real reality. Effects and outcomes will in fact drive the construction of plausible causes.

In a simulated copied reality rendering simulated copied people then because outcomes as in events, important decisions, important people interactions and so on are PRE-DEFINED then ‘CAUSES’ to put it bluntly are going to have to be plausibly manufactured and choreographed to ‘naturally’ maneuver the copied person to make sure they make it to the next already defined outcome or event.

‘IF’ the software doing this isn’t seamless and completely natural then in a simulated copied reality certain people will very definitely feel as if ‘the hand of fate or even that some god’ must have intervened because the ‘coincidental’ string of causes make them feel that ‘somehow’ they have been divinely GUIDED to a very specific outcome. This may be so obvious that to any ‘rational’ person they will have to question the possibility of the causes being pre-ordained.

In a simulated reality it is likely that in some cases the outcome of a copied person being maneuvered and choreographed by simulation software to make sure that they get to a specific outcome at a specific time is likely (if you think about it for a while) to result in completely unrealistic and impossible coincidences (which you’d absolutely NOT expect to happen if we are in a real reality).

A great example of this is Dean Radin’s experience which he describes in the video below . . .

A Rational Explanation for Why Some People Feel that Aspects of their life are Pre-Ordained or Pre-determined?

In a real reality where NOTHING is pre-defined or choreographed then you’d likely NEVER EVER have anyone feeling or thinking never mind being convinced that ‘some’ event or meeting was very definitely pre-determined or pre-ordained.

It is astonishing that once again obviously no one has evaluated either of our two popular alternate reality possibilities to see if either would account for such a commonly experienced ‘oddity’.

What this ‘effect and outcomes are used to initiate and define CAUSES’ flow actually means is that a very large, highly complex software engine will keep track of what is already defined and which absolutely needs to happen IN THE FUTURE. To do this properly there will have to be a hierarchy of software engines that all work together to keep track of and to maneuver each person with regards keeping them aligned to what they are defined as living out and experiencing in the future.

In this respect you will have what would be called a long term look ahead software engine that looks ahead say 5 years to determine all of the critical ‘decision’ and experience points within that time period.

Let me give use an example to show you how this software is likely to work.

Let’s say that your script has you marrying person ‘X’ in 4 years time. That would be quite an important future outcome wouldn’t it?

How Would Reality HAVE TO BE for Peoples Lives to Actually be REALLY Pre-ordained or Pre-defined?

From the simulation software’s point of view then this means that you will have to meet ‘X’ when your script has you meeting ‘X’ perhaps in about 3 years time, the ‘long term look ahead’ software will gear up NOW to ‘orchestrate’ and to ‘choreograph’ your life and your interactions AND the software will manipulate you to MAKE DECISIONS THAT WILL LEAD TO THE PREDEFINED OUTCOMES YOU HAVE TO TAKE TO KEEP THE SIMULATION ACCURATE.

It is likely that another software engine will kick in at about the 3 month mark to ‘orchestrate’ and to ‘choreograph’ your life and your interactions in much finer detail, for example, to have you meet ‘Y’ whom is a friend of ‘X’. It is even likely that you will meet ‘STFG’ whom are all friends of ‘X’ so that there are multiple opportunities to have you meet ‘X’ at the time that is pre-determined by your script.

It is likely that yet another software engine will kick in a few weeks before the ‘important event’ point to ‘orchestrate’ and to ‘choreograph’ your life and your interactions in even finer detail. For example, this software will likely make sure that ‘STFG or Y’ decide to have a party (because they are scripted as having parties together at a certain frequency) AND that they will invite you AND the mysterious ‘X’.

Why a Simulated ‘Copied’ Person Living out someone else’s life has NO FREEWILL!!!

This finer detail software engine will not only manipulate yourself it will manipulate all the key players in your life in attempts to make sure that your pre-defined future outcomes are successfully reached and accurately lived through.

There will then be yet another software engine that is ALWAYS operational that deals with the approach to and the actual presenting of each ‘NOW’ moment.

It is this ‘in the moment’ software that will make sure that you become interested in ‘X’ when you do meet. it will make sure that you have appropriate attraction feelings AND it will likely also make sure that you preferentially only notice GOOD THINGS to be attracted to.

During these fine detail moment by moment times the software will be generating each thought, each feeling set and each insight and intuition you have. It will also be determining and rendering your internal state, your mood and so on and so on.

This ‘now moment’ software will also make sure that you DO preferentially notice AND THAT YOU TAKE NOTICE OF things that you will be attracted to of person ‘X’ whilst simultaneously it will ALSO very likely be doing the opposite. It will be dampening down your awareness of things you’d find unattractive or repulsive, in many cases even if you do notice anything ‘off putting’ the software will deliberately keep these ‘sensations’ WELL IN THE BACKGROUND. This ‘in the moment’ software will ALSO be doing exactly the same with ‘X’ with respect to yourself.

How Simulation Project Predictive Software would Keep people Glued to their Pre-Defined Life Script in a Simulation?

This very complex software engine will manage your awareness, it will manage and determine the lines of thinking you start and it will make efforts to have you pursue certain thinking lines and it will also make efforts to have you NOT pursue others such that it will absolutely manipulate and manage your evaluations of ‘X’ as well as ‘X’s evaluations of you.

In other words in a simulation project the software that would manipulate and manage your AWARENESS, your THINKING, and your EVALUATION ABILITIES and the CONCLUSIONS YOU’D COME TO and the decisions you make would already be defined as part of what would be essential to accurately simulate copied people living out someone else’s life.

In this respect my estimated 2 pennies or two cents extra cost in the dollar to implement specific management efforts with respect to ‘earth as a simulation’ possibilities for researchers, scientists or anyone else is likely to be a a huge, HUGE over estimate.

It’s actually way more likely to cost an extra 0.2% pence to implement rock solid awareness, thinking and evaluation management software to handle all worrying ‘earth as a simulation’ awareness, thinking and evaluation possibilities.

How Much Would It Cost to Create the Perfect Simulation?

I’ve read on authoritative web pages that the estimated COST to implement a ‘perfect’ simulation would be pretty much INFINITE. On the other hand to implement the software to MAKE MOST PEOPLE COGNITIVELY CONVINCED THAT THEIR REALITY IS PERFECT would actually cost . . .

Pretty much NEXT TO NOTHING . . .

As a scientist working with people obvious convinced that their reality is ‘perfect’ it was hard to understand that given the number of instances where the word IMPOSSIBLE is used by scientists when the use of this word would imply to the cognitively sound of mind that . . .


They don’t seem to be AWARE that every time an academic or scientist or other ‘rational’ objective person utters ‘IMPOSSIBLE’ that this means that their understandings and the fundamental assumptions they are operating to should be seriously questioned. Coincidentally in my experience this observably doesn’t happen, they immediately revert to trying to come up with any explanation (no matter how bizarre) that will absolutely keep their basic assumptions intact. Even more strangely they don’t often question this behaviour either.

To manage and to ‘orchestrate’ people’s awareness, thinking, insights, intuitions, any resulting conclusions they come to and or the decisions they’d make would require an unbelievable and absolute understanding of the human brain to do this seamlessly such that this could be done without anyone noticing that they were are being directly managed.

In this respect the population that put this simulation together would very likely have put a huge and concerted effort into researching brain functioning. This research would be necessary to help them figure out enough to be able manage and manoeuver simulated copied people seamlessly.

Strangely enough I recently read of an announcement that the next concerted large scale ‘research’ push which will likely involve 100’s of millions in funding will be to fully research the workings of the human brain (this is despite ourselves being bankrupt and despite that we have many seriously pressing problems which you’d imagine would take greater priority). Obviously this must just be one of those strange ‘coincidences’.

Even more interesting I also read that part of the reason for doing this research is to try and understand (and perhaps correct) the causes of confirmation bias and cognitive dissonance. It took me about a half hour before I could stop laughing when I read this.

Some simulation designer is seriously taking the piss because this is exactly the sort of tactic I’d use.

As a simulation designer that has already deduced that their entire simulated population will appear to be FAULTY because they’ll all exhibit confirmation bias and cognitive dissonance then what better way of keeping the very essential for your simulation projects massive brain research effort hidden (in plain sight within your simulated population) by getting them to use confirmation bias as one of the reasons to justify the massive brain research which because you already did this then this will begin to happen in your simulated population.

Seriously you couldn’t make this up, it’s like living in a Monty Python sketch . . .

Have you experienced NOTICEABLE & unlikely Synchronicity or Coincidences leading UP TO a life event?

In a simulation project designed to have people living out someone else’s life then each persons life will unfold in the opposite way to what you’d expect of a real person living on a real world. This is because they will already have all of their life events and experiences pre defined by their script.

Because peoples lives are already defined then they won’t follow a cause to effect/outcome flow that would be normal for a real reality. For a copied persons life to be kept on track and for each person to live out the life of someone else accurately then their life choices and decisions will have to be ‘finessed’. Basically a simulated person living out some other persons life will be influenced and directly manipulated. It is very likely that they will be presented with precisely engineered CAUSES all of which will be designed to lead the person to their next already predefined experience event or life outcome.

In carrying out these manipulations then many people will have to be very strongly weaved or ‘guided’ by having presented very specific causal events, information presentations and encounters in effect to ‘very definitively’ maneuver them to make specific choices that would lead them to specific outcomes. This would be done for the most defining and very important life events (one of which would be to make sure you meet and get involved with the currect/right pre-defined partner such that you will likely have your reality defining software presenting a barrage of causal ‘pointers’ and ‘steering’ information all designed to lead the simulated person to the required very specific outcome.

Which would then ‘absolutely be done’ to make sure that you meet and get involved with the right ‘pre-defined’ person . . .

If this is how our reality actually works then then it is actually likely that MANY PEOPLE will experience obvious life synchronicity and or coincidences because they are being very strongly guided to some very specific very IMPORTANT/DEFINING life events.

‘IF’ more than a few percent of people are experiencing synchronicity or unlikely coincidences leading up to a specific and or likely significant event (leading to them meeting someone that they start to have a relationship with) then we’d very definitely have to suspect that we are not in one of those mythical ‘real’ realities.

So, have you have any synchronicity/coincidences ‘pointers’ leading you to any person that is then VERY SIGNIFICANT IN YOUR LIFE . . . this would either be a life partner and or someone connected to you finding the right pre-defined job!!!!

Have you experienced Very Noticeable synchronicity or coincidences leading UP TO any event?

PLEASE NOTE!!! The POLL immediately below is ‘INVISIBLE’ in FIREFOX (but not in Internet Explorer or Yandex for example)!!!

‘IF’ you do tick the poll above and it’s 1 or 2 can you leave a comment indicating the type of event and maybe write of any coincidences you can remember that you experienced.

“Basically . . . I’d appreciate if you LEAVE A COMMENT IF YOU CAN RELATE TO A  COINCIDENCE ‘SUPPORTED’ Event . . . . “

If you do this then we’ll have more idea of the sorts of events these coincidences are linked with.

Has anyone felt directly Guided as part of being Steered to particular outcomes?

When I had my set of extreme coincidences leading up to meeting my future wife I had a seriously ‘guided’ experience the previous weekend before meeting her. I had a stall at a ‘spiritual, new age’ event and a friend came to talk to me because she had heard that I was heading off to ‘work’ with a healer in Sao Paulo Brazil and wanted to know how about it. In talking to this friend I mentioned that I felt a very strong connection to the woman I was going to meet AND that despite how bizarre and actually IMPOSSIBLE is was I felt that I was going to start a relationship with this woman I’d never met and hadn’t even spoken to.

My friend then gave me a puzzling look and explained that for her stall she’s been guided to charge a particular crystal which was to facilitate a ‘soul mate’ connection, she asked if this was meant for me. Very interestingly she also made it clear that she had seriously resisted her own guidance persuading her to charge this crystal and she didn’t think it right to have a crystal charged in this way as she felt that someone would pick it up EXPECTING it would magically attract their soul mate. I went with her to the table full of crystals and she / we literally couldn’t find it. Standing there I then experienced my right hand being moved ON ITS OWN to point down the table while simultaneously my legs upped and did their own thing too. I walked down the table quite fast and my hand automatically moved and stopped over a specific crystal AND then grabbed it. None of this was done by me. My friend confirmed that it was the crystal she’d not been happy about charging. This entire lead up to our meeting with descriptions of the barrage of coincidences, synchronicites and directly guided events are described on this page here.

Now, please NOTE that this is an extreme example of direct physical movement guidance rather than internal ‘guidance’ as insights, feelings and impulses or even ‘spirit’ or ‘virtual’ voices.

After thinking about ‘duplicated’ life possibilities, it then becomes obvious that there will be another ‘experience’ of a very specific nature that will also ABSOLUTELY result in reality having to make a BIG effort to absolutely make sure these specific events/experiences either absolutely happen to certain people at certain times and or for other people efforts have to be made to make sure that the same events absolutely don’t happen . . . can you think of what these specific events will be?

Is Reality Pre-Defining Accidents & Injuries are Injuries & Accidents Pre-Destined?

Have You Ever felt directly Guided as part of being Steered TOWARD/TO or AWAY FROM being hurt in an Accident?

If we are living out ‘someone’ else’s life then if the person you are simulating had an accident such that you are then NO MATTER WHAT . . . GOING TO HAVE THAT ACCIDENT then there will likely be some very weird circumstances/setups pre defined TO ABSOLUTELY MAKE SURE that some people absolutely have an accident while the same sort of effort will be applied to others to make sure that they DON’T HAVE AN ACCIDENT . . . which if correct then it’s very likely that some people with have really bad luck when experiencing having an accident (because they are predefined as having one) while other people will then seemingly have amazingly good/magical luck avoiding having an accident . . .

Are Some Life ‘Defining/Critical’ Events pre-Defined such that you either absolutely cannot Avoid them OR they Absolutely won’t be Allowed to Happen!!!!

So, have you ever felt directly ‘GUIDED/FACILITATED/FATED & OR STEERED’ in a particular direction or toward a particular outcome and particularly to ensure that something either absolutely happens and or absolutely doesn’t happen because it’s likely that for a duplicated reality some people whom are pre-defined as having an accident will very likely feel as if they had very unlucky circumstances contributing to the accident (because it was MADE TO HAPPEN) while others (whom are not supposed to have an accident) will find the opposite, that they are LUCKY/ INCREDIBLY LUCKY to have ‘somehow’ avoided having a bad accident (car crash or similar)!!!!

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