The right Use of Will, Intent & Focus

From our experience, there is nothing more important than the intent you hold with regards defining what you want particularly when your focus is on healing, personal development and or spiritual growth. There is always a two fold struggle. On the one hand you want to achieve something while on the other this want is coupled by probably a variety of preconceptions about how to achieve this and expectations of the perceived outcome.

We have found that particularly with regards changes in spiritual awareness which are difficult to articulate verbally that the ideas people have rarely match the realities of the inner goal.

One of the best tools you have is your own will, focus and intent . . . Id say that will, intent and focus are the primary means to initiate change . . . particularly when used to;

  • . . . . define your line of enquiry
  • . . . . define what you want
  • . . . . define how you will achieve something

So, you must make a dedicated self commitment to your desire to change. Then you must take not only time but to actually apply will, focus and dedication to actually do it. It DOES require a strong focus to make movements, to REALLY change and to openly explore. Continuing to do this when the going gets tough requires that you develop will, so that nothing will divert you from finding yourself.

Be very aware that you manifest your own reality and that you can very easily manifest the illusion of change which may in fact not have touched anything deep at all. You have to be very dedicated to yourself, you have to have a full commitment to self honesty. Without these you will not get very far.

Read the pages in this section to learn about the right use of intent to ask for what will facilitate you in an open exploration much better than anything else . . .