Assumption Free Belief’s & True Truth’s

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My aim was never about looking for any ‘truth’ at all. It was about what it took to find the REAL origins of some debilitating personal issues before I could finally and PERMANENTLY resolve these; and to be honest I would have fallen at the first hurdle if sticking to any ‘current’ truth had taken a higher priority than laying to rest any debilitating personal issues.

The Truth, Belief & Assumption Merry Go Round?

This is why my ‘truths’ have changed as fast as I could come to terms with the REALITY of what I was finding and this is why I came to think of what I was finding NOT as ‘TRUTHS’ but as ‘current’ understandings which I had to learn to just temporarily ‘accept’ so as to always help accommodate movement beyond these (whatever they were) into something else because this was what was happening all of the time anyway.

On the other hand just about everyone seems to build fortified encampments around their ‘facts, beliefs and truths’ to strongly defend them as it were. Which seems a little counter productive as then anything that seems to disturb or contradict your truth tends to elicit the same sort of reaction as a large fart at a dinner party. With people desperately pulling up the drawbridge while pouring hot oil over the walls which to be honest only seems to keep everyone locked in their own little ‘truth’ box and against everyone else not barricaded in with them?

Recycled Belief’s and Truth’s and Paradigm Locks

Does it not seem a little odd that this is what most of us are like?

How many well defended ‘truths’ are their out there? Perhaps if you take a good look over your ramparts all you will see are other good people as determined to not open a door as you are?

Perhaps the question you should be asking is not;

“What is the Truth”

. . . but . . .


Belief and ‘Truth’ free

I suspect that another reason I am the one presenting what I have found here is because I have not been ‘locked’ into ANY ‘beliefs’ or so called ‘truths’. I started out as a medical research scientist; I did the scientist thing for 16 years, I also followed a Guru as part of an enlightenment path for 4 years and then fully entered the world of healing modalities as well as of doing lots of other things.

Does that sound like someone ‘ball and chained’ to a particular set of beliefs or truths?

As my colleagues know I am quite happy to come forward and update my ‘understandings’ and if I find that what I write on this site turns out to be a load of bollocks then I can guarantee that THIS WILL BE PRESENTED HERE as well as how I arrived at this conclusion.

So, for me; my ‘understandings’ become as large as the base of data you are willing to include behind your barricade and as this expands then . . . well so do your understandings of whatever ‘truth’ you are exploring? Personally I now don’t really think there is a TRUE ‘TRUTH’ there are only limited truths bounded by either limited experiences, limited data, inaccurate data, high walls and debilitatingly limited contextual interpretations (the domain of science it seems?).

Before proceeding to any scary articles, you had better get a large sofa to hide behind, be wearing a set of tough gardening gloves AND a pair of ‘un-scratched’ (that’s very important) – a pair of un-scratched Joo Janta 200 Super-Chromatic Peril-Sensitive sunglasses then buckle yourself into an armour-plated, feng shui aligned, fully risk assessed fume cupboard holding a lucky horse shoe in one hand and a silver stake and q-link amulet in the other . . . . because ‘Dorothy’ . . . reality as you thought you knew it is going bye byes . . .please take note of all safety signs as you proceed . . . normal reality will resume . . . as soon as we find the light switch . . . and finish reading the manual . . .

So, I’ll repeat; have you read all of the ‘scary’ articles presented HERE?

Is your truth and belief cup empty?

Or is it perhaps possible that your assumed ’empty’ cup is actually still pretty full?

Are you coming to the ‘self exploration, understanding reality, all that is, EVERYTHING’ table while still believing in something? While still thinking you should look in certain ways or that you need to hold to particular truths or beliefs to actually ‘understand’ things more deeply?


Is the ‘Truth’ HERE? Is this what I’m presenting?


As I already tried to explain above what I’m presenting are some of the temporary or ‘current’ understandings from part way through a long journey of self and reality exploration.

Here is a ‘truth’ . . . you wont find any real fundamental ‘deeper’ truth until you can disengage from and put down all assumed truths, beliefs, ideas, facts while working to give yourself room and space to be open for anything.

So, the scary series are the end product of a couple of decade of dedicated, bl–dy minded, extreme orientations to find out what I needed to know to resolve my own issues. They will also give you some of what we and you are up against in terms of finding out ‘some’ of ‘what is’ . . .

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