Global Healing & Peace Efforts Visible Effects

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I’m sure that you’ve read that a focused intention leads to change, that ‘blessing’s’ of chocolate bars makes them taste much better than none blessed chocolate bars and so forth and sending happy thoughts to water makes the water become more coherent and peaceful and so on . . . . .

Global Healing & Meditation and Peace Bringing Efforts

Do you reading this partake of global healings and peace meditation efforts? They seem like a good idea? Don’t they? Especially when you look at the state of the world AND you want to help do something about it?

Yes, it does to me . . .

It does seem worthwhile to partake of global healings or meditations to send out love and light and or healing to initiate change and particularly to bring peace on what we hope will be a larger scale. The world sure needs all the help it can get!!!

So, yea, it seems like a good idea to ‘bless’ the whole world and everyone in it?


It certainly did to me until I started thinking about it and then began exploring exactly what is being done to ‘make this so’.

How is the Intention of Global Healing & Peace Efforts Directly Impacting People?

Do you know what is actually being done for this to be achieved?

Any ideas how subtle energies being sent out either directly or on your behalf globally are actually specifically ACTING on people to help achieve or bring about peaceful states?

Any Ideas?

Which of the below would you think is the most likely?

How would YOU try and facilitate people to become peaceful

1) Would you imagine that these global energies are focused to get people to REALLY and DIRECTLY look at ALL OF LIFE’S UNPEACEFUL CAUSES, INJUSTICES & DIFFICULTIES so as to give them some incentive to get off their arse and find out what’s causing them . . . . . ?

OR . . . . .

2) Do you think perhaps such subtle global energies will be acting on people to DIRECTLY MAKE them peaceful, and for example maybe by helping them NOT look at or become aware of or think about or reactive toward any NONE PEACEFUL, DISTURBING, VIOLENT, DEBILITATING or UNJUST things going on in their life and or the world as a means to achieve this?

Which would you imagine of the above is being done as part of the ‘global’ healing peace initiatives?


Are Subtle Energy Driven Global Peace Efforts Working in Suppressive ways?

The second one above rather guarantees that unjust, none peaceful, violent, debilitating, disturbing things will become more and more accepted and be less and less complained about . . . never mind that at an extreme Peaceful, Accepting, Passive, Conciliatory could at a stretch have people becoming DOCILE . . . or haven’t you noticed?

If it’s the second of the above then would there be any population level side effects, do you think, of such subtle energy saturation done on a global scale that might be noticeable?

Any Ideas?

David Icke has pointed out some ‘noticed effects’ but hasn’t quite figured out that they are ‘spiritual’ in origin (read the previous page to understand how easy it is to make sure that people don’t think down certain lines AT ALL) . . . read the next page to find out how the energies from global healings and peace efforts are effecting our sexuality . . .