All About Dispersed Soul Fragment Types

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"Soul Fragments, Missing & Lost Soul Pieces. Examples; Stolen, Unwanted, Donated, Used in Spells & Vows, for Voodoo, + to Help others +more. Energy Body Depletion Causes, SF Recovery Advice, Difficulties Discussed of; Finding, Cleansing & Integrating these."

The ‘Conscious’ Soul Fragments described on earlier pages are large, they are easily seen and because they usual represent a significant one off portion of your energy field then there are usually plenty of issue clues in relation to why you’d want to get rid of such an energy part of yourself in the first place. In other words it’s hard to miss these when they do appear and it’s not too difficult to figure out that you need to do to recover them AND even better it’s for the most part not a big deal getting them back.

Very Small, Minute, Lost Soul Pieces and Soul Fragments

On the other hand there is another type of soul fragment that as far as I am aware of are not described elsewhere because even through they turn out to be very common, they are not easy to spot because they are VERY small, seemingly insignificant and not recognised for what they are. These types exist as ‘dispersed collections’ of tiny energy body fragments mixed in with ‘negativity’ and other debilitating and unbalancing energies. We are actually getting rid of these types unknowingly as they are mixed up with energetic negative garbage that people get rid of as part of cleansing and clearings when ‘negativity’ builds up around ourselves or in our local space or environment. They arise in the majority of cases from both active and passive balancing and cleansing practices that work by dispersing or evaporating your energy field as a solution (a later page goes into this in much more detail).

They are too small to be Conscious or Aware

These types of soul fragments are too small to be conscious so they are not having an existence separate from yourself. They can be responsible for a wide range of symptoms and effects in their own right as well as over time they can result in more serious issues such as energetic depletion, chronic tiredness, lack of vitality or life force as well as the erosion of a wide range of energy body processes including mental ones . . . .

Missing & Lost ‘Dispersed’ Soul  Fragments can add up to 80% Energy Field Depletion

Unfortunately everyone has these dispersed types of soul fragment, they are very common and they are over time responsible for the worst and most serious losses of energy body material. This type plus the conscious soul fragments mentioned previously can be responsible for your energy body being depleted by as much as 80%. As such they are VERY serious and every effort should be made to recover these. For the most part the rest of the pages in this ‘soul fragment’ section cover all facets of these dispersed soul fragments in more detail. How we are gradually losing more and more of these very small soul fragments lifetime after lifetime AND are accumulating other peoples dispersed soul fragments in our own energy field and having our own accumulating in others. You are advised to read all of these pages.