"Mandela Effect Anomalous Memories Investigation: This 18 page series (full list here) uses my own Walkers Crisps Mandela Effect experience to demonstrate how discussions of ANY/ALL Mandela Effect Experiences are all themselves consistently anomalous, specifically because essential/basic/important information relevant/central/critical to the 'ANOMALIES/EXPERIENCES' being discussed aren't even mentioned. In contrast, this series examines/evaluates memory 'composition' as well as important memory recall factors (feelings, emotions, internal states, inner sensations & awareness's (plus senses)) in attempts to not only 'highlight' these discussion anomalies while simultaneously providing comprehensive evaluation and analysis of the Mandela Effect memory anomalies, while even mentioning other apparently 'invisible/impossible to become aware of' memory anomalies too!!!"

In that I’m going to gradually ‘wind’ this series back to my own Mandela Effect experience then here is a ‘memory’ recall question for you to ‘ponder’ on . . .

“What is the quality of information, depth of knowledge offered that is specifically focused around the factors that will improve the recall of past memories? Do you know?”

For example, if you do a search for: “How to improve memory recall”, then you end up with a lot of pages that are ‘NOT’ about how to improve/maximise your ability to generically RECALL/RETRIEVE anything/any experiences/any important or significant personal experiences per say, rather you get lots of pages offering details of memory SAVING ‘tricks’ to use specifically to improve you ability to generically take notice of SPECIFIC ‘FACTS/INFORMATION’ in ways to make recalling these easier/more reliable/accurate.

What Factors are Important in Improving the Recall of Memories of ANY PAST EVENT?

In checking out some ‘top of searches’ of web sites focused on memory recall information I’m appalled (but not surprised) at what I can only describe as:

  1. Utterly ‘abysmal’ in content/detail terms . . . while also . . .
  2. With respect to my own extensive ‘experience’ being ‘Factually WRONG’ in a basic/fundamental sense . . . while ‘as per usual’ . . .
  3. They don’t seem to be aware in the slightest as how appalling/ignorant they are of these aspects of ourselves/THEMSELVES.

So, if you were a ‘proper’ sceptical type you might wonder why there is a massive emphasis specifically on memory pages focused on facilitating people to remember ‘facts’ i.e. likely science originated/orientated ‘information’ at the expense of improving your own memory recall abilities of your own entire personal experiences, because this is what we seem to be getting from top search pages offering “How to improve memory recall” advice!!!

And, this is particularly the case when one of the main ‘facts’ that is regularly emphasised on science ‘memory’ sites is that we cannot rely on our own memories being accurate, that often our memories turn out to be wrong/unreliable.

In searching for: “How to improve recall of past experiences, then one of the top pages (at that time) which is here (obviously a ‘science’ page) presents the following as the first paragraph (I quote):

“Recall or retrieval of memory refers to the subsequent re-accessing of events or information from the past, which have been previously encoded and stored in the brain. In common parlance, it is known as remembering. During recall, the brain “replays” a pattern of neural activity that was originally generated in response to a particular event, echoing the brain’s perception of the real event. In fact, there is no real solid distinction between the act of remembering and the act of thinking.”

It’s worth reading that page to become aware of the bias’s as well as the stark omissions.

For example none of the OBVIOUS base senses that contribute to the make up of memories (as in sight/hearing/smell/taste/touch) are actually mentioned never mind then being individually discussed, perhaps for example with respect to their importance/role in facilitating recall of the memories at least of specific events/experiences.

Where are the Memories of your FEELINGS & EMOTIONS Stored?

A big thing/effort is also made of making sure that you’re aware that ‘memory/memories’ are stored in the brain (‘brain’ is frequently mentioned on that page). Personally, I’d imagine that this is ‘likely’ to be the case for the 5 base ‘physical’ senses that are recorded as memories, unfortunately that page never mentions memories of feelings nor emotions nor memories of various other ‘INTERNAL’ STATES/AWARENESS’S which from my own ‘PERSONAL’ as well as SYSTEMATIC efforts to:

  1. Recall ENTIRE MEMORY COMPOSITIONS of various ANOMALOUS EXPERIENCES SPECIFICALLY . . . as well as of efforts . . .
  2. To identify the past experience ‘origins’ of various emotions, feelings, states and internal ‘sensations’ as they arose within myself/impacted myself . . .

. . . I can confirm are definitely ‘NOT’ saved/stored/recalled from within the ‘BRAIN’ at all, rather depending on the specific ’emotions/states’ then these are often localised to specific areas of the body while inner ‘feelings’ as well as inner ‘states/sensations/awareness’s’ often seem to be localised/connected to the heart and gut in ‘physical’ body terms.

Where are the Remembered Anomalous Memories of your PAST LIVES Stored?

Remember my very detailed examples on previous pages of myself tracing the origins of various feelings and inner ‘states and sensations’ back to their ‘source’:

  1. My ‘stress/tension/anxiety’ was somewhat ‘localised’ within my physical body within my abdomen/gut areas/locations (definitely not my ‘brain’) and related to very stressing circumstances that I was ‘AWARE’ of and could ‘access’ both as a fetus and also as a toddler . . .
  2. My feelings and emotions of overwhelming ‘anguish and despair’ were also not ‘presenting’ in my brain but were more closely associated with both my stomach and heart areas which I’m very ‘sure’ about, because these feelings permanently/consistently ‘harassed’ myself for over 6 months. Even worse, on gaining access to the original experiences that these feelings related to . . . then these . . .
  3. Turned out not only to be from a PAST LIFE, but from one that could only have happened 1000’s of years ago which then automatically begs the question as to how the memories of events from 1000’s of years ago could be ‘stored within and retrieved from’ a brain that’s only 35 years old?
  4. A google search of ‘examples of past lives’ returns not 3 or 15 or even just a few 100 pages each presenting examples of people recalling memories of past lives, BUT 8,410,000, which somewhat suggests that anyone fixated on ‘memories are stored in your brain’ perhaps need to have their own ‘examined’ for correct functioning as this is patently/obviously NOT TRUE IN THE SLIGHTEST!!!!

The bizarre fixation/auto repetition that our memories are ‘stored/held’ in our brain isn’t even confirmed by basic research. In other words, despite that this is an ‘OBVIOUS’ FALSE ‘FACT’, this false fact is often repeated/emphasised on so called ‘factual’ science web sites!!!!

The Anomalous/Incorrect ‘Memories are Stored in the Brain’ Fixation/Mantra!!!!

For example, worms that have had their heads cut off, that then grow a new head apparently still remember things that it is apparently assumed would/should only be stored in the cut off head (read this page here). I quote:

“How can a worm remember things after losing its head? “We have no idea,” Levin admitted. “What we do know is that memory can be stored outside the brain, presumably in other body cells, so that [memories] can get imprinted onto the new brain as it regenerates.””

An even stranger than the above example (yes ‘apparently’ this is possible), is of research done that strongly indicates a direct transfer of ‘various characteristics’ from the donor of a donated organ being then passed to and in some cases ‘EXPERIENCED/REMEMBERED’ by the recipient/person whom received the donated organ.

This also includes documented examples of the transfer of memories to the organ recipient of traumatic experiences that impacted the donor (what is written below is taken from here):

“The most stunning example of cellular memory was found in an eight year old girl who received the heart of a ten year old girl. The recipient was plagued after surgery with vivid nightmares about an attacker and a girl being murdered. After being brought to a psychiatrist her nightmares proved to be so vivid and real that the psychiatrist believed them to be genuine memories. As it turns out the ten year old whose heart she had just received was murdered and due to the recipients violent reoccurring dreams she was able to describe the events of that horrible encounter and the murderer so well that police soon apprehended, arrested, and convicted the killer.”

How good are your basic observational as well as your information ‘assessment/evaluation’ skills/abilities with respect to what is written within the above paragraph?

For example, did you manage to notice and then ‘remember’ and then actually be impacted/shocked because the girl didn’t actually receive a ‘brain’ transplant?

I specifically edited the ‘bolded’ paragraph above in ways to deliberately emphasise that the organ donor didn’t actually receive a transplant of the organ that on science pages is repeatedly emphasised as exclusively responsible for storing/holding memories?

What is even more interesting is that the organ she did receive is the ‘heart’ which is (at least in some circles as well as for myself) considered to be the focal point for emotional and feeling responses INCLUDING TRAUMATIC ONES.

Science/Scientists Apparently have ‘NO AWARENESS’ of the ‘FACT’ that the Heart is Associated with the Memories of FEELINGS & EMOTIONS

How, unbelievably ‘disassociated/disengaged’ from what you are doing as a researcher as well as of YOURSELF/BASIC HUMAN FUNCTIONING would you have to be to not realise that if (for example) someone was to come along and hack/chop your arm off for you to NOT REALISE that your entire body/self would ‘AUTOMATICALLY’ react to the horror, trauma and pain of this being done to yourself.

Being subjected to a massive traumatic/horrifying/shocking experience will actually result in a pretty automatic full body ‘FELT/FEELING’ reaction/experience, to such a degree that it is exceptionally likely to impact and IMPRINT ON every aspect/angle of yourself and your physical body as well as ANY BODY YOU ARE INTERFACED TO!!!!

This is why after a shocking/traumatizing event, you see people subjected to this event/experience shivering and shaking, sometimes massively (which is one reason why people are given blankets after a disaster) as these ‘symptoms’ represent the full bodies response to ’emotional’ shock.

In other words, the impact of a massive/big traumatic ‘shock’ is both BODY WIDE as well as impacting EACH INDIVIDUAL BODY CELL.

In that the ‘heart’ is the base organ ‘handling’ feelings then it will take the brunt of a feeling/emotional OVERLOAD including a traumatic one!!!

So, hacking off the head or arm or leg or foot of any organism is likely to result in every part of the physical body (as well the entire ‘body’ of any other ‘BODY’ that it’s interfaced to) being impacted in a dramatic/hurt/seriously agonizingly traumatic ‘reactive’ way that will then ‘seriously’ impact every part of the physical organism/form as well as (for ourselves) the subtle form/body.

On a previous page of this series I gave details of myself accessing the first past life that I became aware of. However, after this, I regularly gained access to past life circumstances AND for past life experiences that were ‘TRAUMATIC’, I’d find myself automatically shivering and shaking as part of releasing/clearing the trauma STILL EMBEDDED within the interfaced second ‘subtle’ body form. For these specific ‘traumatic experiences’ I’d also often feel some ‘HEART’ stress/pain (which would also be released/cleared). This consistently happening somewhat strongly indicates that the heart based feeling/trauma connection is likely more definitively associated with the subtle body form rather than the human physical one.

Which begs the question as to how much unknown HEART BASED/FOCUSED TRAUMA does ‘EVERYONE’ else have from all of their previous past lives of experiencing trauma?

The Anomalous Taking Medication for EVER & EVER to just Keep ‘Physical’ Symptoms Suppressed ‘FARCE’!!!

What would be the outcome of your unfortunately ‘invisible’ subtle form accumulating heart based ‘feeling/emotional’ trauma lifetime after lifetime while our ‘experts’ in the obvious/easily ‘visible/observed’ physical only are seemingly massively fixated on ‘medication’ which has to be repeatedly taken (often ‘for ever and ever’) to continuously address/keep suppressed persistently recurring ‘physical’ symptoms? MMMMmmm!!!!

How ‘trustworthy’ is medical/clinical research science ‘really’ (find out here).

From my own utterly extensive accumulated experience of my own internal workings, it would be ludicrous to ‘NOT’ expect someone whom specifically received a heart transplant from someone that had been specifically subjected to a horrifying violent murder to actually ‘NOT’ become aware of at least some of the original event that the donor experienced.

How is it possible for a Transplanted Body Organ to Retain Memories that can be Recalled’ by the Organ Transplant Recipient?

However, beyond what I write above, if we all ‘DO HAVE’ two bodies, one as a subtle ‘being’ form that is interfaced to a second remote vehicle physical form AND we are being simulated as copies of other people as being PHYSICAL ONLY HERE (even when the original situation being simulated is NOT OF THE PHYSICAL), then if you are simulating someone that had subtle material transferred from another subtle form to yourself (soul fragment or soul ‘part’ transfer (I’ve loads of pages in this series here on subtle body and soul fragment problems)) which in that I’ve already explained your subtle form is holographic then transferring subtle material from one form to another is ‘likely’ to result in ‘memories’ also being transferred too.

This subtle body parts transfer from one person to another ‘possibility’ could also ‘rationally’ explain the bizarre example given above.

. . . ‘AND’ . . . I’m now going to take this ‘different examples of anomalous memories’ line even further . . . in that as I’ve already presented a super strong case on this site that we are simulating copies of people AND that to keep many ‘things’ hidden from ourselves here (including to prevent ourselves from designing another version of what we are already living within) then we’ve had our technological development here slowed down.

Examples of ‘Accessible/Remembered/Impossible’ Memories of a High Technology Future Life!!!

If this is correct then it’s not only eminently possible but likely that some people here ‘may’ then under specific and perhaps ‘odd’ circumstances (like in a therapy session) find themselves recalling memories of events that from our perspective would be of the future because they are of the person they are simulating’s original circumstances/experiences within what to ourselves would appear to be an advanced future.

Strangely this is exactly what happened during a hypnosis session as described in detail here.

Which IN VAST DETAIL describes peoples living in space, within the solar system, on the moon, Mars and elsewhere including describing IN DETAIL the social and living conditions. The ‘general’ circumstances is somewhat similar to that depicted by the netflix series ‘Expanse’.

The ‘full’ transcript of that session is also available on Amazon.com here.

Based on what I’ve pointed out on this page, then another ‘INFORMATION ANOMALY’ directly associated with memory research and the Mandela Effect anomalous memory presentations/discussions THEMSELVES’ are that they never seem to include anything that could be ‘construed’ as a ‘general but comprehensive’ overview/background information covering the basic senses as well as of the composition or make up of memories themselves inclusive of the importance of feelings and emotions. As such:

Memory Research, Mandela Effect ‘Discussion / Presentation’ Anomaly No4:


I would recommend that as you read the rest of this series that you make an effort to keep in mind that mine, yours and everyone’s ‘MEMORIES’ include, touch, taste, smells, sounds as well as feelings/emotions, many different INTERNAL STATES/AWARENESS’S/GUT FEELINGS/INTUITION . . . as well as . . . ‘WHAT YOU SEE’ . . .

Of course, it would be even better if you kept in mind that you personally and everyone else likely have two sets of memories as well as two sets of senses, as well as feelings/emotions and various awareness’s and or internal ‘states’ that are of your subtle body form . . . in other words, more than half of these aren’t of the easily observed ‘physical’ body at all . . . hence the emphasis on fake facts that are easily shown to NOT ADD UP!!!!

You’d imagine, in that the ‘anomalies’ (the ‘things that DON’T ADD UP’) of any subject/material are the BIG CLUES as to whether your understandings of that subject (or your reality as a ‘WHOLE’) are correct or not then you’d expect to find science pages specifically openly speculating about these in attempts to EXPLAIN THEM, and that this would PARTICULARLY be the case for basic science pages focused on memories would perhaps mention this and speculate on what they might mean . . . as opposed to what actually happens which is that the anomalies are completely ignored.


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