Why the use of Psychic Protection Degrades Subtle Awareness & Subtle Perceptions

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When you put up some energetic protection between your client (or yourself) and ’something’ else then what you are actually doing is putting your client (or yourself) inside a barrier – in a bubble if you like.

How Using Barriers of Protection Erodes Subtle Awareness, Subtle Sensitivities, Perceptions & Psychic Abilities

So, you are behind some protective ‘sheltering’ material and particularly if it’s REALLY strong military grade nuclear entity proof material and nigh on impregnable, then actually finding out what is happening outside becomes more and more difficult. You might be ‘protected’ but your ability to gather information becomes more and more difficult and ends up with you relying on secondary sensors and scans to keep you informed. On the other hand if your means of communication get tapped or compromised or something new and unknown is being directed at you then you can be influenced and messed with in all sorts of clever ways and the last thing you will think of is that your security blanket and barricade have been compromised?

How Psychic Protection Barriers filter & Reduce Subtle Energetic Signals and Frequencies

Subtle energy barriers are in effect energetic FILTERS and they block out certain energetic signals, frequencies and resonances.

As such they block, reduce, negate and or distort particular resonances and frequencies which in effect reduces the effectiveness of multidimensional awareness, senses and perceptions as well as scanning abilities resulting in a progressive degradation of these abilities and their effectiveness over 10’s and 100’s of lifetimes.

Healers, sensitive’s and other ‘aware’ people using subtle barriers for protection or for ANY OTHER means for THEMSELVES (or are having energetic parts of themselves put behind barriers by others) will find that over the long term (100’s of lives) their awareness and sensory abilities become more and more eroded and ineffective.

In other words the very solutions that are used to help them supposedly deal with energetic disturbances will somewhat guarantee that they will become less and less aware of future energetic disturbances.

How Subtle Abilities & Awareness’s Are Degraded and Reduced

I noticed that there is plenty about on the web on psychic and other types of protection and even some about initiating attacks against others. I was even more taken back to find some of this written by ‘considered’ respected healers and spiritual people.

But it doesn’t take a genius to deduce that the ‘presentation’ of a balanced life can quickly and much more easily be achieved by using protection to negate energy or entity imbalances never mind distracting attackers with attacks too rather than of actually dealing with what is CAUSING those interfering with you in the first place


All those using such methods should be presenting themselves as facilitators in war and deception, stupidity and ignorance . . . rather than of the spiritual and healing!

Subtle Protection: A failure of Spiritual Truth & Subtle Awareness?

You should perhaps ask yourself the following . . .

WHY would anyone use any type of protection as a solution when it’s use accumulates more and more problems AND makes resolving these problems more and more difficult?

WHY when so much is said about gaining ‘awareness’ do I seem to be the only one highlighting such dire and debilitating so called healing practices. One has to ask you, yes YOU reading this what good is raised awareness when it seems like what ever this awareness is ‘of’ has missed everything I’m presenting here.

Why are your guides not pointing out these dire consequences? . . . unless they don’t know about these things either or maybe they are not encouraged to think about never mind question what they are doing either?

Why is there NO channelled material pointing out the same? How come those ‘above’, ALL those ascended masters and so called divine beings missed all this too? . . . . or else . . . . don’t tell me . . . you’re all so insecure and super glued to a fantasy ‘positiveness’ that this can only be maintained by NOT GIVING YOU BAD NEWS . . . that couldn’t be the reason COULD IT?

Protection should NEVER EVER be used as anything more than a stop gap short term solution while you figure out how to do something sensible, when you HAVE figured out how to do something sensible AND you’ve done this then the protection should always be TAKEN DOWN.

Psychic Protection; A sign of failure ON THE HIGHEST SPIRITUAL LEVELS

The use of protection as a permanent strategy is a measure of a healer, therapist, spiritual master, ascended master and spiritual hierarchy failure both in awareness and understanding terms. It is ALSO a measure of incompetence in terms of understandings never mind dealing with the real origins of entity and negative energy attack issues . . .

As I’ve said elsewhere I’m being nice about which of my ‘scary’ article series I present here first . . . . let me reassure you . . . the first half dozen new article sections are not scary at all . . . not compared to what you’re all REALLY missing . . . these ‘protection’ issues are the tip of a very deep ice berg.

To REALLY know how much you’ve been missing I dare you to read the next page . . . it’s such a good example . . . you really should not miss it . . .