Sabotaged Negative Issue & Self Exploration

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Have you ever been trying to become more self aware or self understanding? Are you interested in personal self exploration BUT have had problems orienting toward or directly investigating yourself OR of even thinking about doing this just as a possibility? Have you ever been prevented from thinking about how much trying to stay positive actually prevents you from engaging with or even directly exploring negative aspects of yourself? Have you ever decided to rely on the hope that some ‘thing’ will ‘somehow’ magically sort out all your negative issues for you while you stay oblivious both to how this was (really) done or even of why you had these issues in the first place? Do you find yourself relying on the dangled Ascension bus carrot to keep yourself going?


If any of this has meaning for you then DON’T read this page . . . it’ll make you pissed off . . . you’ll become aware of all the ways that yourself and all of us are managed to ensure our self explorations are unsuccessful because you are sabotaged from directly engaging with or investigating negative issues.

You’ll not believe the effort that the Sneaky Hierarchy and their Ascended Monster side kicks have gone to, to make sure you don’t find out how useless all of our healing solutions actually are. It’s horrific. They have put more effort into orientating people to a useless ‘positive / inspired’ line than of anything else. They have been so successful in achieving this that if you even suggest that something might be wrong with holding to a positive alignment then people actually think you’re crazy . . . that’s how incapable people are of being able to coherently think in these areas.

Short term gains don’t make up for long term accumulating debilitations.

So, this page is about detailing the different means that the Spiritual Hierarchy and fiends use to achieve negative issue blindness.

The Lightworker ‘I’ve no Negative Issues – Honest’ Implant

Have you given yourself a heart attack yet and read all the article pages describing what I call the ‘Lightworker Implants’? It’s a very educational and enlightening series but possibly only to none lightworkers because lightworkers themselves will probably have trouble acknowledging their existence never mind reading them. The one I call the; Light Wisdom; DON’T Acknowledge Negative Issues implant actually attempts to help lightworkers ‘studiously’ ignore any negative issues they’ve got. Apparently their energy field deflates and collapses or something if they even vaguely think too much about negative issues which is not a surprise as they’ll be being made to feel like this by this implant itself. So, this is the first line of defence to keep all lightworker types studiously away from negative issues including their own; an implant in each lightworker’s energy field acting to try and keep them in ‘happy land’ and ensure that self awareness and REAL self exploration remains dead and buried. For more details about this specific implant start on this page HERE.

Sabotage Self Exploration, Self Understanding & Personal Issue Investigations

Then there are all the spirit ‘help’ beings whom use subtle energy means to strongly orientate you away from your past hurts, traumas and difficult life aspects while keeping you focused on the positive which again effectively negates any serious self exploration and prevents them gaining any accurate self awareness. All supported by Spiritual Hierarchy policies that have Spirit Help working overtime to at all costs keep you as far away as possible from your negative issues.

With the end result that these steadily accumulating energies acting end up solidly ‘protecting’ you from your past issues, thus they will VERY strongly block you from exploring difficulties and traumas of your past or of even thinking about them never mind of allowing you to do anything about them directly.

Depending on how often they have done this for you then these energies can completely stonewall any attempt to confront issues properly. They will;

  • Stop you from even starting to explore issues.
  • Direct you to therapies that for the most part will not open to past issues but that will try and bolt on energy solutions or use seals and covers to blanket out or negate your issue symptoms.
  • Sabotage you working with any therapy that actually REALLY attempts to open you to your past buried issues.

These effects accumulate and get worse lifetime after lifetime. What you will experience if you DO try and seriously engage with issues origins is explained in this series of pages HERE. If you actually seriously, deeply and properly self exploring then you are gifted with round the clock sabotages, distractions, diversions to make sure you desist as quickly as possible. If you are NOT having this happen then you are NOT seriously self exploring but are being managed to ‘think’ that you are.

Spirit Help Sabotage Negative Issue & Self Exploration too

The Spiritual Hierarchy have ALSO gone to extremes to prevent anyone finding out about the limited and limiting subtle energetic solutions that are used on our behalf that as amazing as some results can be are actually addressing issues incorrectly. The spirit help beings carrying out these interventions are kept secret and hidden while nothing of what they do on your behalf is allowed to be found out about either. In other words the above two policies nicely reduce the chances that any depth of self exploration will ever risk exposing negative issue origins.

You are blocked and sabotaged from finding out that all your past issues are still there, with the symptoms being continuously suppressed by permanently maintained healing efforts.

For more extensive information on these areas and particular on how these cover ups were exposed with detailed examples then you should read the entire 30 page article series covering all facets of these areas that starts HERE.