An Subtle Etheric Implant Controlling Lightworker Mood & Emotions

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"The Etheric Implants 'Managing' Sensitive, Multidimensionally, Spiritually and Subtle Energy Aware Earth Residents wanting to Improve the Quality of Life, live in more 'Equitable, Balanced, Honourable and Harmonious ways' specifically to gradually erode such peoples reputation while keeping them; Occupied, Passive, Out of the way and absolutely unaware of anything they might otherwise disagree with."

This implant directly manages the feelings and emotions of all New Age and Lightworker types.

It is also responsible for generating and maintaining a wide variety of so called spiritual states including bliss and spiritual high feelings. It also works well during workshop groups as this implant is often the one responsible for generating and maintaining the ‘group energy’ interconnectedness and togetherness feelings.


This implant is actually networked and hence works in an integrated fashion with many of the other implants mentioned in this series of pages.

How Lightworkers have their Mood & Emotions Managed By a Subtle Energetic, Etheric Implant

The bottom line is that this implant actually manifest, controls and adjusts your feelings, emotions as well as different ‘states’ to have you react and behave in various ways or make you ‘believe’ or ‘disbelieve’ something and so on.

So, flooding you with ‘love’ or ‘trusting’ feelings so that you discern that your light masters are communicating with you and what they are saying is true / right is a piece of cake with this device.

Below are examples of how this works with just some of the other; Spiritual Hierarchies LIGHTWORKER ‘Love & Light’ implants (TM).

‘Spiritual Discernment for Dummies’ Facilitator Device

With this implant for example it will help you select the right ‘Light’ approved decisions and choices by for example

  • Making you feel uneasy, uncomfortable or perhaps ‘bad vibed’ or even ‘scared, frightened or terrified’ to have you make sure that you don’t continue reading something or engaging with something or god forbid do something that might risk you becoming moderately ‘enlightened’ like having a chat with some ‘demon or dark’ forces types . . OR . . . of being able to FREELY read what I write here for example . . .
  • Making you feel ‘right’ about something as well as relaxed, comfortable or perhaps ‘good vibed’ or excited or buzzed all the way through to making you feel flooded with love or blissed out or ‘Spiritual’ to help make sure that you ‘GET’ that ‘whatever’ it is has the ‘Light’ equivalent of a major Thumbs Up, GO FOR IT stamp of approval.

Believe & Trust ‘LIGHT Beliefs & Guidance’ Implant

With this implant for example it will not only supply the second set of feelings as listed above to ‘help’ you engage with and involve yourself more and more with ‘light’ material, guides and masters BUT it will also attempt to supply feelings of support, acceptance, belief and trust to help you more confidently engage more and more deeply with ‘light’ material, light ‘staff’ and ‘light’ Masters.

Lightwork Term & Understanding Translator Implant

This implant is supported in similar ways to the above so that you are made to feel confident, sure and certain about the interpretations being directly fed to yourself. It will also try and negate any uncertainty should anyone attempt to point out that your perceptions or interpretations of what they are presenting or stating are unlikely, contradictory or in fact just completely wrong.

‘Life Purpose, Meaning & Light Family’ Implant

This implant has the emotions controller implant trying and make you feel that your life has a larger meaning and deeper purpose by being involved with lightwork. As this implant also feeds you with what some of you would recognise as a life or soul purpose or soul mission by acting to encourage you to align and follow this ‘soul purpose’ blue print. If you don’t then again this emotions controller implant is used to feed you ‘persuader’ feelings like being unsettled or anxious or fear or of making you feel your life has less meaning than it could if you resist taking the line that your light ‘dictator’ masters are forcing you down.

This Implant attunes itself to the feelings of each Individual

Attempts are made to attune how this implant works with regards each persons ‘normal’ feeling range and normal emotional responses else again some of you would, well; feel that you’re feelings were ‘odd’ at times.

Lets make it very clear there will be plenty of implants beyond this one I describe here as well as an obscene number of other means acting on YOUR feelings. It’s highly likely that some of your feelings and not actually strictly your own, it’s 100% likely that in many ways in many circumstances your feelings and emotions are being managed to support someone else’s agenda.

Some of my clients have had enough feedback of ‘false’ feelings. Feelings that were being manufactured that we’re not their own that some of them can now feel the difference between genuine feelings and those that they are being fed.

Examples of Seriously Managed Feelings and Negative States

Below are some obvious examples of peoples feelings, life states and attitudes being managed and of us finding out about these and clearing the energetic crap that was responsible. What I describe of the above implant is much more covert and sneaky.

Feelings of being paralysed in life, fear, anxiety, down, depressed

There is an example HERE of how a full range of entirely negative feelings and general ‘states’ was found to be entirely generated and maintained by energetic crap.

Managed Feelings of Shame and Embarrassment

There is an example HERE of an extreme case of someone’s feelings of shame and embarrassment being managed very effectively to keep her severely debilitated for MANY years.

Anger attacks, enraged outbursts, tantrums?

Find out how easy is it to create and maintain anger attacks, enraged outbursts, tantrums by reading this example HERE.

What About Sexual Attractions?

Read this example HERE of being made to be sexually attracted to others and so cause you problems when you’re in a steady relationship or married.

What about managing your relationship attractions?

Read this example HERE.

How easy is it put you into permanent FALSE spiritual states?

Read about this being done for YEARS HERE.

Management of Many aspects of a Relationship

I’ve an example HERE of how I eventually found energetic crap managing many different aspect of a relationship and of reactions and feelings after splitting up too.

And if you want to find out how difficult it actually was to actually dig up all this energetic shit then read this entire series HERE.