How to Access & Read the Akashic Records & ‘WHY’ you can do this!!!

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"Akashic Records; what they are, their origins, accessing and reading them. Understanding 'Life between lives' and future life records. Akashic record history & corruption particularly to support Spiritual Missions, keep hidden Spiritual Hierarchy efforts to erode our subtle abilities, deliberately gift traumatizing earth lives to cause suffering and isolation for some as well as other spiritual atrocities. Plus the extensive listed advantages of learning to access past lives directly."

These records are for the most part ‘private’ in the sense that ‘technically’ we are each only able to read the records that are of ourselves and our own past lives. The records are set up to only reveal themselves to the person with the same subtle energetic blueprint or resonance as the recorded files.

Some people have permission to read others Akashic Records

However, various people have been given permission and the ability to read the Akashic records on behalf of others. People whom do this have been set up with subtle energetic etheric implants that allows them to access records on others behalf. This is often done as part of a soul or spiritual mission as defined by the Spiritual Hierarchy particularly during this ‘end of time’ phase.

As our Akashic records are deliberately made available for each of us to have access to then it’s not too difficult to access these.

To a certain extent your ability to do this depends both on your being able to ‘still yourself’ and or to ‘turn your subtle senses to the subtle environment and associated subtle phenomenon’ while having the ‘intent/desire’ to access these records directly.

How to Enter the Akashic Records & Access and Read Them?

Meditation might help as long as the meditation is not about you disassociating from yourself BUT is about you engaging with yourself.

However in that the majority of people/ourselves are all running round like demented hamsters, with our attention divided up with all the ‘life’ things that ultimately keep us from having any decent ‘contemplation and self awareness’ time. Many people avoid ‘getting to know themselves’ because doing this will often have them becoming aware of things they don’t want to become aware of; about themselves, their life, circumstances and future prospects and possibilities as well as well buried traumas that actually happened within past lives (as I describe becoming aware of here).

For those into Astral projection you can probably access the records in that ‘state’ again if you hold to that intention. There are guided meditations on different web sites that you could try and of course if you want to take short cuts then there are Akashic record readers who can access on your behalf and I’ve read about some ‘hypnotherapist’ types that can help you do this for yourself too.

Time, Effort & Personal Training to Enter or Access the Akashic Records may be Required

Being a subtle energetic being interfaced to a physical body presentation we are all used to having our ‘subtle senses’ orientated toward and locked onto the physical. For many people it can take time and practice to learn to disengage from the physical and to re-orientate their attention to their inner subtle senses, sensitivities and perceptions. Learning to do this will over time allow you to engage with none physical aspects of reality and ourselves.

There is nothing magical or mystical about this although many people are amazingly convinced that they are not only ‘just’ physical but that they only have one life too.

As a scientist type by profession myself then I’d have to say if I can do this then the rest of you really don’t have any excuse BUT like me it might take you years to disengage from popular rational but medieval beliefs and ideas that often keep people stuck in very limited head spaces.

Accessing Akashic Records using Meditation and Dreams

In some cases people have been know to access the Akashic records through dreams and via meditation.

The Akashic Records as the ‘Data’ of the Experiences of Simulated People living in a Simulation Project

For anyone ‘REALLY’ interested in the ‘Akashic’ records then it shouldn’t take much thinking at all to realize that there is something SERIOUSLY bizarre ‘IF’ your reality is automatically not only saving all of your entire life experiences for all of your past lives as ‘records’ in a ‘filing’ system, BUT that you are then allowed to have access to these files/stored records yourself.

Are you aware that no ‘REAL’ reality would be able do this (present your with entire records or your entire past history), only a reality that defines and handles ‘reality’ as data could offer it’s then VERY LIKELY ‘SOFTWARE’ defined residents the opportunity to access their own ‘data’ records.

In other words, the ‘fact’ that people can and do access the Akashic records is actually very serious evidence all on it’s own that we are living in some type of artificial reality.

What specific type of artificial reality would this be? How could you find out?

Well, perhaps you didn’t know that all the following ‘new age’, alleged ‘spiritual’ sayings are all absolutely correct and true if we are copied/duplicated people living in a copied reality all focused on what is happening on a single planet called ‘Earth’?

Basically, if we are are each a copied/duplicated person living an already pre-defined duplicated life of someone else . . . then very strangely, the following sayings would all then be pretty correct/accurate!!!!

  1. Earth Represents Everyone and Everything
  2. There Is Nothing New in ALL OF CREATION
  3. Earth is the Centre of Everything
  4. ALL the World is a Stage and We are each Actors on that Stage
  5. Everything is ‘Perfectly’ Unfolding
  6. Everyone is Living Exactly what is Right and ‘Perfectly’ Relevant for Themselves
  7. Each Person’s Experiences & Understandings are ALL Equally Valid (because they are important only in that they all always of someone else’s experience)
  8. We are all interconnected and EVERYTHING is interconnected and interdependent of everything and everyone in all of Creation
  9. Everything here is an illusion
  10. All Paths Lead to the Same Place (i.e. to the objectives/conclusion of the duplicated simulation project)

In other words, the above sayings are all evidence that we are in someone’s ‘simulation project AND that the Akashic records are the data records that the simulation saves and stores on each person it is defining within the simulation.

Becoming Aware of & Accessing the Akashic Records as the Data Files of Simulated People?

The following pages are the first pages of an entire series explaining the above sayings in detail, leaving you in no doubt that you are a software defined person living in a simulation . . . ‘SERIOUSLY’ how else would it be possible to access detailed ‘records’ of your past experiences, perhaps including of past lives (as I’ve described doing myself on this page here)

Series tag line: Why the ‘Spiritual’ sayings of our new age population are correct if they were describing accurately copied people living in a copied duplicated reality?”

  1. An Exploration of the True Nature of Reality from a New Age Perspective
  2. Could New Age Spiritual Truths Describing our Reality have a Rational Basis?
  3. How to Evaluate New Age Sayings with respect to Alternate Reality Possibilities
  4. How to Evaluate the Characteristics of a Simulated Reality to Appraise Spiritual Truths

The above, however begs the question as to why the new age people in particular are extensively using saying that describe our reality as someone simulation project? A bit of thinking reveals that this can only be the case if the new age people are simulating a population that supported and followed the building of the simulation we are in . . . this is entirely ‘logical’ because of we are copies of people somewhere else then we ‘WILL’ absolutely be simulating people that where involved in this project. For pages of a series that lays this out in logical detail then read the pages below are the first few from this series:

Series tag line: Evidence that our new age population are simulating the Supporters of a ‘simulated’ Copied Reality project.”

  1. What are the Origins of the New Age People? Who do the New Age People Represent?
  2. What Advanced Technologies would those that Built our Simulation Have?
  3. Describing the VR Experiences of a New Age  Earth Simulation Project Supporter

Have any of you wondered what they ‘ascension’ event is actually REALLY about or why it’s ‘obviously’ not actually manifesting here (there are VERY logical reasons as to why a simulated sub population would expect big changes THAT DON’T HAPPEN IN THE SIMULATION). To become enlightened about these areas then read this page: The New Age Movements Hidden Origins, History & Agenda Revealed & Described in Detail.

Akashic Record Training, Attunement’s, Workshops, Readings, Meditations, Consultations – More Details

There are plenty of web sites offering reading and meditations and so on. I’ve given a quick list below, I’ve no idea how good they are;

Akashic records workshops HERE.
Akashic records meditation (for sale) HERE.
Akashic record and soul profile reading HERE.

Although they are a bit too ‘lightworkerie’ for me as it seems to me you’re likely to be assigned a spiritual mission or some soul purpose to keep you occupied (I write more on these areas in a later page) . . . but each to their own, you have been warned.

For understandings about the between lives times and what happens during these as well as of recorded future lives then read the next page . . .

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