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"Mandela Effect Anomalous Memories Investigation: This 18 page series (full list here) uses my own Walkers Crisps Mandela Effect experience to demonstrate how discussions of ANY/ALL Mandela Effect Experiences are all themselves consistently anomalous, specifically because essential/basic/important information relevant/central/critical to the 'ANOMALIES/EXPERIENCES' being discussed aren't even mentioned. In contrast, this series examines/evaluates memory 'composition' as well as important memory recall factors (feelings, emotions, internal states, inner sensations & awareness's (plus senses)) in attempts to not only 'highlight' these discussion anomalies while simultaneously providing comprehensive evaluation and analysis of the Mandela Effect memory anomalies, while even mentioning other apparently 'invisible/impossible to become aware of' memory anomalies too!!!"

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PREAMBLE TO THIS PAGE: After writing the latter ‘Plato’s Allegory of the Cave writings/Matrix reality comparison’ part on the previous page I then spent time reviewing/pondering upon and gradually extending this by going into way, way more detail with respect to the actual intimate ‘workings/details’ of the fake ‘Matrix’ reality type and particularly in terms of the complexity of the reality defining/generating software/logic, which over time gradually had myself becoming way more aware in intimate/detail terms of how the external environment of a ‘Matrix’ type reality would actually be constructed and ‘rendered’ and particularly with respect to the sensory/perceptual/feeling and inner states of each individual that is interfaced into/imprisoned within this ‘system’. In becoming more and more aware of how a matrix reality system would actually pre-define and then construct each individuals ‘external’ reality (rendered perceptual frame by perceptual frame through time) from a personal to each individual’s perceptual/sensory view point/perspective then this had me becoming aware of even more ‘plausible’ ‘Matrix’ reality evidence that previously I’d not simply not been allowed to become aware of!!!

On a previous page I explained in detail some of the deducible/predictable problems of interfacing individuals from a very large population of ‘BILLIONS’ (i.e. equivalent to our own) that would have to be technology advanced enough even just to contemplate interfacing billions of individuals from it’s own population many of whom would not only be well educated BUT they’d be some and perhaps many that were interfaced into the ‘Matrix’ reality whom had advanced neural implants of various types at least some of which will including details of their own ‘interfaced’ circumstances and or details of the original populations advanced technologies, never mind that it would be hard to keep an ‘operation/project’ of this scale hidden from the population and this would be absolutely impossible for those interfaced into it that actually helped design it and or worked on any aspect of it!!!

Inherent UNAVOIDABLE Artificial Reality Design Problem: Designing and Interfacing a large population into a Matrix Reality will require advanced technologies, a population this advanced interfacing billions will very likely result in there being people interfaced into the Matrix that have neural implants, including some that will have details of advanced technologies as well some that include details of the Matrix reality project itself inclusive of design details as well as perhaps stored old news reports of it’s progress!!! In an exceptionally large population it is likely to be impossible to check for and eliminate all of these possibilities and particularly so when individuals and or groups are ACTIVELY against the project and would then predict scans/efforts to nullify detection of specific implants or well hidden perhaps dormant alternate versions of the same that will only activate ‘between’ scans.

It’s also predictable that to pre-empt and counteract the potential for ‘advanced technology’ know how/knowledge being presented within the newly interfaced population, that the designers would very likely render their newly interfaced population into a pre technology ‘primitive’ culture/external environment circumstances!!! This would be done, because this would make it exceptionally difficult for anyone to be understood/comprehended whom attempted to describe/explain, their populations “two bodies interfaced together circumstances’ to anyone/others during these technologically primitive earlier historical times . . .

In this respect, if an individual in our technology ‘primitive’ historical past, actually ‘did’ became aware of this two bodies interfaced together Matrix type of artificial reality possibility, then just how would they convey this in ‘simple’ none technological terms/concepts/language to others in the population?

Also, as I’ve already explained multiple times on previous pages, please NOTE that:

A ‘FAKE’ Reality Will ‘Absolutely’ Implement Security Measures: Absolutely any reality that is just pretending to be ‘real’ such that it’s NOT BEEN DISCLOSED/BEEN MADE CLEAR TO IT’S OCCUPANTS will likely make a big effort to keep STARK/BLATANT descriptions of itself and particularly descriptions of IT’S BASE TWO BODIES INTERFACED TOGETHER CHARACTERISTICS that one can predict will ‘likely’ end up being presented/described within the fake realities historically distant/low technology past AS OBSCURED AS POSSIBLE. Basically, ‘ANYTHING’ in our past describing/attempting to describe details/facets of the ‘MATRIX’ two bodies interfaced together equivalent circumstances/situation you can ‘predict’ will be subjected to external ‘managing/interfering’ efforts to keep such details as obscured/miss-represented as well as ‘miss interpreted’ as possible!!!

So, here are some questions/angles for you to ponder upon . . .

  1. How would someone living say 2000+ years ago, go about trying and explain to others that they are essentially equivalent to a ‘shadow puppet’ and that their reality/what they sense/perceive as their external environment are nothing more than a sensory and perceptual construct (perhaps equivalent to viewing shadows flickering on a wall)?
  2. How would they explain to others that what they see and identify as ‘themselves’ (as well as others and also EVERYTHING ELSE) is all nothing more than a ‘projection’ of sensory information, a pre-defined sensory/perceptual construct?
  3. How would you even begin to convey to others that what we identify as ‘OURSELVES/WHO WE ARE/THIS HUMAN FIGURE’ is actually ‘something’ that is being seamlessly/invisibly/magically ‘animated’ by an invisible remote form/being that is actually present within a separate reality/dimension and it’s ‘this’ form that represents OUR REAL SELF?

The bottom line, the million dollar question here is this:

“Are there any ancient writings/descriptions that if you weren’t being massively managed would easily be recognised as being accurate for a two bodies interfaced together scenario which are also perhaps ‘alluding’ to ourselves as being nothing more than a software defined remote vehicle living within a fake external VR generated reality being ‘animated’ by our actual real body which is lying on a slab/wired into a sealed pod somewhere else?”

Are you aware of any?

Did you watch the first ‘Matrix’ film?

Did you notice the highly technical as well as ‘industrial/massive warehouse scale regimented/automated operation’ that would be required to ‘store/handle/look after’ the real/actual ‘bodies’ of a very large population all of whom are being interfaced into a virtual ‘FAKE’ world/reality?

Have a look at the easily observed ‘depiction’ of this as it was presented within the first ‘Matrix’ film . . . it’s on the right here!!!!

An ‘Undisclosed’ Matrix Reality is one that is Reliant Upon Abducted, Incarcerated ‘Prisoners’ for it’s ‘Population’

So, in the Matrix two bodies interfaced together type of reality (as depicted in the Matrix film) you have the ‘real’ bodies of many, many individuals, whom unknown to themselves are trapped/imprisoned/sealed within a life support system/pod (which in environment terms I’d like to point out is strikingly similar to how it would be for a baby enclosed and ‘supported’ within a womb), within which interfacing cables are wired into many areas of their bodies neural/sensory system as part of having themselves interfaced into a VR reality which generates/projects themselves frame by flickering frame (through time) as a three dimensional VR avatar which is present/is living within a fake, entirely computer generated external ‘sensory’ world/environment.

Interestingly, one could then accurately describe the ‘Matrix’ reality generating system as generating/projecting a continuous 3 dimensional sensory ‘image’, initially made of full spectrum sensory data all of which would attempt to represent/present the sensory information that most accurately represents themselves, their body, their internal states as well as everything within the entire external reality, via all of this sensory information being fed directly into themselves/each person via their neural interfacing!!!

Neither Neo nor the larger population of the Matrix have been made ‘definitively/officially’ aware of their ‘real’ situation, that they each have a real body sealed in a life support pod ‘somewhere’ which is seamlessly interfaced to a computer ‘matrix’ system generated remote proxy avatar which ‘represents’ themselves and which they falsely identify as ‘themselves’ while they live within an entirely computer generated/constructed external reality/world!!!!

So, if you/yourself, the ‘form/person’ that is reading this now inclusive of your perceived/sensed/felt ‘body’ as well as your external environment are all nothing more than a sensory projection, a very detailed perceptual/sensory ‘construct’ then this means that the screen you are reading this on and the letters and the words these make up doesn’t ‘really’ exist, they only exists as a personal to yourself full spectrum sensory/perceptual construct/projection . . . basically, all of the sensory signals/impulses as ‘input/feeds’ into yourself/your pod housed/imprisoned body is all pre-defined/pre-calculated by the matrix super computer/system so that all of your sensory/perceptual/feeling information is fed into your real body/self via it’s bodies senses/nervous system via the interfacing that are wired/plugged into your pod stored/trapped ‘real’ body.

In other words all of what you sense/perceive/feel and or are ‘aware of’ would all be being ‘fed’ as predefined sensations (generated by the Matrix system) via interfacing cables into each of your senses, the feeling/emotional aspects of yourself as well as the brain of your essentially inert ‘real’ body, which coincidentally, isn’t the one that you’d identify with as being ‘YOURSELF’!!!!

Do you remember the spoon bending scene in the Matrix Film?

This is the scene where the kid monk tells Neo that the spoon (as well as all external objects/items/people etc etc . . . ) don’t actually ‘REALLY’ exist at all, we have explained to ourselves that these/the entire external reality/our external perceptions are nothing more than a sensory/sense only ‘projection’ constructed via input/impulses fed into our pod imprisoned bodies real senses via neural interfacing that have been calculated/generated/fed to ourselves entirely by a computer system as part of creating/manifesting/’projecting’ the external ‘consensus’ reality.

A Matrix Reality, in a Fundamental Sense is Equivalent to a Shared Perceptual Construct/Illusion

Basically, in plain sight within the Matrix film (the spoon bending scene) you have an ‘EXPLICIT’ visual ‘example/demonstration’ of how the external reality of the Matrix Film is only ‘REAL’ in terms of the ‘SENSES & PERCEPTIONS’ the INPUT/OUTPUT SIGNALS that are fed directly into each specific individual that is wired into it!!!! It would then be quite accurate to state that the external reality ‘DOESN’T ACTUALLY ‘REALLY’ EXIST’ specifically because it’s nothing more than a personalised ‘sensory/perception’ construct, the external reality is nothing more than a sensory/perceptual ‘PROJECTION’!!!!

Do, I really ‘REALLY’ need to ‘explicitly’ point out here that it would be exceptionally easy for this specific type of immersive/individual to each person sensory generation system to generate sensory signals/inputs for absolutely any individual that ABSOLUTELY DON’T MATCH UP WITH CONSENSUS REALITY . . . and that this could be done AT ANY TIME . . . AND FOR ANYONE!!!

The other ‘stupidly obvious’ problem you’d have when interfacing a very large population whom were technologically very advanced is that it is somewhat guaranteed that at least some of your interfaced people will have neural ‘implants’ of various types, some of which will be designed to automatically activate under pre-defined conditions and to automatically feed information/images perhaps even sounds DIRECTLY into the senses and perceptions of your invisible ‘real’ body which of course will result in these people being subjected to all sorts of WEIRD ‘INTERNAL/PERSONAL TO THEMSELVES’ EXPERIENCES TOO!!!

Are you aware of any consistent/documented/researched experiences that absolutely ‘DO’ correlate with what I describe above, indicating that some and perhaps many people here actually do have neural implants integrated into their invisible body?

I’ve a page: Do you have/experience ‘Effects’ Suggestive of a Diary, Appointments & Events Scheduler Neural Implant Enhancement? for example, that provides extensive evidence that we have many people here whom have some type of diary/appointments/scheduler implant. However, there is an ‘ABUNDANCE’ of evidence for all sorts of neural implants presented within that 25+ article page series, within which there are pages offering exercises including: Human Implants Exploration EXERCISES-1+2: Accessing Eyesight/Vision Enhancement, GUI, Heads Up Displays, Controls & Options.

This is just one of a number of exercises offered within this series that facilitate people to attempt to directly engage with different neural implant types that they may have wired into their invisible ‘real’ body. The comments section of the EXERCISE 1+2 page for example are extensive as well as in some cases, ‘somewhat’ worrying, for example:

  1. “I start of seeing myself access a reading implant were I could translate and take in large amounts of words and instantly get there meaning just by looking at all the words in a flash.”
  2. “I felt many overlays/screens of which the ‘visual’ was just one. I also felt that each was a separate VR ‘space’ that i could interact with, jump ‘into’ and work with that and it would pilot my body with those specific ‘sense’ settings.”
  3. “I connected to a pair of sunglasses that serves as a high-tech version of a guide book. It has the following features:
    A: Interactive map — shows me the overview of a particular geographic area (city, town, theme park, etc.)
    B: Navigator — presumably for instructing users on how to arrive at a specific place from their current starting point. It includes warnings on how NOT to conduct myself in a specific area.
    C: Camera with audio-video recording capacities — take snapshots, audio, or video recordings of any scene I find interesting”
  4. “As i read your site and try to do this exercise, i get really tired very fast and want to turn away, i feel like a blanket of cords is on my body slowing pulling away all my energy to read and pay attention.”

Let me also remind you of the Matrix film scene where Neo is about to be ‘extracted/ejected’ from the system’ which would essentially require him to have all of the interfacing wired into his imprisoned forms body being gradually ‘disengaged’.

As this is happening, we also have descriptions of his input/output signals being tracked, and then while the extraction/de-coupling of himself is in progress we see (from his view point/perspective) how his external reality ‘degrades’ and becomes more and more malleable eventually resulting in himself merging and flowing into the mirror!!!

This scene makes us aware that the ‘external’ reality of the ‘Matrix’ is composed of NOTHING MORE THAN RENDERED ‘PERCEPTUAL’ DATA!!!!

We are also made aware within the film that Morpheus’s ship the Nebuchadnezzar is used as a station/platform to hack into the Matrix data system, which essentially has members of Morpheus’s crew interfacing into the Matrix data system which we also see at this time being represented by continuously flowing streams of ‘data’ being permanently displayed on the monitors within their ‘operations’ room and particularly when they are ‘jacked’ into the ‘Matrix’ reality via hacking into the Matrix data/computer system.

The use of the word ‘Matrix’ for the film to ‘represent’ this type of reality is also ‘interesting’ because ‘matrix’ in number/data terms suggests a ‘system’ that is involved in handling a vast amount of cross referenced/relational data!!!

Coincidentally, this is exactly what would be required/needed to calculate and pre-define all aspects of everything for each perceptual frame/full spectrum sensory ‘image’ which would all have to be pre-calculated with respect to each rendered individuals personal ‘sensory/perceptual’ viewpoint/perspective.

ARE THE ‘Thoughts/sensations convincing you that your ‘THOUGHTS/IDEAS/MEMORIES’ originate within your OBSERVABLE head’ A ‘MATRIX SYSTEM INDUCED’ DELUSION?

From the above, it is then obvious that for the Matrix ‘reality generating system’ each individuals ‘mind/thinking processes/thoughts’ will arise within and hence ‘originate’ from the real brain that is present within the real head of the real body that’s held captive ‘somewhere’ within a sealed pod. In this respect, the head/brain that is part of the external sensory/visual projection is then nothing more than the equivalent of an animated stage prop, it’s basically a ‘dummy’ head/brain that has to be rendered in enough detail in attempts to ‘represent’ the detail and functioning of a real brain. Let me make it clear/explicit, the ‘reality’ of the Matrix film results in each individual having two parallel heads one of which is real/it exists and it ‘originates’ all thinking processes and thoughts while the parallel remote ‘projected/perceptual’ version has to be rendered/constructed in enough detail (frame by quantum frame through time) so as to convince ‘observers/brain researchers’ that it originates these!!!

Do I really need to point out that in the same way that the interfaced into the Matrix version of Morpheus was caught and identified as being dangerous to the ‘Matrix’ system such that efforts were then made to backtrack via his interfacing in attempts to ‘hack’ into his ‘REAL’ head to get the information/codes that the agents of the Matrix wanted . . . which, worryingly implies that the same type of thing could be applied to yourself, just because you’re reading this exceptionally ‘worrying’ page!!!

Coincidentally!!!! . . . if we are living within a TWO HEADS INTERFACED TOGETHER ‘Matrix’ TYPE REALITY (where the obvious visible one is fake) then this page is not only likely to be the most worrying page on the entire internet, such that your fake head/body is likely to experience the most concerted persuasive managing efforts in attempts to sabotage/derail your reading/understanding of what is presented on this page!!!

Basically, everyone interfaced into the ‘Matrix’ would have their ‘real’ head/brain monitored and actions would be taken to monitor and track them as part of the systems efforts to become aware as quickly as possible of anything this person gets up to that may compromise or be dangerous to the fake ‘MATRIX’ reality ‘system’ and whatever it’s agenda is!!!!

Which, as a priority would include the system making efforts to try and prevent anyone within a Matrix reality system from being able to put together coherent point by point evidence particularly of the anomalies that with some modest as well as persistent thinking efforts one could expect/can deduce as being POSSIBLE/HIGHLY LIKELY if you/we are living within a two bodies interfaced together perceptual/sensory focused ‘Matrix’ type reality.

Hence within the Matrix film we see Neo specifically having applied to himself a tracker beacon.

Hence within our own Matrix system neither Prof. Bostrom nor any other academic (as far as I can find) have been able to define the base different ‘simulations/matrix’ reality variations AND give basic foundation/details about these!!!

Coincidentally, if you didn’t already have one of these ‘trackers’ you’ll likely be having the equivalent applied to yourself ‘now’ because your ‘still’ reading this very, very ‘dangerous’ page . . . haha . . .

Now, because I ‘DID’ define the different base simulation/matrix types (definitions are on this site in multiple places) and because I’ve personally experienced ‘A LOT’ of anomalies as well as many ‘consistent/recurring’ anomalous experiences all of which have gradually made myself very aware that the quaint/delusional idea that our reality is consistent and or is entirely ‘physical’ or even ‘real’ is all down to very ‘concerted’ Matrix interfaced ‘head managing’ efforts.

Only those that have had a LOT OF CONSISTENT ANOMALOUS EXPERIENCES would actually have the potential to eventually figure out the ‘configuration’ of reality that would most likely RESULT IN SOME OF THESE/MANY OF THESE HAPPENING, while also describing/listing the point by point circumstances/reasoning that results in some/many anomalies/anomalous experiences!!!

Let me point out yet more examples of the ‘differences’ there would be between a fake ‘perceptual’ Matrix type reality and a real one, while YET AGAIN pointing out the visible/observable logical ramifications/side effects that end up being a part of our recorded ‘NOTICED’ experience here?

For example, wouldn’t magically/instantly ‘manifesting’ any of the imprisoned pod trapped people ‘as a fully grown person’ into the remote, fake ‘perceptual/sensory’ reality be a bit of an obvious giveaway/clue that your reality isn’t functioning as expected and particularly in terms of how we imagine a real reality should generate/produce new/more people!!!!

In simple terms, a ‘Matrix’ reality would have to make an effort to synchronise the interfacing of each individual within your imprisoned pod housed population with a fetus developing within the womb of a female wouldn’t you? I should also point out that fluid filled womb of the mother would be suspiciously equivalent to the fluid filled sealed pod that each individual of the entire ‘real’ population is permanently sealed within!!!!

A Reality that is Entirely ‘Perception/Sense’ Based is likely to ‘ONLY’ Render/Manifest what is Perceived/Measured

Based on our own experience of designing simulations/computer models it is highly likely that this type of perceptual/sensory calculating/rendering system (in efforts to ‘LIMIT’ processing resources) is very, VERY likely to ONLY CALCULATE & OR THEN RENDER WHAT IS ACTUALLY GOING TO BE EITHER DIRECTLY PERCEIVED AND OR ‘MEASURED’!!!

In this respect, it is very likely to only perceptually include ‘detail’ that will either be: directly perceived and or indirectly or remotely ‘measured/monitored‘!!!

Do I ‘really’ have to explicitly point out is that this is ‘EXACTLY’ what happens at ‘quanta/quantum’ level in our own reality here!!!!

In an exclusively ‘perception/sense’ orientated reality a quanta will represent the smallest ‘perceptual/sensory’ detail/item that it is necessary/important to calculate/render for each ‘perceptual’ frame for each individual (either with respect to the current ‘now’ and or because of future factors (reading the measurements that were taken of circumstances that happened in the past (such as of listening to the recording of a microphone that was picking up the sounds of a cat in a sealed box – hahaha))).

In this respect it is highly unlikely that a cat in a closed box will be completely/fully rendered (although the noise of it’s movements, scratching, meowing will be), the full/entire cat simply won’t be fully rendered in greater or complete detail, not until the box is either opened and or efforts are made to indirectly monitor/measure/detect/get details of what is in the box!!!!

So, it’s ‘NOT’ a case of whether a cat is alive or dead it’s a case of whether the ‘MATRIX’, the perceptual calculating/rendering ‘system’ actually needs to ‘bother’ to calculate and or then actually render the entire cat/dog/the contents of your covered casserole, or the sound of a tree falling in a remote forest, when these (and or anything else) are ‘NOT’ actually part of your own actual ‘sensory/perceptual’ EXPERIENCE!!!!

Schrodinger’s Cat is either Fully Rendered, Partially Rendered (in sensory/perceptual terms) or Not Rendered At ALL!!!!

It is in fact highly likely that this type of SENSORY/PERCEPTUAL REALITY will have a lot of routines/sub analysing systems doing all sorts of pre-checks to determine exactly what needs to be calculated ‘IN DETAIL’ and in ‘WHAT LEVEL OF DETAIL’ and more importantly what actually ‘NEEDS’ TO BE CALCULATED AND OR RENDERED AT ALL!!!!

It is also highly probable that some of the real people ‘interfaced’ into your matrix (before they were interfaced into the Matrix) will have thought of these resource saving possibilities and or may even have helped develop components of the software that would analyse as well as select what would be rendered in what detail. Within the ‘Matrix’ the same people are likely to find themselves thinking about the same type of possibilities here. I.e. what would be necessary to render and what wouldn’t be!!!!

Here are some examples:

  1. Albert Einstein is reported to have asked his fellow physicist and friend Niels Bohr, (one of the founding fathers of quantum mechanics) whether he believed that ‘the moon does not exist if nobody is looking at it!!’
  2. The Indian Hindu saint of 8th century Sri Adisankara posed a similar question ‘If no one is seeing sky whether it will be blue?’
  3. In the magazine The Chautauquan, the question was put, ‘If a tree were to fall on an island where there were no human beings would there be any sound?’

It’s likely that a fair number of ‘real’ people involved in the design of a reality that is calculating and rendering ONLY what is sensed/perceived by ‘rendered’ people would end up asking these types of question.

Now, as I’ve already mentioned above, it should be pretty obvious that it would be exceptionally difficult to convey details of the above, that is of your population/everyone ‘being interfaced into a fake external ‘projected’ reality possibility’ inclusive of the base concepts/technicalities involved if this was being attempted by someone whom lived in our distant as well as ‘primitive’ historical past!!!!

Strangely, however, we do have some information presentations as well as consistent beliefs from 1000’s of years that are suspiciously consistent with both a fake external ‘sense’ driven reality as well as of information that is actually consistent with the base foundation scenario depicted within the Matrix film (i.e. as ourselves being an inert body held within a life support ‘pod’ being ‘seamlessly’ represented by a second body which is nothing more than a perceptual/sensory ‘projection’) . . .

Are you aware that our ‘language’ has been gradually changing over historical time spans? It’s exceptionally interesting, never mind ‘seriously’ revealing to track/become aware of how the ‘meaning’ of different words have changed.

For example ‘matrix’ in some ways is a very odd word to use as the defining/globalised ‘label/identifier’ with respect to a ‘Film’ that is representing/about a specific type of fake ‘perceptual’ reality. As I pointed out above, to myself ‘matrix’ as a word is pretty decent in terms of it representing: ‘a base/store of related data/complex associations of information’. I personally didn’t know of any other meanings associated with this word, until I found the Online Etymology Dictionary which often returns very interesting as well as exceptionally ‘REVEALING’ definitions/associations with respect to the ORIGINAL meaning of words in our distant historical past.

Do Earlier Language Word Meaning/Associations with ‘Matrix’ Suggest/Support a Matrix/Interfaced People type Reality?

While you are reading the below, keep in mind that the ‘Matrix’ of the ‘Matrix’ film is representing a reality that is of imprisoned people being forced to live a ‘perceptual/sensory’ life within a fake ‘projected’ external reality. In a foundation/baseline sense they are being fooled about themselves, who they ‘really’ are, their origins, their past as well as of the basis of their entire reality. The people in the Matrix don’t know their real circumstances, their ‘real’ origins, nor are they allowed to ‘really’ become aware of the real nature of their own reality.

Matrix word origins: late 14c., “uterus, womb,” from Old French matrice “womb, uterus,” from Latin matrix (genitive matricis) “pregnant animal,” in Late Latin “womb,” also “source, origin,” from mater (genitive matris) “mother” (see mother (n.1)). Sense of “place or medium where something is developed” is first recorded 1550s; sense of “embedding or enclosing mass” first recorded 1640s. Logical sense of “array of possible combinations of truth-values” is attested from 1914. As a verb from 1951.

COMMENT/S: How and when do you manifest any of your imprisoned pod held population into your ‘MATRIX’? Well, to keep the incarnated population fooled, they’d have to be presented as being born wouldn’t they!!! Which would require that they are rendered as being interfaced to a fetus/baby!!!! Which implies that pregnancy and the numbers of surviving babies (as in actually successful ‘births’ (interfaced individuals)) would have to be pre-determined, which somewhat implies that many/all factors related to when a woman becoming pregnant would perhaps also be pre-defined i.e. ‘MANIPULATED’. In this respect it’s not only possible, but LIKELY that ‘factors’ that would seriously disrupt the ‘baby’ production ‘scheduling and numbers’ would be minimised/controlled (such as being able to have a choice to ‘abort’ a fetus). Let me remind you that on a previous page I pointed out that there are entire books dedicated to describing the interfacing of a second body (that obviously exists in a parallel reality) to the unborn fetus/baby. This one for example: “Parenting Begins Before Conception: A Guide to Preparing Body, Mind and Spirit for you and your future child”.

Genitive word origins: late 14c., in reference to the grammatical case, from Old French genitif or directly from Latin (casus) genitivus “case expressing possession, source, or origin,” from genitivus “of or belonging to birth,” from genitus, past participle of gignere “to beget, produce” (from PIE root *gene- “give birth, beget,”

Possession word origins: mid-14c., “act or fact of possessing, a taking possession, occupation,” also “thing possessed, that which is possessed,” from Old French possession “fact of having … and holding; what is possessed;” also “demonic possession,” and directly from Latin possessionem (nominative possessio), noun of action from past participle stem of possidere “to possess” (see possess).

COMMENT/S: I find it exceptionally ‘interesting’ that ‘possession’ is connected to the source and or origins of ‘life’ while also being associated with an invisible ‘form/spirit’ type of possession!!! If I was a ‘TRUE’ sceptical type I’d have to be suspicious that our distant ancestors were aware that they were an independent form that was being ‘incarnated’ into the human form. I find it even more interesting that the earlier meaning of this word seems to have been ‘shifted’ over time so that it more and more represents ‘possession/possessions’ in terms of goods/chattel/ownership, because this would also be a fairly accurate as well as representative description of an imprisoned population that is being forcibly incarnated because they could easily be described as being the ‘possessions’ of those that originally had them trapped/imprisoned within a pod!!!!

Matriculare 1570s, “to admit a student to a college by enrolling his name on the register,” from Late Latin matriculatus, past participle of matriculare “to register,” from Latin matricula “public register,” diminutive of matrix (genitive matricis) “list, roll,” also “sources, womb” (see matrix). The connection of senses in the Latin word seems to be via confusion of Greek metra “womb” (from meter “mother;” see mother (n.1)) and an identical but different Greek word metra meaning “register, lot” (see meter (n.2)). Evidently Latin matrix was used to translate both, though it originally shared meaning with only one.

COMMENT/S: The above description is very interesting from a number of angles. For example, the ‘renderable’ population (at any given time) is ‘FIXED’, it’s pre-defined by the number of ‘people’ that are imprisoned/interfaced into the Matrix which means that you can only have so many people ‘born/incarnated’ at any one time. Which then begs the question as to just how predefined your actual ‘societies/cultures’ actually are. Isn’t it likely that the people that designed the Matrix and then kidnapped interfaced people into it in the first place would then ‘prioritise’ themselves as having a ‘significant’ place in the resulting society (if they chose to incarnate)!!!!

Establishment (n.) : late 15c., “settled arrangement,” also “income, property,” from establish + -ment. Meaning “established church” is from 1731; Sense of “place of business” is from 1832. Meaning “social matrix of ruling people and institutions” is attested occasionally from 1923, consistently from 1955.

COMMENT/S: OH dear, oh dear . . . . the above early language ‘matrix’ connections seems dreadfully suspicious to me!!!!

Did you know that Buddhism Describes our Reality as being Equivalent to a Shared Perceptual/Sensory Illusion a type of Dreamscape?

Did you know that many schools of Buddhism (whose origins can be traced back about 6000 years) consider perceived/external reality as literally ‘unreal’. There are various descriptions of this including the following:

“In a real sense, all the visions that we see in our lifetime are like a big dream. In this context, the term ‘vision/visions’ denotes not only visual perceptions, but appearances perceived through all senses, including sounds, smells, tastes and tactile sensations too.”

So, do we have people/anyone here that ‘claims’ to be able to bend spoons or ‘similar’? Wouldn’t it be taken as ‘suspicious’ if we did have anyone that appeared to do this?

Well, strangely we do, the most famous spoon bender is/was Uri Geller who was doing this well before the Matrix film was released, although others also seem to be able to do this. For example, the account/description here is well worth reading.

How could this be possible?

Well, based on what I’ve already pointed out above, inclusive of examples of people with ‘insider’ knowledge of what we are perhaps living within then it is of course entirely possible is Uri Geller is the external ‘sensory/projection’ representing someone that helped design and or test the ‘Shared Perceptual Reality System’ before he himself and others were permanently wired into what they helped design!!!! Isn’t it possible that someone whom helped design the external reality sensory ‘generator/projector’ system and whom therefore may be automatically recognised by the reality ‘generation/projection system’ as having ‘system administrator privileges’, may then find themselves able to ‘consciously’ access and adjust how some external ‘items’ are perceptually ‘rendered’?

How would any system ‘integrity monitoring’ components react to someone that was obviously doing ‘impossible/suspicious’ things? How would system ‘security’ agents (perhaps as designated/activated ‘Agent Smith’) go about ‘countering’ the resulting anomalies/impossible reality effects?

It’s perhaps highly ‘suspicious’ that pretty much all anomalous experiences/sightings in general as well as anyone exhibiting/claiming to have consistent anomalous abilities and or consistently anomalous perceptions and particularly when they make efforts/attempts to demonstrate these, are usually subjected to concerted campaigns/efforts against themselves, that are an indication that reality itself doesn’t appreciate having any of the numerous and highly diverse anomalies actually being consistently/repeatedly pointed out/seriously discussed/demonstrated here!!!

How to Convey Imprisoned/Interfaced DUAL/PARALLEL Body Matrix/Projected Reality Circumstances in Early Historical, Low Tech Times?

NOW, let me take this opportunity to remind you of what I pointed out on the previous page and above (just in case you’ve already forgotten), which is that those being interfaced (at least initially) will be from a very high technology, super computer grade culture because this is how advanced they’d have to be to actually build this. AND, in being this advanced it is very, very likely that they’d have memory implants, information/encyclopedia focused implants as well as implants of AI’s that are ‘experts’ in all sorts of things. It follows from this that it would actually be VERY LIKELY that ‘some’ of the interfaced population would figure out that they themselves (and everyone else here) are all actually of ‘real’ people interfaced into a fake reality in primitive times from a historical/technology sense such that they find themselves living in a pottery, spear and ‘fire’ grade era . . . so, how would someone in this ‘scenario’ convey to others that themselves/their entire population are actually all made up of ‘trapped/imprisoned’ people all of whom are interfaced into a fake/computer ‘generated/projected’ reality!!!!

How would someone/anyone go about trying to explain to others that everyone has an imprisoned/trapped body that is essentially seamlessly interfaced to and hence IDENTIFIES ITSELF AS a magically generated animated ‘puppet’ which is present/living within a parallel reality both of which are nothing more than a ‘projection’ a sensory/perceptual ‘construct’ . . . how would they go about attempting to explain this in primitive times to other ‘perceptual’ puppets?


Perhaps, in that they would have had ‘fire’ in these earlier times then ‘fire’ would have been used to convey/depict people living within a ‘trapped/imprisoned’ scenario, being used to generate/project animated ‘shadows’ flickering on a remote wall, inclusive of the ‘remote’ intelligences/systems contributing to generating the remote versions of themselves being kept out of sight/awareness (of themselves), perhaps being depicted as being behind themselves as a generating ‘light/energy/projecting’ source?

Coincidentally the following is from wikipedia and is of Plato’s ‘Allegory of the Cave‘:

“Plato has Socrates describe a group of people who have lived chained to the wall of a cave all of their lives, facing a blank wall. The people watch shadows projected on the wall from objects passing in front of a fire behind them, and give names to these shadows. The shadows are the prisoners’ reality. Socrates explains how the philosopher is like a prisoner who is freed from the cave and comes to understand that the shadows on the wall are not reality at all, for he can perceive the true form of reality rather than the manufactured reality that is the shadows seen by the prisoners. The inmates of this place do not even desire to leave their prison; for they know no better life.”

Is Plato’s ‘Allegory of the Cave’ an Attempt to Convey/Illustrate a Two Bodies Interfaced Together ‘Matrix Reality’ Scenario Using Low Technology Concepts perhaps to Illustrate ‘OUR OWN CIRCUMSTANCES HERE’!!!

It seems to me that the above description/interpretation is an exceptionally good effort attempting to convey how people here have been forcibly interfaced (i.e. CHAINED) into a Matrix reality.

From: ‘Great Dialogues of Plato’ (Warmington and Rouse, eds.) New York, Signet Classics: 1999. p. 316.

It seems to me that the above ‘diagram/representation’ could easily be representing forcible interfaced (represented by chains) as well as forcibly orientated/managed with respect to their senses/conceptions to perhaps a software defined ‘virtual’ physical reality (which has the ‘real’ subtle form being remotely ‘represented’ as nothing more than flickering shadows/outlines on a physical wall) all of which is being powered/driven by a HIGHER OUT OF REACH/UNTOUCHABLE HIGHER FREQUENCY POWER SOURCE which is being symbolically represented in physical terms as higher frequency ’emanations’ being translated as generated/represented in physical terms by a physical sun . . .

It also seems to me that there is a ‘REMARKABLE’ similarity in the presentation of the ‘prisoners’ in the illustration above when compared to the Matrix Film pods scene (that I presented at the top of this page)?

Did you actually consciously notice/become aware the similarities between them? I ask this, because it would be seriously odd if you hadn’t managed to noticeably ‘observe/become aware’ of this, specifically because the similarities between them are UNBELIEVABLY STRIKING!!!!

Let me quote a few passages from wikipedia pages which are focused on the ‘interpretation’ of Plato’s writings/ideas:

“Many Plato interpreters held that his writings contain passages with double meanings, called ‘allegories’ or ‘symbols,’ that give the dialogues layers of figurative meaning in addition to their usual literal meaning.”

“In the early modern period, classical scholarship rejected claims that Plato was an allegorist. After this rupture, the ancient followers of Plato who read the dialogues as sustained allegories were labelled ‘Neo-Platonists’ and regarded as an aberration.”

It seems to me that people closer to the time of when Plato lived whom were therefore closer to HOW PEOPLE WERE in those earlier times would have way more idea of the ‘real context / the original implied context’ of Plato’s writings compared to ‘HOW PEOPLE WERE/ARE NOW’ in much later times.

Coincidentally, allegorical interpretations started to be put forward about 400 years after the times that Plato lived, in which case if you think back to how our ‘perspectives’ and understandings of all sorts of things have changed JUST IN THE LAST COUPLE OF DECADES then it’s perhaps ludicrous that many, many centuries later it is specifically the ALLEGORIES that are focused on and reiterated even in times where the simulation argument and the Matrix films have spawned a massive interest in ‘artificial’ reality possibilities.

I personally also find it ‘exceptionally’ interesting that the chained people are all deliberately chained as well as DELIBERATELY ORIENTATED to the easily observed, perhaps entirely ‘fake’ perhaps software defined reality (which would be accurately described as the physical MATERIALISTIC one). In other words, the chained people in the cave appear to be being deliberately chained to have them orientated in ways to make it as difficult as possible for them to becoming aware of ‘their real origins/circumstances of their real body’ and or of ‘how reality actually REALLY is’.

A ‘Matrix’ reality as visibly depicted by the ‘Matrix’ films could ‘easily’ be said to represent a population of ‘prisoner’s because both their ‘visible’ body as well as the presentation of their ‘external’ reality are FAKE, BUT every effort is made to prevent them from BECOMING AWARE OF THIS. A ‘Matrix’ reality in a basic foundation sense has absolutely everyone having two bodies, an invisible/hidden real body plus a second visible ‘vehicle/avatar’ body, which could perhaps be accurately described as being a 3D shadow/representation rendered within the pre-defined external ‘fake’ reality.

The Matrix films themselves make it very clear that these ‘truths’ about the Matrix population that the body representing each person is nothing more than an avatar and that their external reality is FAKE are deliberately kept hidden from the entire population.

So, if our own ‘reality’ here is actually real, then given that the entire premise of the ‘Matrix’ artificial reality type is of a hidden ‘real’ body being interfaced to second visible, but fake body/avatar then you’d imagine that a search for descriptions relating to these base foundation characteristics/attributes of a Matrix type reality, as in:

‘Plato’s cave two bodies interfaced together Matrix reality’

. . . would be exceptionally common ‘everywhere’ rather than just returning a handful of pages . . .

Perhaps even more worrying is that I’ve never seen mentioned in any ‘Plato’s cave are we living within a matrix artificial reality’ comparison discussions that any ‘UNDISCLOSED’ fake reality would have both the MOTIVE as well as the ‘OPPORTUNITY’ to directly manipulate it’s residents . . . or even worse, . . . that it is ‘ABSOLUTELY’ MOST LIKELY TO MANIPULATE/MANAGE IT’S REALITIES RESIDENTS when they are discussing the possibility as to whether their reality is real or fake!!!

In other words Plato’s descriptions actually imply very strongly that the forcibly interfaced population is being automatically as well as aggressively managed/manipulated to make it as difficult as possible for them to become aware of their TRUE ‘FAKE’ REALITY CIRCUMSTANCES!!!


If it is, then perhaps it’s possible that there are other writings of Plato that attempt to describe some of the circumstances and or characteristics of the hidden/imprisoned body and or it’s relationship to the human form it is interfaced to?

Do Plato’s Views/Descriptions on Mind Body Dualism & Metempsychosis Directly Equate to an Imprisoned Interfaced Population?

Mind–body dualism, or mind–body duality: is a view in the philosophy of mind that mental phenomena are, in some respects, non-physical, or that the mind and body are distinct and separable. Thus, it encompasses a set of views about the relationship between mind and matter/physicality. A ‘dualist’ would oppose any theory that identifies the mind/mental functioning with the brain/as a physical mechanism.

Let me quote from a paragraph I wrote way above that accurately defined the two bodies interfaced together ‘circumstances’ with respect to peoples ‘heads/brains/mind’:

” . . . for the Matrix ‘reality generating system’ each individuals ‘mind/thinking processes/thoughts’ will arise within and hence ‘originate’ from the real brain that is present within the real head of the real body that’s held captive ‘somewhere’ within a sealed pod. In this respect, the head/brain that is part of the external sensory/visual projection is then nothing more than the equivalent of an animated stage prop, it’s basically a ‘dummy’ head/brain that has to be rendered in enough detail in attempts to ‘represent’ the detail and functioning of a real brain.”

In other words the arguments/beliefs presented by Plato that are now referred to as ‘dualism’ are ‘ACCURATE’ descriptions of a ‘two bodies/two heads’ Matrix type system which as I already described above would have to make an effort to ‘manage’ the population/brain investigators into believing that the rendered in sensory/perceptual terms only ‘fake/no more than a stage prop’ head is actually ‘real’!!!

Platonic Dualism: Just to clarify the above, Plato is identified as offering the first, oldest argument that one’s physical body and soul are separate entities (i.e. are separate independent bodies/forms) and that one lives on after the physical ones has died.

Again I should point out that two pages back in this series I listed a whole load of anomalies/anomalous experiences that are evidence of our imprisoned body being exceptionally long lived. In this respect if the physical body is SHORT LIVED then the de interfaced/disconnected real body form is then available to be re-interfaced to another fetus/new born to live a future life. The ‘evidence’ for reincarnation and past lives etc . . . etc . . . goes on and on . . . it should perhaps then come as a surprise to know that the next paragraph below describes yet more details of Plato’s writings also describing the ‘transmigration of the soul’ to a new body (as I point out below)!!!

Metempsychosis: Is a philosophical term in the Greek language referring to transmigration of the soul, especially its reincarnation (being moved/interfaced to a new physical body) after death. Generally, the term is derived from the context of ancient Greek philosophy. Hence for Plato, the soul was not dependent on the physical body, he seemed to ‘believe’ in metempsychosis, the migration of the soul to a new physical body/form. Plato considered ‘birth’ as representing a transmigration from one body to another.

Transmigration (n.): c. 1300, from Old French transmigracion “exile, diaspora (“to scatter, disperse”)” (13c.) and directly from Late Latin transmigrationem (nominative transmigratio) “change of country,” noun of action from past participle stem of Latin transmigrare “to wander, move, to migrate,” from trans “across, beyond; over” (see trans-) + migrare “to migrate” (see migration). Originally literal, in reference to the removal of the Jews into the Babylonian captivity; general sense of “passage from one place to another” is attested from late 14c.; sense of “passage of the soul after death into another body” first recorded 1590s.

Metempsychosis (n.): 1580s, “passing of the soul at death into another body,” from Late Latin metempsychosis, from Greek metempsychosis, from meta- “change” (see meta-) + empsykhoun “to put a soul into,” from en “in” + psyche “soul” (see psyche). Pythagorean word for transmigration of souls at death. Related: Metempsychose (v.), 1590s.

Under what circumstances could a body or even an entire population seemingly be ‘exiled’ all be made to migrate/move from one body and place to another? Perhaps ‘migrating’ is a realistic early description of being interfaced to a remote ‘physical’ body form while having your senses and perceptions re-orientated to an external ‘perceptual/sensory’ pre-defined rendered ‘reality’!!! Could this be a ‘realistic’ description of being imprisoned and then via being ‘interfaced’ you’re exiled to an external pre-defined ‘perceptual/sensory’ reality!!!!

It would seem to me that Plato considered the human form to be nothing more than a temporary remote vehicle which was only temporarily ‘occupied and driven’ (for the life span of the physical body form) by something from somewhere else.

Apparently it was also Plato’s view that the number of ‘souls’ was fixed. This ‘view’ would be very realistic for our ‘Matrix’ film imprisoned people scenario wouldn’t it? Where the number of ‘souls’ depends on the number of people imprisoned within a pod which would very likely be a fixed number at least at any particular point in time!!!

The extent of Plato’s belief in metempsychosis has been debated by some scholars in modern times. Marsilio Ficino (Platonic Theology 17.3–4), for one, argued that Plato’s references to metempsychosis were intended allegorically.

The ‘WONDERS’ of an ULTRA Fractionated/Compartmentalised Education & Research System That Generates EXPERTS in Absolutely ‘NOTHING’ SIGNIFICANT!!!

How much of what I’ve presented just on this page so far was common knowledge/known to yourself, including the ideas as well as the descriptions of a Matrix realities base functioning leading to extended in-depth details and supporting arguments all leading to a great crescendo of coherent difficult to argue against evidence?

Hove you seen anything presented elsewhere that is as comprehensive in it’s coverage, scale of subject matter and detail that is also inclusive of very many angles of ‘corroborating’ information/evidence some of which span millennia never mind the clarity of arguments that result?

It is highly likely to be a sad fact that most people reading this page (no matter now ‘educated’ they are) will be unfamiliar/ignorant of at least 80% of what I present/explain on this page.

Even more ‘bizarre’, I imagine that they’ll be some people reading this page that will automatically ‘NOT’ take it seriously because it’s not written by someone with a PHD (and this is despite that it’s written by someone with a scale/depth of knowledge that is likely orders of magnitude beyond (very likely) anyone with a PHD).

Why do you think that our education system turns out experts of such a small micro scale of ‘knowledge’ that none of them/not one is equipped to evaluate anything that includes information/details beyond the scope of their PHD. I worked in academia, I’ve my name on a not insignificant number of ‘HARD’ science papers, colleagues and my departments professor tried multiple times to persuade me to do a PHD. However in talking to the people around me whom had a PHD, whom were ‘doctors/professors’ very few of them could even begin to discuss never mind decently/coherently evaluate subject matter that was outside of their extremely limited ‘expertise’ area/domain.

Have a think about this as you read the below!!

Also, given all of the new as well as comprehensive ‘Matrix’ film/Matrix two bodies interfaced together artificial reality information and detail/clarification inclusive of the many different sections indicating an uncanny equivalence with many of the subjects covered by Plato, many of which you’re likely reading for the first time on this page, then how ‘rational’ would it be to only read this page ONCE before ‘really’ being sure that you’ve ‘got/understood’ even just some of the individual sections here never mind the overall ‘WHOLE’ never mind the STARK IMPLICATIONS OF IT ALL!!!!!

If you reading this are a philosophy student, then can you think of any other of Plato’s writings that also fit with the two bodies interfaced together scenario? Has Plato written anything else about early ‘humans’ or human body forms that absolutely cannot be correct with respect to our easily observed human form as we know it now?

Does Plato describe Characteristics of ‘Humans’ that absolutely cannot be correlated with our human form as we know it NOW?

Are there writings by Plato that perhaps describe some of the characteristics of the imprisoned invisible, perhaps subtle/soul form actually ‘REALLY’ represent ourselves because they are of the body that we cannot see/are not allowed to be directly aware of?

Whom would benefit from having a global education system that results in experts whom are expert is so little, such that they’re incapable of being able to properly evaluate pretty much anything at all of any subject/material that’s spans some or worse multiple knowledge areas?

Whom would benefit from an ultra compartmentalised education system? Other than the designers of a fake reality?

Coincidentally, from wikipedia, Plato’s ‘Theory of Forms‘ page we have:

“His theory of Forms or theory of Ideas is Plato’s argument that non-physical (but substantial) forms (or ideas) represent the most accurate reality.”

The descriptions make it clear that he’s attempting to describe some forms/beings that have characteristics which are exceptionally different/divergent compared to human here and as such may be more ‘accurate’ with respect to our real ‘imprisoned’ form while also perhaps describing some aspects of the ‘transformation’ of out REAL ORIGINATING CIRCUMSTANCES & THE CONVERSION OF OUR ORIGINAL BODY INTO THE ‘HUMAN’ FORM PRESENTED/RENDERED WITHIN AN INDEPENDENT FAKE PERCEPTUAL/SENSORY ‘REALITY’ . . .

In doing a search for: ‘Plato androgynous forms’ I get a lot of pages presenting different angles of information including the following extract from this page here.

Do Plato’s Androgynous Forms Represent the ‘Soul’ Body Form that is Imprisoned/Held within a ‘Matrix’ Type Pod?

In Plato’s Symposium, Aristophanes delivers his speech in the form of a myth.

Androgynous Humans Dividing? © Dr Tom Stockmann

“Once upon a time, there were three kinds of human beings: male, descended from the sun; female, descended from the earth; and androgynous, with both male and female elements, descended from the moon. Each human being was completely round, with four arms and fours legs, two identical faces on opposite sides of a head with four ears, and all else to match. They walked both forwards and backwards and ran by turning cartwheels on their eight limbs, moving in circles like their parents the planets.”

There is another page here, that points out all of the historical text instances which either directly or can be interpreted as describing the transition from an androgynous form to a two gendered human!!!

Some ‘interesting’ extracts from that page include . . .

Which has beings/gods above the ‘sky’ ascending and splitting splitting lower forms into two forms/halves . . .

“According to Aristophanes, there were three original genders, each globular in shape and four-footed: an all-male form, an all-female form, and a form that included both sexes. These humans were so large and powerful that they considered ascending into the sky to attack the gods. Because the strength and intelligence of these forms threatened the gods’ authority, Zeus and his divine cohorts split each of these forms into two halves.”

Interestingly, I’ve a worryingly long and DETAILED page (which is here) whose title is:

“Androgynous, Asexual Subtle Forms Interfaced to a Two Gendered Physical Body Will Present Anomalies Related to Gender & Explains & Validates Transgender Experiences”

Which ‘annoyingly’ rather then relying on the commonly presented elsewhere mindless drivel grade of ‘Matrix’ reality speculation, it systematically lays out in logical reasoning terms the evidence because of the presentation a multitude of anomalies here that the subtle form we are interfaced to is androgynous, i.e. that the subtle form doesn’t have a gender.

On that page I point out that androgynous beings in dividing asexually will then only produce TWINS OF THEMSELVES.

It’s perhaps possible that the very poorly educated wouldn’t be aware that ‘spiritual’ as well as ‘new age’ writings write abundantly about twins pretty much ALL THE TIME while hardly mentioning PARENTS AT ALL, never mind that all gender and transgender problems here are exactly what you’d get if you were incarnating a single none sexual androgynous form into a physical species that is two gendered . . . of course the appearance of ‘poorly educated’ could just be the deducible outcome of invisible management, keen to keep speculation of Matrix two bodies interfaced together consistently of a standard/quality reminiscent of ‘mindless drivel’!!!!

A ‘FAKE’ Reality Will ‘Absolutely’ Implement Security Measures: An example of which would be to have past information perhaps presenting ACCURATE DETAILS ABOUT REALITY being TRANSLATED / REINTERPRETED in later historical times into something way less dangerous/revealing/OBVIOUS, while also making sure that the allegorical interpretations are preferentially accepted by those whom perhaps shouldn’t be using the term ‘Philosopher’ to describe themselves!!!

I make the above ‘statement’ because it seems to me that the type of ‘philosopher’ that Plato is describing/referring to in his original description/context appears to be someone/people that had some awareness of and or whom may even have been able to directly access their ‘subtle’ form / the subtle environment whom would then perhaps in DIRECT EXPERIENCE TERMS be aware that our easily observed physical reality was not only NOT the ‘BASE’ reality/environment of our real selves BUT is actually way more limited (represented by a cave i.e. a space that is specifically limited/confining) while also describing it as being deliberately DECEPTIVE about its true nature and PARTICULARLY so with respect to the people LIVING WITHIN ITSELF!!!

Are there other angles of recorded/documented/readily available information that also consistently presenting terms that are consistently describing humans as androgynous rather that two gendered? Of course it is possible that the exceptionally poorly educated and specifically those employed to research nothing more than a tiny, tiny compartmentalised sub faction of pretty much sweet FA ‘ONLY’ would also be ignorant of these possibilities (as much as they are perhaps of what I pointed out above!!!).

What do Old English, as well as ANCIENT German, Latin & Greek words that refer to ‘PEOPLE/HUMANS’ have in Common? Any IDEAS?

Well, the commonality is that the words used to describe a person a ‘man/human/humankind’ all have a strong ‘androgynous’, we are the ‘same’ we are ‘one’ form elements!!!!

man (n.): Old English man, mann “human being, person (male or female); brave man, hero; servant, vassal” from Proto-Germanic ‘manwaz’ (source also of Old Saxon, Swedish, Dutch, Old High German man, German Mann, Old Norse maðr, Danish mand, Gothic manna “man”), from PIE root *man- (1) “man.”

Just in case you don’t ‘get’ this, then let me make this ‘CLEAR’!!! What the above is actually describing is that the word ‘MAN’ in earlier times DIDN’T REFER TO A MALE, it referred to an entire androgynous species, and or each individual within that entire androgynous population!!!

Homo, etymology: A clipping of words formed from Ancient Greek ὁμο- (homo-, “same”).

Latin, etymology: From earlier hemō, from Proto-Italic *hemō, from Proto-Indo-European *ǵʰm̥mṓ (“earthling”), from *dʰéǵʰōm (“earth”), whence Latin humus. Cognates include Old Lithuanian žmuõ (“man”), Gothic ???? (guma) and Old English guma (“man”).

homo- (1): before vowels hom-, word-forming element meaning “same, the same, equal, like” (opposed to hetero-), from Greek homos “one and the same,” also “belonging to two or more jointly,” from PIE *somo-, from root *sem- (1) “one; as one, together with.”

Greek “homo-” ( ὁμός ) means “same”: derives from the hypothetical Proto-Indo-European root *som- meaning “same”. In fact, the English word “same” comes from the same origin. This is the meaning of “homo-” in nearly all English words beginning with that prefix, for example, “homosexual” (same sex), “omogeneous” (of the same kind), “homogenize” (make the same), “homophone” (word that sounds the same as another word).

Latin homō (stem homin-) means “man” in the sense of “human being” (male or female): It derives from the hypothetical Proto-Indo-European *dʰǵʰm̥mō meaning something like “earthling”. It’s thought that the “-groom” suffix in English “bridegroom” comes ultimately from the same root. It gives us words in English mostly through the derived Latin adjective hūmānus (“pertaining to mankind”), hence “human” and “humanity”. There are also the modern Latin coinages “hominidae” (hence English “hominid”), “homo sapiens”, etc. as well as many words in the Romance languages: French “homme”, Italian “uomo”, Spanish “hombre”, etc.

Man also was in Old English used as an indefinite pronoun, “one, people, they”, also the use of ‘one’ as a pronoun, also possibly from homo:

One is a pronoun in the English language. It is a gender-neutral, indefinite pronoun, meaning roughly “a person”. For purposes of verb agreement it is a third-person singular pronoun, although it is sometimes used with first- or second-person reference. It is sometimes called an impersonal pronoun. It is more or less equivalent to the Scots ‘a body’, the French pronoun on, the German/Scandinavian man, and the Spanish uno. It has the possessive form one’s and the reflexive form oneself.

PLEASE NOTE: It’s not until the 1300’s that you start to have a differentiation into ‘distinct/separate’ genders . . .

c. 1300, gyrle “child, young person” (of either sex but most frequently of females), of unknown origin. One guess [OED] leans toward an unrecorded Old English *gyrele, from Proto-Germanic *gurwilon-, diminutive of *gurwjoz (apparently also represented by Low German gære “boy, girl,” Norwegian dialectal gorre, Swedish dialectal gurre “small child,” though the exact relationship, if any, between all these is obscure)!!!

Just in case you don’t ‘get’ what this section directly implies/means, then let me make this STARKLY ‘CLEAR’!!!

Early Humans are Well, Described & Comprehensively Documented as being Androgynous (Neither Male nor Female)

What all of the information above is actually describing/pointing out/making clear is that the word ‘MAN’ in earlier historical times DIDN’T REFER TO A MALE/MALES/FEMALE OR FEMALES, it refereed to ALL HUMANS AS A SINGLE ENTIRE ANDROGYNOUS/NONE GENDERED SPECIES (there were neither males nor females). So ‘early’ humans or perhaps more ‘accurately’ the form/body ‘representing’ humans before they were all interfaced to one of two separate individually gendered male or female body forms were all of one single ‘androgynous’ none sexually differentiated body!!!


Because, ‘again’ you’d imagine that anything this STARKLY ANOMALOUS would be commonly known about because this is so UTTERLY bizarre!!!!

In reading what has been presented on this page so far, have you managed to figure out one the SERIOUSLY WORRYING base fundamental possibilities that having your entire external reality as being nothing more than a sensory projection would allow/offer to those that defined/designed this type of exclusively perceptual reality?

Are you aware that even at the present time we’ve research able to pin point and to actually alter very specific memories?

In which case isn’t it likely that a culture advanced enough to build this type of Matrix perceptual reality (inclusive of 7 billion people) would be able to do the same? Perhaps, they’d be advanced enough be able to alter peoples memories more accurately and more seamlessly compared to our abilities to do this now?

In which case, it then doesn’t take much more ‘thinking’ to realise that in a perceptual, entirely made up/pre defined external reality, not only could you easily edit and alter the information presented/written in past history times (as well as in current academic text books), BUT it’s actually very likely that the Matrix designers would do this and particularly to prevent the Matrix population from definitively realising that they are prisoners interfaced into a perceptual and sensory defined reality!!!

Compared to the grade of software required to define and generate an entire external perceptual reality, the effort needed to define software to identify, select and then alter any material/descriptions worrying with respect to the specific type artificial reality the population is actually living within would I’m sure be very easy!!!

So, it would be relatively easy to set up sub systems to appraise and to then if necessary ‘alter/rewrite’ past historical details so as to make certain writings and or details of certain writings as vague and or as interpretable in as many different ways as possible so as to make it as difficult as possible to definitively ‘prove’ WORRYING THINGS unless you put in a massive amount of concerted effort over a long period of time!!!

A Matrix Reality Can ‘Manifest/Alter’ Whatever it wants to Within the External Reality At ANY TIME?

Do, I need to point out that this is just one page of a 15+ page series (they average 5/6 A4 pages in length although this one is 30+ A4 pages long) pointing out all sorts of MEMORY anomalies inclusive of memories being OBVIOUSLY altered/changed (or that items in the external reality are being altered) not just for one or two people in the population BUT FOR MILLIONS OF PEOPLE!!!

Are you aware of this being the case? NO!!

Then perhaps this is yet more confirmation of an education, academic system that generates people that are exceptionally ignorant about pretty much everything.

Perhaps after reading the title/first paragraph above you’re a bit ‘sceptical’ about this ‘altering external reality/memories on the fly’ possibility? If you are, then unfortunately I’d have to question the quality/accuracy of your memories and or your ability to recall memories that are directly associated with what I’m writing about here?

Can you figure out why I’d be questioning your memories like this before you read the next line?

Can you?

It’s because you’ve very likely watched the first ‘Matrix’ film and as such you ‘should’ be INTIMATELY aware of the many, many scenes within this film which overall gave very many easily observed visual examples of many people/citizens of the Matrix each being visually ‘transformed’ IN PLAIN/VISIBLE SIGHT into an agent SMITH (this is shown happening to old men, scruffy down and outs as well as women), whom then seemingly also always magically manifest the same type of gun before they start shooting/fighting or both with THE PERSON THAT IS A DANGER/WHOM MAY EXPOSE THE MATRIX!!!!

How good are your memories of these scenes?

How much can you recall of them now?

How easy would it be to fade out memories that would be ‘useful’ in terms of you being aware of things that directly relate to WHAT YOU ARE IN THE PROCESS OF READING!!!!

As the matrix sensory/perceptual reality can transform entire people into agents smiths and this was amply demonstrated throughout the film I’d be a bit sceptical myself as to how you’d be a bit doubtful about this type of reality being able to alter your memories when it’s likely faded out your memories of some very obvious stark regularly presented visual anomalous happenings already!!!

Has it managed to fade out from your memories that this type of reality can present anything it wants externally, it can re-write books (or just alter single words (it could for example change kit-kat into kitkat)), it can change/alter items in films (visual or sound wise), it can even give you the impression (just to help you to more and more doubt your memories) that two colours of crisp packets have been swapped around.

Any/all of the above are very easily done within an external perceptual/sensory constructed reality!!!

I should also point out that before I wrote this specific ‘Mandela effect faulty memory’ focused series I already had many other pages/articles covering and or specifically focused on ‘memories’ on this site. This is because it doesn’t take long before it becomes pretty obvious that if you are living within one of the two most likely fake/artificial reality types then you are very, VERY likely to have anomalies/anomalous experiences associated with memories.

As such, I’ve a collection of pages deliberately written to improve my understanding of as well as the potential memory problems associated with a copied population being fairly accurately ‘simulated’. A duplicated population simulation will have each person ‘by and large’ living out someone else’s life here (yet another stupidly obvious line that you’d imagine academics would have thought about if they weren’t consistently presenting themselves as being mentally ‘frail’ with respect to all manner of realistic fake reality possibilities)!!!!

These earlier memory pages reveal all sorts of potential anomalies relating to memories (many of which we have) because you are simulating someone else and are being made to live out someone else’s life!!!! The starting page of a 4 page section within this ‘memory’ sub series can be found here: How many Different Memories of any Past Event may there be for a Simulated Copied Person?, although it also includes pages discussing ‘memory’ implant possibilities which start here: MEMORY: Eidetic & Photographic Memory Human Enhancement Implant Anomalies Discussed, within which there is yet another worrying exercise page: Human Implants Exploration EXERCISE-3: Engaging with Human Sensory & Memory Implant & Enhancements Technologies, the comments of which are not only exceptionally extensive but once again includes some that are ‘troubling’ and particularly so with respect to the aggressive payback because of readers wanting/attempting to do this exercise!!!

Some examples of these:

  1. “I am going to have to do this exercise again at a later time.. I can only get on your website at specific times and for short times or I get slammed really hard. While reading this I pretty much started to lose my focus, my head started to spin (still is) and its like I am unable to read it for real. Will try again soon.”
  2. “As i proceeded through the focus i am slightly light headed and my vision is ultra detailed which is how i get before any ‘interesting’ visual systems come online and start doing ‘stuff’. Generally the sim does stuff to stop me at this point. I feel more like a floating ‘head’ with a body dangling from it.”
  3. “Then I accessed a room filled with different databases of all the people I’ve ever known and met. If I meet someone who seems familiar to me, my memory implant scans the databases to see if I have really met the person before.”

High Quality Free Essay Material/Notes Covering Plato’s Ideas & Views On Reality

In writing about ‘Plato’ and doing web searches for Plato’s cave and other angles, I gradually became aware that Plato, as well as a handful of other ancient philosophers (Aristotle for example) are the focus of a lot of ‘standard’ essays set for philosophy students.

A search for ‘Plato essays’ somewhat ‘unbelievably’ returns 20.8 million pages on google, searches for ‘Plato Matrix essays’ return about 1.2 million and yet a specific search for ‘Plato matrix two bodies interfaced together’ for the most part only return pages written by myself.

It’s odd that the most defining/fundamental characteristics of the Matrix reality that are OBVIOUSLY different compared to a real reality, somehow, maybe ‘magically’ avoid being mentioned never mind used in essays discussing/comparing the Matrix two bodies interfaced together focused ‘Matrix’ film to various writing’s of Plato!!!

Although academics and scientists are no different in this respect. They, (including Prof. N Bostrom) all seem to discuss the simulation argument possibility from various angles while never ever actually managing to THINK that it might be a good idea to actually ‘define in detail’ exactly what it is that they are actually discussing.

On the contrary, all discussions (but particularly academic ones) about ‘anything’ connected to fake reality possibilities all seems to be approached/discussed in allegorical/symbolic terms, somewhat completely removed, displaced/disengaged from BASE FOUNDATION INFORMATION/FACTS!!!! Unfortunately, it’s even worse than this, in that none of them seem to notice that this is the case either, even when you point it out directly/explicitly!!!

An ‘Undisclosed’ FAKE/DESIGNED Reality will Prevent Residents From Compiling & Discussing their own Fake Realities BASE CHARACTERISTICS!!!

Unfortunately in being prevented from defining and discussing the base characteristics that relate to the specific fake reality type that they are living within then it’s perhaps not a surprise that the majority of current ‘modern’ philosophers have been made to automatically revert to the comforting as well as academically REASSURING ‘allegorical’ interpretations with respect to Plato’s cave and Matrix Film comparisons/discussions!!!!

For example, you are not made definitively aware that a Matrix sensory/perceptual reality could be quite creative/malleable with respect to it’s external sensory ‘constructions/renderings’ and particularly with respect to it’s visual presentations (including to dodge bullets as well a perhaps representing someone being symbolically gagged!!!!).

Hence I made a point of pointing out the highly visual transformations exhibited by individuals within the Matrix film whom have been press ganged into defending the Matrix (our own Agents Smiths sceptics/pseudo skeptics tasked with defending out own fake reality version are made to be less obvious as Agent Smiths within our own reality here).

Coincidentally in our current times an academic philosopher Thomas Nagel has been BRANDED A HERETIC by most other ‘philosopher/colleagues’ for writing the following book: Mind and Cosmos: Why the Materialist Neo-Darwinian Conception of Nature is Almost Certainly False which seems to imply that the monitoring system working to protect the Matrix two bodies interfaced together reality type from ‘ABSOLUTE’ discovery has managed to chain those whom can only be accurately described as pseudo philosophers such that their noses are now jammed right up against the wall of illusion itself!!!

A ‘FAKE’ Reality Will ‘Absolutely’ Implement Security Measures: A designed, ‘FAKE’ reality will ABSOLUTELY take steps to prevent awareness of, public descriptions of and more so discussions of absolutely ANY aspects of itself that are divergent from a real reality, including its conceptual origins, any facets of its design, its ‘structural’ make up and or functioning as well as any short medium and or long terms ‘maintenance’ requirements and or ‘ANYTHING ELSE’ that are not only DIFFERENT, compared to how a hypothetical ‘REAL’ reality is ‘somehow’ expected to be but which are ALSO very likely to ABSOLUTELY result in anomalous presentations within itself.

The designers of an undisclosed ‘Matrix’ Reality two bodies interfaced together fake reality wouldn’t want philosophers (nor anyone else) actually spending any time ‘PROPERLY’ THINKING about these possibilities would they?

Which would perhaps account for the none existent/missing foundation information such as two bodies interfaced together for a matrix artificial reality type never even being mentioned on Matrix Reality web pages (apart from mine ( never mind web sites presented by philosophers and or PROFESSORS OF PHILOSOPHY!!!

How is it possible that the most simplistic, basic/base, defining characteristics of a Matrix Reality are NEVER EVER mentioned on ‘Matrix/Simulation’ speculating web sites and particularly Nick Bostrom’s Simulation Argument web sites ‘Matrix’ page? Strangely, he also doesn’t list/describe the defining differences of an entirely simulated reality inclusive of ‘simulated’ people compared to a real reality either i.e. of a reality relying on the quality and robustness of it’s hardware, as well as of the expertise and ‘integrity/honesty’ of it’s likely ‘millions’ of software writers (I ‘DO’ do this on this site i.e. I’ve managed to avoid writing mindless drivel about ‘simulation argument’ possibilities too). This intro’ page here for example is what you’d expect in ‘QUALITY’ terms, and particularly if ‘hypothetically’ we are all living within a real reality this or something equivalent would have been offered/presented on Bostrom’s simulation argument web site BUT STRANGELY HASN’T BEEN.

If we are living within a copied/duplicated population type of simulation then we’d VERY LIKELY be simulating copies of the people whom designed what we are living within here, who’d then very likely ‘here’ use terms/descriptions to describe their/our reality in ways that would be suspiciously equivalent to what you’d expect of a copied reality. Worryingly I’ve written a whole series on these people which can be found starting here.

The Residents of a COPIED SIMULATED Population that Helped Design what they are Living Within ‘NOW’ Having to HIDE THEIR EXPERIENCES OF DESIGNING ‘IT’ Problem!!!

The same ‘copied simulation’ designing people, in that they’d have been designing our copied reality which would have included them rigorously/exhaustively testing different aspects of the software defined duplicated realities ‘functioning’ exclusively within an entirely VR generated workspace would then annoyingly have to make an effort to have these specific very ‘weird’ experiences translated into less worrying ones here and likely particularly into experiences that could be readily dismissed outright/explained ‘stupidly’ by categorising them as yet another variety/strain of one of the enormous numbers of alleged ‘human frailties’!!!

Unfortunately I’ve explained these translations/laid them all out in this series starting here, which because I ended up figuring out more and more anomalies then I extended it into a third series.

This third series explains that those involved in designing a copied duplicated simulation, i.e. a simulation that is about having each person ‘by and large’ live out someone else’s predefined life would require EXTENSIVE testing (to make sure they were getting everything done ‘correctly’) AND in that it’s easy to figure out that all of the design work and the testing would be done within a VR environment then you can PREDICT that these people would be simulated here as having many ‘ANOMALOUS EXPERIENCES’ all specifically related to themselves interfacing to a remote avatar and spending time monitoring and testing different VR scenarios for accuracy.

In that this will often be done in coordination with others as well as with ‘higher’ supervisors and perhaps even AI advisors then you are likely to find it extremely hard to translate these types of experiences in ‘none suspicious’ ways here and particularly within a technology slowed down version of the original reality that absolutely doesn’t have the same grade of technologies as the original environment.

Coincidentally with the right/appropriate basic/foundation information (rather than sweet FA) coupled with spending time THINKING ABOUT THESE POSSIBILITIES, you can then find yourself ‘predicting’ the types of experiences that the person they are simulating would have had within the original reality. At this point, you can then check and see if this population ‘by and large’ actually do have consistent as well as impossible/anomalous experiences that could be construed as ‘equating’ to these i.e. that would fit with my ‘VR environment testing scenario/assessment’.!!!

Coincidentally, the new age population DO HAVE THESE TYPES OF EXPERIENCES. For example, many of them ‘allegedly’ have ‘consistent’ communications with invisible/remote higher forms/advisor beings, they also have other very anomalous experiences (out of body experiences for example, remote information downloads (coincidentally, not massively dissimilar to the ‘downloads’ of information/experiences demonstrated/presented within the ‘Matrix’ film)) such that these types of experiences end up matching very well with what you’d expect if they are simulating someone that was a VR copied reality tester!!!

Within this third series, (which you can start to read here) are yet more ‘exercises’ designed to facilitate those using them to consciously access and become aware of various experiences that were/are part of the experiences of the person you are ‘simulating’ and or which are part of the experiences of the ‘Matrix’ subtle body form that perhaps helped design aspects of what you/we are living within now.

The bottom line is that ‘you’ here are defined by the experiences of either the person you are simulating and or the person you are interfaced to (or BOTH), hence, if you ‘consciously’ orientate to the experiences of the originating data/form of yourself (and particularly by targeting VERY SPECIFIC EXPERIENCES) then it’s possible that you will start to become aware of some of the original/hidden experiences of these/yourself. Unfortunately (for the entirely and OBVIOUSLY fake reality we are all living within), this turns out to very definitely be the case, judging by the extensive comments I got for most of these pages (the first set are equivalent to 30 pages of A4).

I should also point out that as described on this page: Advice on How to Improve Self Awareness & Memory Recall of Past Anomalous Experiences, describes how I started to orientate to and make daily efforts to become more and more sensitive to my inner states/sensations/awareness’s about 4 decades ago and as such have been steadily accumulating more and more OFF LIMITS details about myself since then including for example: Becoming Aware of the Long Term Negative Impact of Pre-Birth/Fetus Experiences/Traumas & Stresses, this increasing ‘sensitivity’ to myself became so acute that I spontaneously started to access past lives: Where are the Anomalous Memories of Ancient Past Lives, Held/Stored? after which I regularly accessed past lives to help give me more context with respect to factors influencing this current life from these past one!!!

It was from information within comments on the first exercise page that helped me write later pages of that series as well as of defining the other exercises to explore other EAAS (Earth As A Simulation) experience angles more directly!!!

  1. VR Experiences Investigation1: Engaging with EAAS VR Seminars, Talks, Healing, Therapy Demonstrations & Knowledge & Skills ‘Attunements/Downloads’
  2. VR Experiences Investigation2: Engaging with my VR Avatars, Avatar Design, Clothes Selection & Appearance & Particularly for Different VR Environments & Activities
  3. VR Experiences Investigation3: Engaging with VR Experiences of Sharing Avatars & of Avatar Possession, Entity Attachment Experience Possibilities
  4. VR Experiences Investigation4: Engaging with Specific Details of ANY Copied People Simulation Project VR Accuracy Checking Experiences

Many of the comments left by people working with these exercises gave me a way better understanding of the overall original circumstances of the copied simulation design ‘project’ that resulted in what we are living in now. Is it any wonder that I describe others writings about ‘simulation argument’ possibilities as MINDLESS DRIVEL, when they cannot even THINK well enough about these possibilities to actually become aware that they’ve not even DEFINED BASICS ‘ANY’ ABOUT WHAT THEY ARE ALLEGEDLY DISCUSSING!!!!

Beyond the above . . . there are still more pages to this series . . . which, as per usual are pointing out yet more things that pretty much everyone else seems to have missed!!!!


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