How Past Life Involvements & Past Experiences Limit Choices, Change & Diversity

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"Rivalry, Competition and Egotism Between all Group types. How group members beliefs, ideas, ideals & loyalties are managed by hidden subtle means preventing open evaluations & engagement of different conceptual frameworks, ideas & possibilities while limiting openness, change, freewill & diversity. Includes Self Exploration, Inner Awareness Exercises & Examples."

This sub section of this article series gives detailed background of all that different types of ‘group’ do in subtle energetic terms to bind their members to their group and to other members. What they do to prevent you leaving, the efforts they expend to ‘recover’ you if you do escape while also doing what they can to prevent you from getting involved in anything else.

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Group Bondage; Binding Spells Vows Pacts Oaths

Details how and when members are made bound to a group and the various ways this is done in subtle energetic terms with the use of binding spells as well as vows, oaths, pacts and so on. How cords and ties between group members and also members and their spirit guides also keep people bound to a group as well as how this all gets worse both with time and of how involved, seriously committed and further up the ‘group’ ladder you become.

How when you leave it’s VERY RARE for all this subtle energetic binding crap to be undone which makes it more likely you’ll be pulled back to the same group in a future life too.

Reuniting Past Life Group Members After Rebirth

How even death is often not a release as many groups in subtle energetic terms have entire departments set up to go looking for ‘lost’ or ‘escaped’ group members in future lives and if they find you then they make determined efforts to try and re-recruit you . . . quite often yet again.

Causes of Groups Internal Divisions and Splintering Factions?

What happens when people are very strongly bound to very specific beliefs, truths, ideas, understandings and ideals while they are ALSO made to be very LOYAL to their group. What happens when you are effectively prevented from considering alternatives outside of what you are already involved with? In groups where your thinking and beliefs are managed this well then the only ‘variations’ possible are in the ‘interpretations’ of your groups beliefs and assumptions. Hence some groups splinter into factions that still hold to the essential beliefs of the main original group while also sporting their own belief variations within that main theme.

Causes of Problems leaving a Group, Path or Way

In the previous sub series I described how groups often use subtle energetic means to prevent a member even becoming interested in anything outside of their own group and how they took actions to try and stop this and of stopping people leaving. Here I describe what I’ve found that some groups do if a group member does actually manage to leave. I give details and examples of the ‘hidden’ actions they take in attempts to either persuade ‘escapee’ members to return as well as of sometimes directly punishing them for leaving.

Freewill? An Open Choice? . . . you’re Kidding Right?

If you’ve been well involved in a group and then leave how difficult is it to get involved in something else? How difficult is it to do this particularly with something that has competing or worse opposing beliefs, understandings or ‘truths’ compared to your past involvement? Here I describe how much effort some past groups expend to prevent ex-members from becoming involved in something else, particularly something that directly competes with or worse is opposing of their own beliefs?

Insights into Group Dynamics & Members Thinking Management Effects

On this page I’ve included what a client wrote about his experiences with regards what I present within this entire section and how his understandings had changed as we’d cleared his past group influences. How it had taken a while before he was allowed to really think in more open ways. Reading this page may help you understand what I’m trying to present here because someone else is describing their experience engaging with these ‘difficult’ presentations.

How to Gain Spiritual Insights & Intuitive Wisdom

Why I’m taking a ‘provocative’ approach and attitude when I’m writing these pages and presenting the ‘scary’ information specifically to ‘sneakily’ gain even deeper and larger understandings about what is acting on all of us. How many of the people reading pages on this site are unknowingly actively helping me achieve this too . . .