Healing Energies Used for Negative Dark Ends

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"EXPOSED: How Regulated Initiations, Poor Quality Healing Systems, Useless Psychic Protection, False Karma & Fake Karmic Lords are part of a Spiritual Hierarchy Controlled Dark Forces Scare Agenda to Eradicate Subtle Senses & Abilities & Limit Healer Experience. How to Avoid Becoming a Passive, 'No Direct Experience' New Age Healer Drone."

This continues from the previous page where I describe the use of subtle energies to manipulate followers to engage sexually with the leader . . .

Why are most Healers Unaware of Negative Subtle Energy Use Possibilities?

What is the difference between a spiritual master that uses subtle energies and so-called ‘spiritual’ terminology and a ‘REVERED’ position to consciously or ‘otherwise’ manipulate to ‘sort of’ gain consent to have sex with someone, compared to someone whom encourages you to get drunk or drugged up to do the same?

Apart from the second being more ‘honest’ in a way?

Why are ‘light’ or ‘spiritual’ energies always assumed to be GOOD or that they will always be acting for the ‘good’?

Reiki Healing makes you feel Spiritual, Relaxing, Calm

Why is it that you can appreciate that you can go for a Reiki healing session and that subtle energies are directly used to MAKE YOU FEEL relaxed, peaceful, calm, balanced, good, spiritual and so on.

While on the other hand you cannot conceptually understand that it is as easy using subtle energies to manipulate how people feel and behave. That making people feel attracted to someone, feel special or privileged, be sexually turned on, deeply connected by using subtle energies is not difficult.

Using Reiki or any other type of subtle energies to negatively or unconsciously manipulate or control others would be EASY for some people never mind that your guides could be doing this on your behalf without you knowing. Just how difficult would it be for a so-called ‘master’ type to do this either from a subtle energetic technical point of view never mind in some cases from a zero integrity point of view.

But BUT Reiki Healing will only do good because my Reiki Master tells me so?


And this masters extensive experience of engaging with, poking around in and identifying negative and dark energies particularly those disguised as ‘light’ ones IS?


  • What subtle energetic initiations and connections do you reading this have from earlier lifetimes? Which healing or therapies have you been involved with in earlier lifetimes and how might they be limiting you now? For an understanding how you can be limited by past groups read this page HERE.
  • What are the qualities, purity, effectiveness and agenda of the healing energies from these past associations? For examples of checking out your healing energies read this page HERE and those than follow.
  • How good is your awareness and how perceptive are you of your past lives and the quality of the subtle energies you are unknowingly STILL connected to from them?
  • How much do you know about your spirit guides and in particular what beliefs and agenda’s they are operating to and therefore holding yourself to? For an example of how healing spirit guides can kill dead your ability to heal a particular issue read this page HERE. For an example of how past spiritual and healing guides can actually be responsible for your issues read HERE and there is another example HERE.
  • How many past life contracts to ‘serve’ you in particular ways are they still bound to? How many of these contracts might include serving you up attractive members of the opposite sex for your consumption or equally as bad stop you dead from having any involvement whatsoever with anyone perhaps because of some past life embarrassments?


How aware are you that both of the above examples of subtle energy effects is NO different to being MADE drunk or drugged.

Raising Awareness of Negative Healing & Spiritual Energies being used for Dark Ends

How come that hardly anyone reading this will have considered that so-called light, healing and spiritual subtle energies could EASILY be used in negative ways to effect feelings, behavior and mood at the very least.

How come hardly any of you are aware of your past life connections and how much influence those past connection might have on you now?

How come most of you are incapable of considering any of this even as a possibility particularly with respect to ‘disrespectful’ events relating to so-called ‘spiritual’, ‘healing’ or therapeutic masters and leaders?

How aware are you of all the different subtle energetic affiliations you made throughout your entire past history? Are you aware of how all ‘groups’ manage their members? I describe what they all do HERE.

How aware are you of different Hidden Subtle Healing Manipulation Possibilities?

It’s also quite likely that because of the rivalry between different paths that spiritual masters and path’s leaders would be seriously sabotaged by the unseen subtle energetic actions of spirit guides and spirit ‘help’ that represent other paths specifically to sully a rival’s reputation (as described HERE). I’ll guarantee that this will be true in many cases.

If so-called ‘masters’ are being influenced in such ways then why do they seem unaware of these sabotages or be unable to deal with them?

If you read this series of pages HERE then you will become aware of just how hard it is to detect hidden things and hence it’ll be almost 100% likely that so-called ‘masters’ won’t be able to detect very well hidden subtle energetic crap acting on them either.

In which case it’s very probable that they are missing loads of other subtle energetic influences acting on themselves, their path as a whole and their followers too.