How to Get the Worlds Strongest Most Effective & Secure Psychic Shields & Psychic Protection Barriers?

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"EXPOSED: How Regulated Initiations, Poor Quality Healing Systems, Useless Psychic Protection, False Karma & Fake Karmic Lords are part of a Spiritual Hierarchy Controlled Dark Forces Scare Agenda to Eradicate Subtle Senses & Abilities & Limit Healer Experience. How to Avoid Becoming a Passive, 'No Direct Experience' New Age Healer Drone."

To understand why the darkie subtle protection experts were a little fixated on their barriers being guaranteed as totally impregnable, then you have to understand the Spiritual Hierarchy’s dark agenda with regards the subtle protection they offer their ‘light’ followers.

As, I described a few pages back the Spiritual Hierarchy approved methods of dealing with entity attachments are to keep them away from the people they are attacking by using very strong subtle energetic barriers of protection?

In other words they are not actually dealing with what is responsible for entity forms being negative or attacking others at all.

Are they just dealing with negative entities in these ways because they are completely and utterly incompetent? Well actually no it’s not only because they are incompetent its way worse than this as I’ll explain now.

Why are you NOT issued with Super Strong Psychic Barriers of Protection by the Spiritual Hierarchy?

You see, you’d imagine that your Light Lords & Masters given as to how loving they try and persuade you they are that they’d issue anyone with super strength psychic protection barriers at the first sign of trouble.


If you’re a ‘good’ and compliant new age lightworker type completely going along with and believing all the new age ‘light show’ propaganda then this might happen. It’s more likely to happen if you’ve become a Shiny Beacon of Light New Age Celeb. Your reward will be to have you feeling really safe in a magical ‘light’ fantasy probably imagining that you must have raised your consciousness to such an amazingly high degree that you’ve left behind all the negative entity type ‘lower vibration’ things (sadly this will only be in your dreams).

Why you might need the Best Most Effective & Most Secure Psychic Shields?

On the other hand, if you are already causing them difficulties or if they even see you as a potential problem then they’ll make life interesting for you.

Depending on their ‘analysis’ of yourself they either won’t give you one of these super strong protection barriers at all or depending on the circumstances they might BUT they’d have a ‘management’ option to fiddle with the effectiveness of your now ‘not quite totally secure’ barrier.

You see, most of the time it serves their ‘dark forces terrorist’ agenda to make these barriers anything from a little porous to entities all the way through to wholly sieve like because this helps to keep particular healers, new age, subtly aware, spiritual types constantly invoking the low-grade ‘pretend’ psychic protection barriers.

As already mentioned these types of immediate ‘quick response’ psychic barriers coincidentally filter and depress subtle senses, perceptions and awareness’. In other words they are making us ourselves take actions that gradually have us becoming more and more subtle sensory disabled and shut down.

Why the more Subtly Aware & Sensitive will need more Psychic Protection

It’s a brilliant set up because the more ‘aware’ you are then the more porous they’ll make your super strong entity shield and then the more ‘entity and negative energy’ disturbances you’ll feel and then the more likely it is that you’ll invoke yet more quick fix style protection. Real ‘light’ colleagues will probably tell you that this is happening because you’re focusing on the ‘negative’ and or that you are attracting these things to yourself by your attitude or that you’re not trusting enough or not raising your energy enough. I’m sure that many in these circumstances will have to put up with a whole barrage of totally irritating and completely irrelevant and annoyingly wrong ‘light’ advice.

They won’t actually be able to contemplate the real reality because it is just too hideous.

Which is that your ‘negative’ circumstances are being well managed and deliberately maintained by so-called Divine Light Masters.

That this is being done for the following reasons;

  • That being in horrible extreme negative circumstances makes it very difficult to do anything else BUT function and survive. In other words these circumstances are managed to make it as unlikely as possible that you’ll ever be in a ‘space’ supportive of thinking, contemplating or conducive of subtly investigating your issues or their past origins particularly for real subtle causes. Particularly as attempting to do this provokes a divinely initiated shit storm on its own beyond what you are already dealing with (As I describe starting from this page HERE).
  • So that every crappy grade psychic protection barrier you put around yourself trying to ease ‘external’ energetic disturbances has you ever more slightly and imperceptibly degrading your own subtle senses, perceptions and awareness’.

Everyone using the ‘depressing senses’ protection will eventually be gifted with being less able to pick up entity or directed negative energy attacks. When you no longer have decently functioning subtle senses then you might even be gifted with a non porous barrier anyway because a happy light eater customer is more likely to give recommendations to others . . . don’t you know.

Being a Blazing Beacon of the Light, a New Age Celebrity

They are selling a very nice sounding ‘spiritual’ line with the promise of some fabled ascension event that will apparently have you magically living the life that you’ve always really wanted. You have to remember that they hold all the cards, they are in charge of this place. Anyone, that is completely swallowed up by their propaganda has a good chance of becoming a ‘Light Beacon’ a ‘New Age Celebrity’. It’s not that you’ve ‘really’ achieved anything to get there, you only get there if you’ve jumped through all of their light hoops. If you do make it, then you become their latest ‘glowing’ advertisement that helps them draw more potential ‘light’ people in.

If you fall for it, if you sell your soul to the crooked ‘light’ con artists then you’ll find yourself issued with a super strong non porous security barrier and you’ll be fitted with the now famous 500 MW Celeb Light implant transmission kit upgrade. While strangely you’ll still have entity attachments, they’re just well out of sight and your feel good ‘I’ve made it ‘spiritual’ state’ is entirely artificially achieved and managed. All of your negative issues are still there they’re just amazingly well blocked off, negated and or counteracted.

Sadly, the above is all entirely and absolutely true.

How to Get a Totally Secure Psychic Shield Guarantee Promises

All that I describe above was why Johnny Darko was making such a big fuss about his super secure grade of protection being guaranteed totally secure under all conditions. That’s because compared to so-called secure ‘light’ approved protection his actually is completely secure. Light masters are much more interested in having the majority of ‘light’ people feeling vulnerable and insecure so they invoke crappy ‘shutdown’ psychic protection.

I did mention in an earlier scary article series that it’s unlikely that you’d notice any degradation in your subtle senses within a single lifetime because you’re likely at the very worst to only experience a 2% subtle awareness erosion within an incarnation. This gradual degradation won’t be enough to notice (or it’ll conveniently be put down to old age) and you’d have to have amazing abilities to access past lives to appraise the differences in your abilities in past lives compared to now.

For full details of more ways that the long ‘not spiritual at all’ con artists use to persuade you to regularly use the ineffective crappy pretend protection then read the next few pages . . .