Sabotages Between Healing & Spiritual Factions

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You’ve probably noticed that many healing, therapy and spiritual groups have this tendency to fractionate.

They split off and even though the differences between one and the next is often harder to spot than one of those spot the differences picture cards these ‘separated’ groups tend to take it all a bit too seriously?


So, what do you think is OFTEN going on at ‘higher’ levels and in energy terms between fractionated or neighbouring groups whom in point of fact have more commonality between them than they do with ANY others outside of themselves? Any Ideas?

So, lets say that you have two ‘red nose’ therapy groups whom are both claiming that THEIR red noses are redder, more balanced, better looking and more spiritual than ANY others. Over time as things progress one of these groups puts together a project with the spiritual hierarchy to ‘promote’ their particular brand of ‘red nosiness’ during a particular phase of the spiritual cycle and to do this they also designate a few members of their group to be the leaders in this promotion. In our terms these leaders now have a spiritual mission a soul purpose and again energies and support will be helping and pushing them to make each of their missions a success.

Sabotages are COMMON between separated group factions

So, would it be a surprise to you then that three quarters of my clients whom have suffered spiritual mission sabotages have all being sabotaged not by some nasty un-spiritual demons for example or other groups well outside of what they are doing BUT rather by different factions of the same original group.

I am very serious about what I write here.

I initially dealt with 30-40 blocked missions of this type working with clients on the phone to figure out exactly how to address these. Because of these first directly experienced efforts, I then wrote a focusing protocol so that clients could address these areas on their own when we found they were being harassed by this type to neighbourly kick in the head group. As mentioned else where we RECORD everything. So, on each page in this section I’ll present the ‘statistics’ of what myself and my clients had to deal with. This will then give you some idea of JUST HOW PREVALENT all of the different types of sabotaged missions REALLY are.

The Hall of Shameful Accounts

In the last 4 years, 12 of my clients had affiliations with certain ‘factions’ of groups such as Reiki, Buddhism, Kinesiology, Christianity, Enlightenment Paths (YES really) and so on. The total number of such groups that attacked these clients during phases when they were dealing with these groups from their past was about 420, with individual clients it ranged from 3 all the way through to 60+. The number of group members as entities involved in these attacks was about 120,000. So, much for being neighbourly.

Overall, these next door neighbour sabotages account for about 30% of all we have dealt with. In some of these cases particularly with respect to certain attacking groups these sabotages caused an incredible amount of suffering as well as lots of self shut down.

What do neighbouring Spiritual & Healing paths target to sabotage?

The first choice is to sabotage the leaders and followers from living their ideals, beliefs or life way. The more abhorrent something is to a path then the more effort is made to compel people of that path to do the abhorrent thing. Some examples of things that we have found to be targeted;

  • To be aesthetic or to shun worldly goods.
  • To NOT reveal a ‘paths’ tools or practices.
  • Having rules about not drinking alcohol.
  • To NOT reveal a paths ‘secrets’; rituals, procedures, structure or agenda.
  • That you must be celibate or to not be sexually indulgent or of even having sexual thoughts at all.
  • Revere or respect the innocence of children.
  • To stay in control or to resist certain desires or impulses.
  • To not have sex before marriage.
  • To not make judgements but to respect others.
  • To trust or have faith in God or ‘Source’ or the ‘Divine’ . . . . .

It might be just those I’ve worked with but there is always a VERY strong correlation between what their commonest ‘path’ or ‘way’ has strongly advocated and the difficulties they have had aligning to these never mind feeling themselves compelled to go off in the opposite direction.

What a Path or Group most holds dear is most targeted

It’s ‘NOW’ not a surprise to me that what each path most holds as dear is often what is most violated while of course the greatest efforts are made to keep violations hidden. Like I say elsewhere when you understand the huge energetic weight determinedly holding people to their paths ideals, beliefs and rules such that they have little internal space to take on perspectives / beliefs that are outside these then you’re only left defending what you are made bound to at all costs because whatever ‘way’ it is, it is almost always considered ‘THE way’ by those involved with it. Science is as good an example of this as any other ‘way’.

As usual, extreme efforts are made to hide or justify violations to stated tenets, beliefs or assumptions both by the followers doing this as well as a ‘groups’ leaders dealing with these ‘violations’. Which means why this might be happening (in a larger sense) is never ever DEEPLY explored rather people are more likely to be labelled as weak or lacking in integrity and so on. They might be told to leave or they are moved to somewhere isolated or maybe punished in an attempt to ‘disappear’ or get rid of or ‘by some means’ address the immediate problem.

An example of this is of the long term, widespread and well publicized problem of catholic priests doing seriously unpriestly things . . . while their leaders make every effort to ignore and pretend these problems don’t exist.