How to gain Healing Senses, Perceptions & Abilities

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"EXPOSED: How Regulated Initiations, Poor Quality Healing Systems, Useless Psychic Protection, False Karma & Fake Karmic Lords are part of a Spiritual Hierarchy Controlled Dark Forces Scare Agenda to Eradicate Subtle Senses & Abilities & Limit Healer Experience. How to Avoid Becoming a Passive, 'No Direct Experience' New Age Healer Drone."

Quite a few pages on this site mention how we are in all ways being pushed to adopt the worst and lowest in qualities, values and ethics (I give an example of this HERE).

I also mention a couple of pages back HERE that the subtle energies we use are also being subjected to regulated ‘universal’ standards and qualities.

In other words what is common within this physical earth space here is also common in the subtle realities too.

What’s actually very uncommon is for anyone to be aware of this.

I’ve pages and pages here covering the huge variety of ways that we are all being managed by subtle energetic means AND how new age, spiritual, sensitive, caring, subtle types are being managed in particular.

I make it clear within many series here that this is not just being done in any isolated way but that what is being done is effecting everyone (no exceptions) and that many different types of diverse subtle energetic means are used that contribute to this.

Healers with beyond the norm Subtle Healing Senses, Perceptions or Abilities are at risk

I’ve mentioned a few times that the greatest effort is put into debilitating and managing those with better subtle senses, perceptions and abilities because it’s these very people whom are the ones most likely to become aware that they and ‘we’ are being managed by subtle means on a large-scale because they are the ones that are most likely to spot at least ‘something’ that is acting to do this.

You see they absolutely don’t want any healer to actually pro-actively use their subtle abilities to directly investigate negative issues directly and they particularly don’t want subtly competent people actually attempting to directly and deeply explore subtle realities for energetic causes.

The following pages give extensive details of all the different ways that I’ve so far identified. Below I give a summary of how starting and established healers and subtly aware people are targeted to limit their direct experience while various strategies are used to disable their subtle senses, perceptions and abilities.

Strategies to Erode, Disable or Shutdown Healers Senses, Perceptions, Subtle Skills & Abilities

I’ve already presented a few pages warning that ‘aware’ people’s abilities are being shutdown or otherwise eroded or blocked and how this is done in some cases.

Below and on the following pages I list other specific ways that people’s subtle abilities are eroded, debilitated or completely disabled?

  1. The first is done through direct instructions from the Spiritual Hierarchy themselves. During healing initiations people are checked out and those with beyond the norm subtle abilities will have these abilities disabled.
  2. The second is that psychic protection as offered by the Spiritual Hierarchy blocks and filters subtle senses and perceptions and other subtle abilities. The more you use ‘immediate’ psychic protection then the more you slowly erode you subtle senses and abilities. So, they try to encourage you to invoke psychic protection as often as possible to facilitate this agenda. They do this in a number of ways including;
    • They make sure the light media channeled sources include warnings and scare stories about so-called dark forces during which you are always encouraged to use protection as often as possible.
    • The do the same by trying to emotionally black mail you into using protection when ever you carry out a healing session.

Strategies to Prevent Healers Gaining Direct Involved Unique Healing Experience

They don’t want anyone directly and openly exploring the subtle realities because of the possibility that they’ll finding subtle things messing with us. Even worse they might then figure out that much of this is being done by the very beings and people we are made to think are lovingly falling over themselves to help and support us to ‘ascend’.

There are two angles targeting anyone whom makes a decision to become a healer because they are then directly presenting themselves as someone directly interested in engaging with the subtle realms to effect healing solutions.

Healers are Targeted for Special Attention as a Priority

In other words this is because a healer as someone potentially dealing with subtle ‘things’ is then most likely to become aware of ‘hidden’ subtle things.

  1. The first strategy they use to encourage as many healer types as possible to work in passive ways. Primarily this is by advising that they should get out of the way during a healing session and to let the ‘assumed’ intelligent universal healing energies do the work ‘professionally’ for themselves.
  2. The second way is to divert healers from gaining their own unique direct experience by subtly nudging them to work and train with established so-called advanced ‘healers of the light’. This results in capable, curious healers being trained to think and to look down pre-packaged lines for pre-packaged subtle things while using pre-packaged subtle solutions. In other words you’ve now been diverted onto a narrow gauge side line to deliberately keep your understandings and engagement with the subtle landscape and types of subtle energetic crap severely limited.

How to improve your Subtle & Healing Senses, Perceptions, Abilities, Skills and Experience?

Don’t fall for the passive, disengaged, new age drone healer lines. Don’t partake of initiations that disable you, that make you less aware, less able to engage with subtle realities.

Become skilled enough that you can avoid as much as possible using protection.

Because what I describe in this page most of you will;

  • Think is not right, not possible or downright crazy.
  • Feel is very scary or frightening.
  • Find it much easier and much more comfortable to dismiss and avoid.

Then the following 10 or so pages cover each of these areas and sub areas in very fine and very coherent detail. If you value your ‘soul’ then I’d advise that you read all of the following pages. To start click on the NextPage link below . . .