Different Strengths & Grades of Psychic Protection

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"EXPOSED: How Regulated Initiations, Poor Quality Healing Systems, Useless Psychic Protection, False Karma & Fake Karmic Lords are part of a Spiritual Hierarchy Controlled Dark Forces Scare Agenda to Eradicate Subtle Senses & Abilities & Limit Healer Experience. How to Avoid Becoming a Passive, 'No Direct Experience' New Age Healer Drone."

It should be obvious that different psychic barriers and shields will be of different grades and qualities particularly in terms of strength or effectiveness at keeping out negative energies and negative entities.

Also, this page is specifically about energetic ‘barriers’ of protection that are placed around yourself. I know there are plenty of other means used to attempt to prevent or ward off entity attacks or directed negative energies. You may for example use means to beam out energies to debilitate or weaken an entity attacker or means to indirectly persuade them that you are no threat, it’s not you they are after, that they should just go away. There will be a lot of different means other than barriers to dissuade and turn away attackers or potential attackers.

How Effective or Secure is Psychic Protection?

As you’ll find out below there are different grades and variations in terms of protective barriers and shields and how effective they are.

However, I’m only writing here about the specific options you have because you are a signed up member (aware or not that you are) of the new age, healing, ascension, lightworker, new spirituality ‘light’ club.

If you are part of the ‘light’ club then you will find yourself by and large only having available and only using the grades of energetic protection barriers that are approved of by the Divine Light Lords aka the Spiritual Hierarchy. These two grades are now described.

Low Grade ‘Just in Case’ Psychic Protection

The first they allow anyone to invoke and use with no restrictions because they don’t particularly keep out entities BUT they do help degrade subtle senses, perceptions and awareness’. This is why there is a constant light media barrage bestowing the virtues of ‘psychic protection’. They are happy for you to invoke such protection as often as possible for yourself (the more often the better from their point of view). I’d also imagine that they’d not be too fussy if you invoked such protection for others. The more these barriers are put up around greater numbers of people the happier the light lords will be.

High Quality Secure Psychic Protection for Imaginary Entity Solutions

As already explained a few pages back these bizarrely still don’t deal with entity attachment causes in the slightest BUT they give the great impression that they do. This grade they try to keep secret. Some big wig has to make the decision for one of these to be used because it’s their aim to have people regularly invoking the crappy quick fix protection grade because they’re very keen on us all having completely shut down subtle senses and abilities. Strangely enough it seems as if they themselves are only going to feel really secure and safe when they’ve managed to shut down the entire ‘aware’ population.

What about Unapproved, Illegal, Black Market Protection Barriers?

What!! . . . you mean, the protection barriers you can get from those darkie demon types if you ask nicely while managing to not run away screaming?

How did you hear about these?

You’ve not been mixing with ‘unapproved’ of spiritual dark forces types have you?

I was trying to get rid of what seemed like a super strength military grade psychic barrier from a client whom we’d figured out had past ‘darkie’ connections (just don’t tell anyone OK).

I’d spent a few minutes trying everything I knew so that we could start dismantling it. The barrier itself seemed almost impregnable but if you read much here then that’s just a red flag of encouragement to myself . . .



Fantastic . . .

Having given up on the sonic screw driver I was just about to try my Swiss knife can opener tool when an irate darkie looking being suddenly appeared . . .



He had the looks and the demure of a deranged Klingon with a Darth Vadar type voice. He stuck his face right up into mine.

“What you doing messing with our Protection Barrier?” . . . “All of our barriers are >> FULLY << guaranteed you know” . . .

It did turn out to be fully guaranteed.

That nothing would get past it and no one would be able to fiddle with it . . . and if they did . . . then apparently the entire Klingon fleet would turn up and try and give you a ‘singed’ hair Klingon style greeting. That’s the Klingon greeting where the only thing they’ll usually find left of you is bits of singed hair.

Anyway, fortunately they weren’t too sure about how to deal with me because it took about 10 minutes for me to stop laughing. It took a while to convince them that we were not unhappy at all with their protection barrier. That in fact the real problem was that it was way too good. As it was keeping away some dreadfully nasty negative entities that we were quite keen on having a quiet chat with?

Secure Totally Effective Guaranteed Psychic Protection

I eventually had to get the client to give them permission directly to remove the barrier which they then grudgingly did while still complaining and muttering on about guarantees a lot. But after watching to see how we dealt with the entities this reassured them that we knew what we were doing because well they DO guarantee that they keep their clients totally secure . . . under all conditions.

Now we have our very own hot line to ‘Johnny Darko’s Impregnable Protection Products & Services’ which has them promptly taking down barriers for us without any risk of ‘exciting’ singed hair events.

Good EH!!

Except I was a mite puzzled as to why they kept going on and on about the ‘Impregnable Barrier Guarantee’? Why would they be making a big fuss about the supreme guaranteed quality of their barriers? I mean!! Either such barriers do the job or they don’t?

Don’t THEY?

Psychic Protection For Dummies From Muppet’s

PLEASE NOTE: I’m not presenting this page suggesting you go looking for or worse actually ‘invite’ Johnny Darko types to make you feel secure in psychic protection terms. As darkie types are generally not impressed with those in charge of the new age ‘light show’ people (For reasons I make clear HERE) and also those that ‘blindly’ follow their ‘made up light stories’ then there is a reasonable chance they won’t be ‘right’ with yourself if you are one of the new age ‘light’ tribe (or even look as if you might be). What I’d recommend is that if you are having serious entity or negativity problems then petition the Lords of Karma Muppet’s directly and complain to them AND demand decent protection from themselves rather than the low grade pretend psychic protection rubbish they use to keep many of their followers insecure and fearful. While you’re there you could also ask them why on earth they use any protection at all as an entity solution when it doesn’t address the causes and just makes the problems worse for everyone. Then while they’re in shock reeling from that question ask how many of them are taking backhander’s from psychic protection industries or are actual acting consultants on behalf of the same . . . then to completely and utterly bamboozle them tell them you’ve documented proof of the ‘infamous’ abuse of position ‘poodle’ event . . . then run like hell . . .

If you manage to carry out the above ‘THEN’ you might get away with asking for decent protection from darkie types because then they’ll likely have some respect for you for doing this.

It took me a while to find out what the fuss was about in the guaranteed barriers of protection department and so fortunately it’ll just take a few minutes for you to find out the same by reading the next page which covers the hidden lightmare ‘dark’ side of barriers of psychic protection . . .