Subtle Energy & Healing Experiments & Experience

After a few months I was advised during a reading via a levitating robed monk that I would be healing in a different way, that it would involve working with some symbols. Two weeks later I had my first Reiki training weekend.

During the demonstration before the initiation my hands spontaneously started to channel. After this weekend I was channeling to myself for at least 6 hours each and every day to make the release of the fear from myself much easier. Often I would wake in a bad state at about 4 in the morning, and start doing this then. I would also work on myself in the evenings to help shift things too – a busy time.

The Drive to increase Healing Energy Channeling Capacity

I had the much criticized Essential Reiki book (Thank you Diane Stein for having the courage to step beyond the Reiki boundaries) and I was working with the second level symbols in the three months before my second initiation. What you must understand is that the only thing that I was interested in was working with myself in whatever way was necessary to bring my unbalanced state to a correct conclusion. Every time I activated energies and I mean EVERY time I always asked for stronger energies, at greater channeling rates to work to greater depths faster and more effectively. I was using crystals, boji stones and a subtle energy tool that amplified intent – ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING that would help me get my stuff shifted faster.

Some early Subtle Energetic Healing Energy Experiments

During the second Reiki initiation I was paired off with Elaine who became a good friend. We were given the symbols and I was temporarily puzzled to find myself being told that the book was wrong and that the symbols worked the other way around. Well, for myself when I had used this symbol (in the wrong way) I could feel an increase in channeling capacity of about double. The puzzling thing was that this also happened if I used the symbol the opposite way. In effect I could reverse them at will. This made me realize that the symbols were actually irrelevant if you are willing to provide your own focus and that they are simply a symbolic representation of a focus. So, if you believe what you are told then they will obviously work that way and on the other hand if you have a very strong will and enough belief in yourself then they are entirely unnecessary.

Early Distant or Absent Healing Experiments . . .

For the next few months Elaine and I worked with each other at a distance. As Elaine was interested in the energy work that I was developing she was using the first energy tool that I had developed and its manual. So we worked together to check out the Reiki information directly. You must also remember here that I am a scientist by training and have as such been taught to verify and to experiment.

Subtle Energy Experiments to Become Aware of Healing Targeted Through Time

We had been told that the energies would not be bounded by time, but would work equally well in the past or future. So, we set up experiments channeling energy forward in time as well as backwards to each other within defined (but unknown to the recipient) time periods.

So, for example I would channel to Elaine on Thursday for the energy to travel back in time to arrive the previous Monday at a specific time between 9 and 9.30. Elaine would be waiting to sense the energies. The time we felt them arrive turned out to always be exactly the time the other person had directed them to.

Beyond Subtle Energy Theory and useless Assumed Beliefs or Facts . . .

This took our understanding beyond theory or belief and into actually knowing it directly ourselves. There is an important difference here. If you do not do this experiment then you in yourself do not know this as a fact. You only know it as a belief. The first position means that you work more confidently and your effectiveness greatly increases while the second means that you are relying on beliefs and here say. In other words you’re taking things for granted without testing them.

Reiki Healing Energy Experiments targeting childhood through time

After doing this experiment for example we each worked to send energies to our childhood – age 0-2 for a week, age 3-6 for a week and so on. During each of phases this past focus resulted in lots shifting out of ourselves from these time periods.

Making Subtle Healing Energy Tools

I had been experimenting with energy tools before involving myself with Reiki. An energy tool is a physical device that either itself holds a range of energies or that acts as a reference point or portal to devices and or support and or energies resident in other dimensions. One tool that I was using was interesting as it would adjust its power rating over time as you got used to working with it – i.e. it had some intelligence. Always interested in pushing the edge I was working on trying to amplify its capacity. So, having analyzed the energy flow I made a device that would fit around it and amplify its effectiveness. This moved its rating from somewhere around 16 to about 45. Such a huge jump that as I fitted it my hand was shaking uncontrollably. When I discussed this with the maker of the original – he was amazed as the best level he had achieved himself at that time was 32.

Starting to design Subtle Healing Energy tools for REAL & DEEP healing

All the tools that I had looked at (including the one I was using) seemed very basic. Yes they dealt with healing and worked well on the physical level, but not much beyond that. The tool that I started with was unusual in that it amplified intent. I had already realized that intent was the foundation and basis of all energy work and that a strong and open intent was required to move fast in the most transforming direction. In fact intent, will and focus is the basis for everything that is manifested.