How do Psychic Protection Barriers Prevent Negative Entity Attacks?

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A few pages back I describe petitioning the Lords of Karma to stop me being presented with difficult entity attachments and then after doing this and getting into some quiet space I start to figure out enough to actually return and petition to have what I’d previously successfully asked for to be undone.

So, what was the real reason that they helped stop me from continuing to have direct experience of dealing with difficult entity attachments face to face?

Why am I Personally directly dealing with Negative Entity Attachments & Entity Attacks

Having time to think made me aware that I’d been mildly puzzled for a while that ‘I’ as in little old me all by myself was the one sitting and figuring out how to deal with every single one of these entities. My guides it seemed were being complete lazy b*$t@r#s whom just weren’t doing anything.

All they did was to act as gate keepers and they were (for the most part) controlling these entity encounters.

All of these entity attachments were real. They were all mine. I knew that from all the past life encounters I’d tracked down to understand ‘why’ I had a particular entity attachment.

But then I’d also read in many books and on many web sites that you just need to invite the cleansing violet flame or ‘similar’ or ask your spirit guides or in tough cases Archangel Michael and even nasty entities would be dealt with by these means.

Basically you call on various ‘spirit’ cleaners and they do this for you. That’s the impression you’re given.

So, why am I here doing all the work?

Well, it turned out that I was being left to do all the work because for some bizarre reason virtually no one had actually ever been dealing with entities directly and properly.

It’s taken me years to figure out what’s really going on with regards dealing with entity attachments.

How do Psychic Protection Barriers Help Against Negative Entity Attachments & Attacks?

It turns out that all the standard recommendations actually don’t properly ‘deal with negative entities’ at all.

Depending on the circumstances virtually all negative entities are dealt with in two different ways;

  • For particular individuals; They are placing these individuals in the centre of a very very strong secure spherical energetic barrier. These spherical bubble barriers are of a very large diameter. In other words the reinforced ‘skin’ of the barrier is actually at a great distance from the ‘protected’ person. This barrier prevents entities from getting anywhere near the protected person.
  • For particular entities or for particular circumstances involving negative entities; A very strong energetic barrier is created and negative entities are then incarcerated within this. It’s the equivalent of a subtle spirit jail.

Overall the majority of healers using apparently quite different negative entity and entity attachment solutions to deal with entities end up with the ‘entity’ being dealt with by either of the above methods. Either of these solutions will give the impression that the entities are being dealt with properly because the entities or the symptoms of entities magically ‘disappear’.

The logic is simple;

Symptoms of entity attachment or the entity itself disappearing = entity problem sorted.

How Psychic Protection Completely Avoids Dealing with Negative Entity Causes

Unfortunately the vast majority of negative entity solutions are achieved by using protection barriers as described above.

Which means that in 90% of cases peoples entity attachments are still there and are still actively against one or more others. The entities just cannot get to them because the ‘no longer being attacked person’ is either being kept isolated, well away from them behind a very strong energetic barrier or because the entity itself has been sealed within an impregnable secured holding facility. A case of; well out of subtle sight, out of mind and apparently well out of the awareness of those whom consider themselves ‘aware’ too.

I’ve a great example HERE of how 1000’s of healers themselves have missed this magically disappearing entity trick not just once but lifetime upon lifetime.

So, it turned out that what my guides had actually been doing during my intense entity attachment understanding phase was to place me inside one of these energetic security bubble spheres within which they were only allowing very specific entities to have controlled access to myself at any particular time.

Hence my feeling that they were acting as ‘gate keepers’ during my ‘being educated about entities’ phase.

How Spiritual Gate Keepers Creatively Use Psychic Protection to Facilitate Entity Attachment Understandings

They had been doing this because they too, just like everyone else had NO IDEA as to how to deal with entity attachments properly. They were putting me in a position where I had the chance to figure out these attachments for myself. For example;

  • Where or whom they came from?
  • What was my past relationship with them or my connection to them?
  • What in the past had happened that caused them to initiate their actions against me? And more importantly . . .
  • How to approach an entity to resolve any problems so that it naturally desisted continuing to be an entity attachment.

To understand in greater depth difficult Karmic issues as they are presented within this earth environment because they are from past lives, including how to identify them and what is required to fully resolve them then read the next page . . .