How to Pay Back Difficult Karmic Debt Issues

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"EXPOSED: How Regulated Initiations, Poor Quality Healing Systems, Useless Psychic Protection, False Karma & Fake Karmic Lords are part of a Spiritual Hierarchy Controlled Dark Forces Scare Agenda to Eradicate Subtle Senses & Abilities & Limit Healer Experience. How to Avoid Becoming a Passive, 'No Direct Experience' New Age Healer Drone."

On this page I give my experiences of identifying Karmic issue causes in my clients and what was necessary to completely resolve these . . .

As I describe HERE we are within this earth space living out a script that represents our entire past. I’ve spent a lot of time exploring my own entire past life history (as I describe at the bottom of this page HERE). If after using our current base of understandings and resources a client is still in some ‘negative issue shit’ then I’ll start to explore the client’s entire past to attempt to identify and understand the origins of their current issue problems (I give a detailed example of what horrors can be revealed in doing this HERE).

How to Release Yourself from unresolved Karma from Previous Lifetimes

In checking past issue origins then only in rare cases were their difficult issues found to be unresolved Karmic issues from past incarnations on worlds that offered a true Karmic life experience.

In all cases so far these clients had elected to discontinue re-incarnating on that world and had chosen to leave to experience other worlds set up with different rules and working to different agendas.

In all cases their Karmic problem was because the administrators of these past worlds had deliberately left the energetic ‘Karmic’ debt issue attractor intact for these clients (a type of subtle energetic implant).

Some reasons why you might have Karmic Debt or a Karmic Pay Back Issue

One can only assume that the Spiritual Masters of those worlds had been upset that people would leave their Karmic world without resolving all of their current Karmic debt to go somewhere else that they deliberately left the ‘Attract Karmic Debt’ implant intact. This caused these ‘people’ to attract negative Karmic debt events while also feeding them shit feelings in attempts to help them change their attitude in alignment with this past worlds rules that they’d left a long time ago.

To resolve these issues I’d confront these useless world administrators and petition for my client to be released from their world’s unjust, inappropriate and unwanted Karmic baggage. I’d particularly stress that as they are currently living on a non Karmic world then these Karmic issues are impossible to resolve here (and they are impossible to resolve here).

In some cases I’ve even had to shout quite a bit before said useless beings would totally disengage and release my client from their ‘fantasy’ unresolvable Karma that had nothing whatsoever to do with their earth life here.

In all cases so far egotistical so-called ‘God’ and ‘divine’ level beings from worlds in their past have always turned out to be responsible for causing good people to be subjected to negative Karmic issues. Negative issues that they’d never be able to resolve all because some so called ‘Divine’ being got their huge ego bruised.

How to Pay Back a Karmic Debt?

The interesting thing is that for some amazingly bizarre reason world owners, world ‘gods’, Spiritual World Leaders, Divine Administrators and so on always somehow consider themselves ‘above’ what they subject their world’s incarnated population to. Even when they grace their own worlds population with their own ‘Divine’ incarnated presence then 99% of the time they deem themselves so ‘special’ that they forget to include themselves in any ‘world’ rules that the world’s common serfs and peasants have signed up for . . .

So, the world leaders of these particular Karmic worlds were NOT subjected to any Karma, they don’t have to pay any Karmic debt even on their own worlds. These beings also don’t have to be inconvenienced in the slightest with any Karmic ‘pay back’ or Karmic debt what so ever because they arranged for people that left their world to be subjected to debilitating negative life issues on a regular basis.

How ‘Masters’ Avoid Karmic Debt or ANY other Karmic Issue

So, here you have the Lord’s of worlds deliberately making decisions that would cause those that left their world horrible negative issues that had a good chance of ‘manifesting’ in all future lives whenever these people lived in circumstances that matched up with the original world’s Karmic debt attractor implant.

While these so called ‘higher’ or ‘god’ presented beings don’t themselves ever have to answer for their actions.

Does that surprise anyone?

I’ve an audio example of dealing with a ‘God’ from a past life world HERE whom was responsible for some negative issues one of my clients was experiencing again all done as a result of god sized ‘ego’ issues of that world’s owner.

To find out in earth based Karma operates and why the Karmic set up here is different to everywhere else then read the next page . . .

An ‘Exercise’ to Help you Target ‘Binding’ Agreements

There is an exercise on this page here that would be worth reading and working with exercise 4 as it targets these areas more directly compared to anything else presented here. Karma is a contract to life out your incarnated life according to certain rules . . .

Working with Exercise 4 on that page targets: Binding Roles, Positions, Offices, Duties, Obligations, Functions, Ceremonies as well or Rituals while also targeting: binding contracts, oaths, pacts and or subtle enforcers (which equates to entity attachments / subtle being interferences).

It basically targets you being kept in any role, position (job) and or ‘office’, any circumstances where you are contracted to carry out certain duties, obligations, functions, ceremonies, rituals and or actions perhaps forcible facilitated / nudged to keep doing this by binding subtle pacts, vows, promises, oaths, curses and agreements and perhaps even ‘enforced’ by subtle beings (entity attachments) as ignorant spirit guides, minders, helpers, ascended bullshitters, spiritual path leaders and any spirit being as an enforcer of contracts you made in the past.

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