No Rights, Compassion, Legal Representation or Counsel for Incarcerated Entities

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"EXPOSED: How Regulated Initiations, Poor Quality Healing Systems, Useless Psychic Protection, False Karma & Fake Karmic Lords are part of a Spiritual Hierarchy Controlled Dark Forces Scare Agenda to Eradicate Subtle Senses & Abilities & Limit Healer Experience. How to Avoid Becoming a Passive, 'No Direct Experience' New Age Healer Drone."

Actually having someone figuring out how to properly deal with entity attachments and in so doing perhaps discover how our current pretend entity solutions actually work would be one of the worst nightmares for the Ascended Light Master Overlords . . .

Wouldn’t IT?

Which is why the Lords of Karma did what they could to stop me from expanding my base of ‘entity’ experience and investigations as much as possible.

It didn’t work though did it?

Jail for Lords of Karma Unapproved of Negative Entities

A few pages back I described how I’d petitioned the Lords of Karma about stopping me from having to deal with the rest of my own entity attachments. As a result they seemingly lovingly and compassionately used their divine light magically sourced powers to gift me with ‘disappearing’ my difficult entity attachments.

That’s Amazing Light Beings for you!!

At least that’s what you are supposed to think until that is, you get yourself a proper ‘subtle’ education.

How did the powerful Lords of Karma in their Divine Light wisdom release me from dealing with my own difficult negative entities?

Well, what the Lords of Karma Light Masters actually did was get on the phone and arrange to have all of my very ‘difficult’ entities jailed behind a very secure incarceration grade barrier.

While in this subtle energetic lock up they cannot go anywhere and so ‘therefore’ unable to engage with or harass myself or anyone else either for that matter.

Their solution is convenient for themselves as;

  • Being semi brainwashed by new age ‘light’ propaganda then I’d not even think about trying to find these Divinely magicked away entities.
  • I’d have less of an entity ‘release’ education without these entities to deal with, so there would be much less chance that I’d end up finding out about what I’m writing of here.
  • It actually took me another decade to find out that how they stopped these entities from messing with myself was another fantasy entity solution.

Advanced Healing Solutions; Mass Incarceration of Negative Entities

Do you know that this super energetic incarceration set up is also a mass negative entity solution sometimes used by less than ‘aware’ healers whom have no idea that this is what is actually being done as a result of their efforts (as I describe in detail part way down this page HERE).

I’m sure such healers actually consider what they are doing to be an ‘advanced’ negative entity healing solution.

Is IT?

If you reading this are a person of goodness and understanding whom is caring, loving and compassionate then do you think that this institutionalized mass incarceration solution is the proper compassionate and spiritual way to treat entities and hence the people these entities (as astral forms) originate from?


What I describe here IS the solution of choice.

This is how the Spiritual Hierarchy Lightmare Masters deal with all persistent negative entity offenders.

Divine Spiritual ‘Light’ Masters Ideas of Justice, Fairness, Love, Compassion

Rather than take the time to understand why a negative entity is all the way from harassing to seriously belligerent toward someone and then deal with why this is the case so they are NO LONGER LIKE THIS they arrange for these entities to be hunted down, caught and then incarcerated.

These ‘negative’ entities are sealed away in a secure lock up where;

  • No one talks to them.
  • No one finds out why they are doing what they do or did.
  • No one investigates anything about their circumstances or why they might be like this.
  • No one represents themselves.

Sadly, no light lawyer would dare try to represent them else risk Lords of Karma wrath. In effect each one of these entities locked away without due process, with no investigations, no counsel, no legal representation . . . and no visitor rights either . . .


All done on the orders, instructions and authority of so called Ascended Divine Master beings. Would these be the love and light ideals that you yourself reading this are aspiring to?

Would THEY?

Do the Lords of Karma just use this fantasy mass incarceration negative entity solution because;

  • It’s quick, easy and convenient?
  • They’ve no idea how to deal with negative entities properly themselves?
  • Magically disappearing negative entities makes them seem impressive particularly to those of exceptionally low awareness whom never check things out for themselves and whom never quite catch on as to why their ‘light’ being masters are repeatedly reminding them that they should always be completely trusted?

Do they use a fantasy negative entity solution just for the above reasons or is there something worse? To find the real reason why it’s convenient to have lots of negative and irate entities locked up under their control then read the next page . . .