Limiting Agendas of Healing Guides

In some ways these agendas are the most important and can be represented by the following questions:

  • Where do the energies come from?
  • Who is in charge of them?
  • What are the intentions of those in charge?*
  • What agendas are they operating to?

Unfortunately you cannot rely on readings or guidance to give you this information.

Even more unfortunate is that there are few who have the detachment (essential), confidence and self authority (that is they can function well without approval) never mind the capabilities to do this.

From our experience light workers the beings they are working with only have experience of limited levels and depths never mind limited tools then they cannot take you beyond these.

You should take responsibility for YOU

Every Being type / group / society / culture / hierarchy has an agenda that holds tremendous limits.

Letting them go has nothing to do with a lack of trust, it has everything to do with taking responsibility for your own exploration and movement.