Why you must use Protection For Healing Sessions?

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"EXPOSED: How Regulated Initiations, Poor Quality Healing Systems, Useless Psychic Protection, False Karma & Fake Karmic Lords are part of a Spiritual Hierarchy Controlled Dark Forces Scare Agenda to Eradicate Subtle Senses & Abilities & Limit Healer Experience. How to Avoid Becoming a Passive, 'No Direct Experience' New Age Healer Drone."

Have you noticed that as part of the drive to get all ‘aware’, healer, new age, lightworker, spiritual types to degrade their subtle senses they are advised to put up psychic protection before doing a healing session?

Which explains the huge number of web sites all advising healer and therapist types to put up psychic protection and shielding around themselves and their client before starting each healing session. There are also boat loads of sites offering many different techniques and approaches on how to do this (I cover some of these HERE).

Stay Safe!!

What are ‘caring’ types going to do under these circumstances? How are you going to feel if you don’t use protection and because of this a client has problems?

So, you are encouraged to remember to invoke protection for each healing session and to be sure that you have subtle energetic barricades put around yourself and your client each time.

How you are Blackmailed into taking the ‘Safe’ Psychic Protection line?

This is presented as a sensible preventative measure to make it less likely that you pick up something ‘nasty’ from the client as either energies or entity attachments while keeping the client protected during the session from either picking up anything from yourself or from anything that turns up in response to the session itself.

Yes, we have legions of ‘light’ beings 100% dedicated to facilitating you during a healing session BUT strangely they are all so incompetent that they cannot themselves identify negative subtle energy exchanges or actually spot or deal with negative entities themselves.

Apparently they are also so dis-empowered that they cannot themselves proactively take action to automatically put up protection for you (without you asking for it) while you carry out a healing sessions and then of automatically REMOVING IT afterwards when it’s no longer needed.

That’s a bit odd isn’t it?

Why it’s Important to use Psychic Protection?

It’s odd that the overwhelming information is helping to make you into a passive, disengaged channel for universal healing energies that are marketed as so amazingly intelligent that they can diagnose and sort everything out without you having to be inconvenienced with being directly or actively involved in someone’s healing.

They are just SOooo Amazing eh!!!

While on the other hand these amazing healing energies apparently cannot do something simple like neutralize or contain negative energies that might influence you or your client during a healing session.

That’s a bit ODD isn’t it?

You’ve probably not thought about this BUT you invoking protection for a healing session implies that neither the universal energies nor any spirit healing facilitator can either identify or actually deal with either entities or negative energies themselves.

Why you should always use LOTS of Psychic Protection as often as Possible?

You see either your healing energies are as good as they are stated AND your guides and spirit help are competent to deal with negative energies and healing issues properly in which case there would be no mention of having to use protection during a healing session OR they are useless OR they are being managed to seem to be useless so that you can be persuaded to put up debilitating protection barriers as often as possible.

Barriers of protection all filter out energies, senses, perceptions. All sorts of things. So, every single time protection is used it reduces your awareness and subtle sensitivities, senses and perceptions.


Persuading healers or any therapists to put up protection around themselves AND their client during each healing session would be something you’d only promote if you were very keen on eroding as many people’s subtle abilities as fast as possible.

Why you should use Psychic Protection & Shielding During Healing Sessions?

You’d do this if what you are working with as energies and beings are either incompetent or have a hidden agenda.

You’d also do this if you as a healer were also incompetent (it’s equivalent to a lifeguard wearing inflated arm bands while having a bath or shower). You’ve so little idea or understanding of how to deal with entities or negative energies properly that you have to resort to using protection. You don’t even realize that how you actually deal with entities and negative entities is often an imaginary and completely ineffective solution either.

For a good and detailed example of actually how amazingly technically incompetent healing guides can be then read from this page HERE.

That the Spiritual Hierarchy go to so much trouble to persuade you to invoke protection as often as possible shows that their intentions are as far away from ‘your highest will and good’ as you’d ever dare imagine.

The Divine myth of the ‘Highest will and Good’

I’d suggest that they are way more interested in doing what is in their own personal ‘highest will and good’ above all else. Are they as ‘loving’ as they make you think they are? To find out how unloving they are toward ‘negative entities’ and worse ‘why’ then read the next page . . .