Buddhist Guides Helping in Out of Context Ways

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I’ve a client whom spent many years in this life AND ‘past lives’ as an ‘active’ Buddhist.

Unhelpful Helping Buddhist Guides

In this current life she’d left this path many years before starting to work with myself and she was rather keen on starting a relationship but each time on a date weird things would happen to cause problems and sabotage good times with others. It turned out that her Buddhist ‘help’;

“Help me find someone to have a relationship with please!!!”

Were bizarrely still working with her and were ‘helping’ her as usual in alignment with their own values and beliefs and (as usual) ignoring the fact that this client was no longer an active member of their ‘way’ . . .

They were actually making huge efforts to sabotage her from becoming involved with a non Buddhist. They were also ‘helpfully’ guiding ‘Buddhists’ to her, which explained why she kept mentioning she’d suddenly find herself surrounded by Buddhists in her office or they’d appear out of nowhere in the street or seemingly just drop out of the sky and so on . . .

Breaking Buddhist Vows & Burning Alter Doesn’t Impact Out of context Help

Even after ‘formally’ disconnecting from these ‘Buddhist’ paths including breaking vows and energies binding her to them we still found them ‘Unhelpfully helping’ and again even after she give all her Buddhist paraphernalia away and later after she even burnt her Buddhist altar they were still completely ignoring her repeated attempts to no longer be ‘helped’ by this groups spirit help.

As being a Buddhist for many years had not even touched the surface of the issues she’d wanted to resolve then maybe this could be explained by the behaviour of Buddhist ‘help’? Perhaps they have maybe 500,000 spirit ‘helpers’ all studiously dedicated to manipulating your life so that it conforms to the beliefs, ideals, edicts and presentation of being a Buddhist . . . and . . . maybe say just ONE actually working with followers to resolve DEBILITATING life issues?

Disengagement & Control; the recommended ‘Spiritual’ Solutions of Choice?

While watching the “What the Bleep, Down the Rabbit Hole” – Quantum Edition interview with the Buddhist; Khempo Yurmed Tinly Rinpoche there were a few things oft reiterated within this interview;

  • The need to control your emotions.
  • The need to control your thinking.
  • The need to disengage or disassociate from life to avoid suffering.

Spiritual ‘wisdom’ at it’s best? At least I am sure that some would think this until that is you manage to REALLY take notice of the attitudes of the spirit guides from many paths and how they are either oblivious to peoples CURRENT life circumstances NEVER MIND their CURRENT life choices and they just keep doing what they’ve always done seemingly FOREVER. In these cases the effects of being guided in entirely useless ways by entirely useless guides whom ignore ALL attempts made to disengage and dissociate from themselves couldn’t perhaps be construed as an amazingly convoluted attempt by (in this case) Buddhist guides to try and get you to control your emotions and your thinking.

Could IT?

Or are they REALLY ‘just’ actually being disrespectful? Are they ‘really’ actually violating this persons freewill?

No Matter What – NO Respect from Buddhist Guides

It sure seemed like it to this client.

If you’d spent say a dozen lives out of a 1,000 giving Buddhism a ‘whirl’ would you be happy to find yourself in a future life within which you’ve not had any ‘Buddhist’ involvement except maybe to read a book about it or perhaps you’ve seen a Buddhist give an interview on “What the Bleep, Down the Rabbit Hole” which might be all it takes for them to ‘reconnect’ with you to suddenly find your relationship attractions for example are mysteriously being sabotaged and at the same time bizarrely you’ve started bumping into Buddhists all over the place?

Synchronistic Coincidental Events, Are they Engineered?

I’m sure that such ‘coincidences’ would be seen by some as one of those amazing ‘synchronistic’ spiritual events which would perhaps be taken as sign that they should become a Buddhist? Perhaps yet again?

Have I mentioned already that ALL spiritual, healing and therapeutic paths and so on are in competition with each other? Which as a result even though you may have LET GO OF THEM, it often turns out that they just HAVEN’T quite let go of YOU which can have them turning up at the most inconvenient times; at least for yourself!

Did you know that them NOT ‘OFFICIALLY’ letting YOU go sort of gives them permission to in the future hound & debilitate you . . . ooooppppss . . . sorry . . . help . . . YES that’s ‘HELP’ . . . to HELP you . . . until ‘apparently’ . . . the multiverse freezes over . . .

Past Spirit Guides can Hound & Debilitate Until the End of Time?

Or perhaps it’s worse than even this?

Perhaps ‘helpfully’ sabotaging peoples lives by offering ‘out of context’ help with respect to their ‘current’ life is done DELIBERATELY?

Perhaps they do this in an attempt to nudge people to look for something to explain or help them in response to their current life difficulties, which have been lovingly delivered by a path’s spirit help free of charge directly to your life by beings whom at least consider themselves to be ‘helpful’ . . .

I’ve all these life difficulties . . . and I’m meeting lots of Buddhists . . . maybe this is a sign I should become one . . . ?

. . . just a thought!!!

Disrespect; Perhaps an Advanced Buddhist Spirit Guides Training Method?

Perhaps in the case of the amazingly disrespectful Buddhist spirit guides that we dealt with repeatedly over a period of a few years maybe this could (at a push) be construed as advanced Buddhist ‘training’.

Done just to give us the opportunity to disengage and disassociate from our life in attempts to more strongly engage with shit spirit guides while we try and find out why they continually disrespect what we ask for.

This situation could have easily led to us being forced to achieve an amazing degree of control over our thinking and emotions as a means of coping with our wishes and requests being repeatedly and continually disrespected and ignored . . .

Buddhist spirit guides are brainwashed to do everything they can to support and keep members . . . they are no different to spirit guides from most other groups too. What they do is not particularly unusual although they are closer to the extreme end compared to most.

An example of this experience written by this client can be found HERE.