How do Healing Energies Effect Healing actions in the Energy Body?

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You can find yourself able to channel healing energies if;
  • You actively choose in this life to have a healing initiation or attunement or . . .
  • If you still have healing connections active from earlier lifetimes and hence find ourselves able to spontaneously channel healing energies even without you having any apparent involvement in healing things in your current life.

Either way we find ourselves gifted with being able to channel what we assume are high quality subtle energies attuned to effect healing changes. At least that’s what you’d assume if you actually thought about this.

How do Healing Energies work within the Energetic Body to effect healing changes?

I was initiated into Reiki about 14 years ago. One of the things that I noticed at the start was that if I just channeled ‘Reiki’ energies to myself then I’d ‘feel’ good, relaxed, chilled out, much ‘better’ . . . but strangely enough depending on how extreme my ‘issues’ were the ‘feel good’ factor would only last for a short while, usually about a day.

Why is this?

Well, as the energies are ‘mobile’ then you are in effect pumping them into and filling your energy body or sometimes very specific areas within it. When you do this the energies flood and saturate’ the body space BUT then they gradually dissipate. That is they drift around and eventually move out of the energy body. Hence you have to keep giving yourself another Reiki session and top the energies up.

How are Healing Energies held within the Energy Body?

Over a few years I noticed that the effects of Reiki energies and variations would last longer, over time they lasted much longer.

Do, you know why healing energies have been retaining their effectiveness for longer and longer periods?

They were retaining their effectiveness for longer because those ‘supplying’ the healing energy mixtures were adding ‘binder’ energies to them. These binding energies would react inside the energy body and bind the delivered healing energies to the subtle energy body. In effect the healing energy mixture once inside the energy body would become bound or fixed to the energy body where they would become immobile and in effect be held within the energy body.

In this way the apparent effectiveness of healing energies increased from a day to a week and then as they continued to perfect these binding technologies the effects of the delivered energies could be made to last for years.

We are Filling our Energy Body with Healing Energies NOT of our energy body?

So, each time you, me or anyone channels healing energies we are filling someone’s energy body with specific ‘energetic mixtures’ that under ‘natural‘ circumstances wouldn’t ever be there.

This is TRUE.

All healing energies are a diverse mixture of subtle energies of different ‘healing’ frequencies that by various means are channeled or directed to where they are needed to restore or maintain ‘balance’ or negate negative effects within the etheric, subtle bodies or main energy body.

In reality we are filling our energy bodies full of different energetic mixtures holding specific combinations of energetic frequencies that act to blanket, counteract or negative ‘negative or imbalanced’ conditions within our energy body.

How do Healing Energies Act to Balance the Energy Body or Address Negativity?

As I’ve already explained on previous pages these healing energies have had added to them so-called improving and binding energies that allow the active healing energies themselves to be retained within the energetic body for very long periods of time. It would be true to say that more often we invite healing energies for our own use or have a healing session the more of these types of energies we build up and hold within our various energy bodies.

It should be obvious that you’d want to be very careful about the quality and the effects of the healing energies we are filling our energy bodies with.

You’d want to be very careful about their quality and actions?

Wouldn’t you?

Particularly when such energies are now able to remain within yourself for very long times periods.

Hence on the next page I explain why the Spiritual Hierarchy go to a lot of trouble to regulate healing sources so that only healing energies that meet their approval and requirements are allowed . . .