Subtle Energetic Healing Art Expertise Realities

This is the last page of a 26 page article series on:
"EXPOSED: How Regulated Initiations, Poor Quality Healing Systems, Useless Psychic Protection, False Karma & Fake Karmic Lords are part of a Spiritual Hierarchy Controlled Dark Forces Scare Agenda to Eradicate Subtle Senses & Abilities & Limit Healer Experience. How to Avoid Becoming a Passive, 'No Direct Experience' New Age Healer Drone."

How are any of you going to cope with this series of pages . . . apart that is of maybe doing the predictable new age, ‘light’ thing and ignore it all entirely.

If you’ve read much else here then you’ll know that I’ve strangely not given details about how to deal with any of the ‘subtle’ crap things I write about. Although I do attempt to make a point about how difficult it is to deal with it all and I do give you examples of what to look out for and problems to beware of if you do try anything yourself.

Why is that?

Well, the problem is that the new age, lightwork, healing, therapy game is all about making sure that no one has any real and solid experience at all of subtle realities and subtle crap.

So, to actually deal with anything moderately serious ‘properly’ requires that you have an astounding level of subtle energetic experience.

What’s needed to Heal everything contributing to Healing Issues Completely?

Actually you’re feeling suicidal, dark and depressed and you’re overweight due to the contributing actions of:

  • Two subtle energetic implants one booby-trapped and another attuned to avoid detection.
  • 1500 long distance transmitters beaming debilitating frequencies specifically attuned at yourself from a distance of about 500 miles scattered within 5 million hectares of ‘space’.
  • 3 roving ‘triggered’ subtle energetic technologies that are shielded from almost all detection methods that originate from the ‘Elohim’
  • A few hundred spells of which three are ‘unbreakable’.
  • A whole raft of past healing energies (15,000 accumulated energy forms) used to attempt to contain, counteract or negate the energetic frequencies of depression that as an unfortunate side effect are often responsible for weight gain.

Strangely enough as a fair percentage of subtle energetic crap contributing to people’s life difficulties and negativity issues is due to things deliberately done to them by the likes of the Spiritual Hierarchy, Ascended Masters, the Elohim, Divine ‘Light’ Beings and their assorted sidekicks then imagining that any spirit guides or support from the Spiritual Hierarchy will:

  • Know of the existence of these or
  • Have been given the means to detect what their own Light Master employers are responsible for or
  • Have had extensive training to identify the full range of assorted subtle energetic crap influences that are actually responsible for peoples ‘imbalances and negativity’

Would be very naive. Wouldn’t it?

Subtle Energetic Training Required for Healing Contributing Causes

As training to identify almost ‘any’ variety of subtle energetic crap ‘openly’ would have any potentially half competent person also finding things their light masters don’t ever want anyone to find. This is why their training just like yours revolves around doing things to achieve balance or to ‘negate or counteract’ negative effects.

Hence each spirit healing facilitator is as competent as yourselves (an example of their competence and attitudes I write about starting from HERE). It’s a case of the enthusiastically positive blind leading and supporting the same.

99% of every healing, spiritual and therapy solutions have you in collusion with your guides ‘doing’ subtle energetic things to your energy body. They always ADD things to it to effect solutions. Hence I’ve mentioned that if you could actually see all of this then you’d become aware that your subtle energetic body looks like an energetic junk yard.

Subtle Energetic Healing Art Expertise Realities

Here are some accurate statistics that you just won’t believe.

On average you reading this will have within or acting on your subtle energetic body at this very moment now about 10^15 subtle energetic crap things acting to debilitate you. In ‘proper’ numbers that’s ten to the power of fifteen. Spelled out it’s:


Individual identifiable subtle energetic items. That’s the average numbers of individual subtle energetic crap acting on each person and yourself. The range is from 10^13 to 10^16. So, if you are lucky, you’ll only have about 10,000,000,000,000 . . . good eh!!

Even more unbelievable is the amount of energetic crap that’s in your subtle energetic body that is there in response to you ‘wanting’ or ‘trying’ to resolve some ‘negative’ thing and or what’s been used by yourself or your healing spirit help or guides to address negative issues.

Guess how much of this is in or around yourself? Well, it’s about 10^24 subtle energetic ‘helping’ items per person. In real numbers that’s:


This number of items of energetic crap in each person’s energy body and surrounding space. If you could see it all it makes a junk yard look pristine. That’s how much you reading this will have (by and large) in and around your energy body now.

What’s required to REALLY heal everything of yourself?

To identify, address and to clear all the above numbers of energetic crap.

That’s it!

Unfortunately 99.9% of so called advanced healer solutions don’t touch the first set mentioned above while continuing to add to the numbers of the second set.

But . . . BUT . . . I’m fully balanced, feeling amazingly spiritual and GREAT and everything in my life is falling into place . . . this is all lies!!!

If that’s what you think then read this example HERE for a very technically advanced ‘fantasy’ light balancing ‘feel good’ solution.

The numbers of individual different identifiable subtle energetic ‘things’ as in energy forms, different implants, spells and so on that currently make up these numbers is well over 100,000. That’s just the numbers of ‘common’ ones.

All of the above is why I’ve given up on offering step by step paint by numbers advice to ‘properly’ deal with particular subtle energetic things ‘because’ even the few of you (and your trained guides) that do have real experience and ARE actually expert will know of and might be dealing with maybe 500 different things of the 100,000+.

The State of the Advanced Healing Arts

In other words, the best ‘out there’ have a handle on 0.5% of the different types of energetic crap messing us up. The rest is all contributing to the subtle crap in and around our energy bodies that are in reality ‘junk’ healing solutions.

If you consider yourself an expert you’ll probably be saying “NO WAY” . . . and if you are then I suggest you read all the articles in the scary section in order and without being ‘managed’ to skip things you don’t like being told. You’d be advised to start by reading this page HERE and then all the pages to the end of that sub section because these pages make all the ‘in the moment’ management of ourselves and specifically yourself very much ‘in your face’.

One last point. I’m very busy. I’ve not wanted to take on any new clients for four years and I’ve not started anyone new for two years (the last person was a personal friend). So, none of this page is saying ‘work with me’ because I’m the experts’ expert. It’s saying ‘This is how it is’ and because this IS ‘how it is’ I’m busy dealing with it and the rest. So, anyone actually interested in sessions will find themselves passed to one of the people whom have worked with me for 4/5 years plus and hence do have some experience of what it takes to actually resolve issues properly.

You can take it as ‘true’ that the scary pages are only presenting about 0.1% of what’s actually and really going on. You’re only having things presented that you ‘might’ be able to relate to or identify with from your own personal or even subtle abilities, experience or awareness.