What are the Best Methods to Release & Clear Entity Attachments?

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"EXPOSED: How Regulated Initiations, Poor Quality Healing Systems, Useless Psychic Protection, False Karma & Fake Karmic Lords are part of a Spiritual Hierarchy Controlled Dark Forces Scare Agenda to Eradicate Subtle Senses & Abilities & Limit Healer Experience. How to Avoid Becoming a Passive, 'No Direct Experience' New Age Healer Drone."

The reality of the negative entity ‘none’ solutions are both seriously funny and seriously sad.

Are you a healer? Do you reading this deal with ‘subtle’ things?

How competent are you as a healer? How much are you doing that actually don’t resolve issue causes at all?

What are the Most Advanced Best Methods for Dealing with Entity Attachments?

How do you deal with negative entities?

Negative Entities: The largest, most obvious, easiest to spot subtle energetic ‘thing’ causing us problems. So, easy that you’d have to be subtly almost blind or perceptually dead to be unable to spot one.

Negative Entity Attachments: Mostly mobile parts of our subtle energetic body that are acting against others due mostly to a negative personal past connection with this other. In other words for the most part entity attachments arise because of a past relationship problem. So, 9 times out of 10 all you need to do is start directly relating to the entity to find out what the past problem was and from there find a solution. Even if that’s just you saying sorry for something you now cannot remember.

Instead the current ‘light’ modern healing solution of choice is to have either yourself or the entity sealed off in a secure and well managed subtle energetic lock up.

How many of your own subtle mobile forms have you already lost because they have been dealt with as entity attachments to others are now permanently sealed inside an energetic lock up? How many?


How to become Experienced in Releasing & Clearing Entity Attachments

Entity attachments are the most obvious, easiest and potentially the most straight forward negative subtle energetic issue to proactively investigate and address. Yet the number of healer practitioners on the entire planet just dealing with these competently to effect an honorable, proper and complete ‘adult’ resolution you can probably count on the fingers of one hand.

That’s how sad the state of the healing art is.

Even the ‘easiest’ things are being dealt with by methods that wouldn’t have been considered ‘advanced’ even during medieval ‘dark age’ times.

The only time (in the distant past) I’ve had an e-mail from irate, enraged almost incensed new age healer, lightworker type was to tell me that:

“Did I know . . . that no one has to go into horrible negative issues at all ‘EVER’ to fully resolve them?”

The above line is a new age ‘light’ fantasy statement probably made by the same healers whom are using ‘advanced’ light healing methods that are responsible for legions of so-called ‘negative entities’ now in even more negative and nasty issue shit courtesy of said healers using the unconscious healing ‘magical’ negative entity disappearing trick that has them lovingly incarcerated within a subtle energetic lockup.

How do you gain REAL Experience Releasing Negative Entity Attachments as a Healer?

Anyone want to gain some ‘real’ experience? Then try asking to have all of your negative entities that have never been dealt with correctly fed to yourself one at a time so that you have the opportunity to learn how to deal with them properly?

If you do want to do this then I’d recommend that you find others that want to do this too and work together, because between you all you’ll have a much better chance of figuring things out and you’ll feel safer in numbers.

That’s basic first grade ‘infant’ healer training in my book.

If you’re not talking to them face to face, if you are not competent enough to trace back to the past source of discontent and/or figure out how to resolve what they are upset about then everything you are doing is in reality causing yet more pain and suffering and more hidden unresolved negativity than you can imagine.

Why the Current State of the Healing Art Planet wide is Minus -F

Unless there is a lower grade.

I can just imagine some of you reading the advice above trying desperately to not have spluttering fits:

WHAT!!! . . . does he not know how dangerous and manipulative some entities can be?

Actually I know exactly how dangerous and manipulative some entities can be because I’ve done the work to face them and deal with them properly.

In fact some of the most manipulative entity attachments are members of what many reading this will identify as the so called ‘spiritual hierarchy’. The worst most manipulative ‘entity attachments’ turn out to be the ones desperately trying to convince you that they are completely loving.

Here are some interesting pages that point out some very ‘worrying’ dark problems with the spiritual ‘light’ con artists . . .

How to Identify & Become Expert at Dealing with the worst most Dangerous and Manipulative Entities

Having spent years doing that as part of my basic healer and subtle awareness training I now have no problem whatsoever facing, confronting and dealing with the absolute worst most dangerous, manipulative two-faced, lying, negative entities you could ever imagine. They’re collectively more commonly known as the Spiritual Hierarchy, Ascended Masters, Lords of Karma, the Elohim, Divine ‘Light’ Beings and their assorted sidekicks . . .

For an example of how far beyond dealing with one or even a few entities together ‘properly’ we are now then read this page HERE. I mention this example because it’s about investigating an issue a healer had. Investigating this issue actually uncovered 50,000 hidden entity attachments. All hidden behind barriers of psychic protection. Even more bizarrely all of these entity attachments belonged to other healer and therapist types all of whom lifetime upon lifetime had colluded to give birth to this massive entity monster while none ever actually figured out how to sort it out or worse perhaps they weren’t even aware that it was even happening.

Amazing eh!!

I’m sure all healer types will make a big effort to ignore that example.

Example of Spirit Healers Dealing with Negative Entities on Mass

The same example also illustrates how well I’ve trained my spirit support teams to deal with entity attachments so they are completely dealt with properly.

In my terms, a sign of basic incompetence in the healing arts is for a practitioner to even mention never mind of actually using psychic protection to protect a client. To deal with entities properly you need them to be able to turn up and show themselves. I have no problem with healers knowingly using a strong grade of protection that acts as a gate to only let one or a few through at a time while they learn deal with their own entities properly. In this way you have a more controlled space to get to know them as you find out their ‘story’ and past connections to yourself and then to figure out how to properly deal with them (as I do).

For all of you so-called new age modern ‘advanced’ healers of the ‘light’ talking about awareness, sensitivity, compassion, empathy and so on here are some basic rules for approaching negative entities. Use your ‘light’ abilities to put yourself in the place of the negative entity.

If an entity WAS you then how would you want to be treated? Why is it upset? What happened to make it feel and behave as it is?

Treat each ‘entity’ as if it’s YOU and as you’d want to be treated in its place

Don’t ever do anything to a negative entity that you’d not do to yourself. Don’t ever treat a negative entity in ways that you’d object to being treated yourself. Don’t ever assume that your guides will be dealing with them correctly, assume that your spirit guides’ attitudes match your own. If your own attitude to negative entities has been limited, fear ridden, uninvolved or if your solutions are from the ‘lock em up school of the useless light’ then assume your guides have the same crap attitudes too. If this is the case then the first thing you need to do is get some new and considerably less useless spirit guides.

If you cannot do any of this then you’re not fit to be dealing with negative entities or of calling yourself a healer or therapist or ‘whatever’.

This page HERE gives my earlier understandings of entity attachments and how I was then dealing with them. Even though in my terms now it’s quite simplistic this page is still an excellent starting point for anyone wanting half decent information on dealing with negative entity attachments. The end section titled: Hard Core Entity Attachments – More Ideas, you should read and read again as it gives insights into problems you might meet when trying to address a difficult entity attachment and the possible reasons for this.

I personally would rather not use any barriers of protection at all. Having got rid of the 10,000’s of the ‘light’ gifted crappy ones I never invoke any now but unfortunately I am forced to use just one decent high-grade barrier because for some bizarre reason I ‘occasionally’ have some irate ‘light’ leader types and their sidekicks trying to mess with me. They seem to object to anyone presenting accurate information about subtle realities as well as of the exacting details of how incompetent and deceiving they are.

Which can be mildly irritating for someone not inclined to use mass negative entity incarceration lockup methods . . .

Anyone ready to kick their ‘light’ fantasy addiction?