Where Do Reiki Universal Energies Come From?

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Where do Reiki Universal Energies come from?

Or perhaps you think that’s a stupid question?

Which might be the case if you channel or work with subtle energies for healing purposes and haven’t really thought about where they all come from. Perhaps you’ve fallen for the quite popular ‘Universal Energy Source’ myth?

What is the Reiki Universal Energies Healing Source?

I constantly hear of healing energy sources and in particular the universal healing or cosmic energy source.

Have any of you actually made the effort to trace the energy stream back to where it originates?

I honestly find it very odd that the very people involved in subtle energies, whom are supposedly both subtly aware and empowered time and time again take just about everything at face value. For some strange reason they don’t seem to check anything out.

Mind you I’ve also seen quite a lot trying to convince you that you must ‘trust’ absolutely your divine light overlords and whatever they tell you. Perhaps being persuaded to automatically ‘trust’ would be a good way of negating genuine personal empowerment and active discernment at the same time. It certainly seems like it to me.

So, have you reading this actually tracked the energy stream back right to the source of the healing energies you are working with? You’d think it would be quite simple to lock onto the healing energy stream you are working with and trace it back to its origins. Unfortunately it’s bizarrely quite difficult, almost as if you are deliberately prevented from doing this.

If you do manage to do this then I’ll absolutely guarantee that you’ll find that Reiki energies and variations do indeed come from a ‘defined’ source.

Where is the Reiki Universal Healing Energies Source?

I’d prepare yourself for a shock if I were you . . .

Reiki subtle healing energies (and variations – list HERE another HERE) are manufactured in what some of you would describe as an industrial plant. Same as electrical energy is produced by a gas or coal or a nuclear turbine and supplied on a large scale.

It’s a VERY strongly approved healing energy source because quite simply it’s regulated and standardized to death.

Reiki healing energies and almost ALL so-called light and healing energies for all healing modalities are made and globally distributed to us. There are virtually no localized or high quality ‘naturally’ attuned subtle healing energy sources actually still being offered.

Reiki Universal Life Force Healing Energies Origins and Sources Found!!!!

If you wish (although I personally don’t) you could perhaps choose to name the subtle industrialists whom are responsible for these subtle energy manufacturing plants as ‘God’.

Have you noticed how we are increasingly having people ‘spin’ things that they want us to accept or adopt.

That they will name something in a way that often actually turns out to be the complete opposite of what is actually being presented. It’s amazing how often people fall for the front presentation and don’t ever check what’s actually going on under the hood?

Personally I’m quite impressed at how they’ve used the term ‘Universal’ to describe their manufactured healing energies. Although it’s true that they are universally available you could do better by substituting ‘Global’ for ‘Universal’.

I can absolutely guarantee that they do conform to global regulatory standards and that there will be a Reiki healing energies manufacturing plant near you AND that the by products of the process to supply you with these energies are also in FACT poisoning the local subtle energetic environment too.

As above so below, don’t you know?

Are Universal Healing Energies a Pure Uncontaminated Healing Source?

How many unnatural but strictly regulated and approved; contaminants, fillers, additives, preservatives never mind regulated subtle toxins and so on are mixed into the Reiki ‘Universal Source’ energies?

Any Ideas?

It’s about the same number and quality as you’d find in the worst junk food.

I do mention HERE and HERE that all those top up energies some people invoke are manufactured too and so they are not what I’d call ‘natural’ either. Although none of you seem to have taken much notice of that.

For those whom think they can think up some ‘easy’ way to dismiss what I write here then I’d recommend that you read this page HERE. Which already answers others pitiful and poorly thought out criticisms.

Reiki Life Force Healing; Universally Manufactured

To find out why most of you/us will find it exceedingly difficult to confirm anything subtle that I present here then read the next page to find out yet more that contributes to this.