What is Karma? What is Karmic Retribution?

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"EXPOSED: How Regulated Initiations, Poor Quality Healing Systems, Useless Psychic Protection, False Karma & Fake Karmic Lords are part of a Spiritual Hierarchy Controlled Dark Forces Scare Agenda to Eradicate Subtle Senses & Abilities & Limit Healer Experience. How to Avoid Becoming a Passive, 'No Direct Experience' New Age Healer Drone."

Because our entire population has been falling apart for quite some time then different worlds were set up that offered different means to have people presented with themselves and their own negative issues, attitudes, behaviors, reactions and so on with different means to persuade, nudge and cajole people to ‘do the right thing’ and change into something better.

Some of these worlds named their rules of self ‘engagement’, issue presentation and means of achieving change or resolution ‘Karma’.

What is Karma? Why are some Worlds & Races using Karmic Rules?

Karmic rules like other means of trying to get people to change, to be ‘better’ or to stay good are not contrary to what you imagine ‘divinely’ originated. They are someones ideas of what is wrong with people and defined rules that are assumed will help people change particularly in ways that will help everyone get on better with everyone else. These ‘ideas’ are then implemented into the behind the scenes ‘workings’ of a world and people are given the opportunity to incarnate on that world to try to ‘improve’ themselves.

This particularly happened as ‘world administrators and owners’ noticed their populations over time were developing more and more negative issues. This is what prompted many worlds to introduce means to give people opportunities to change themselves during an incarnation.

The big question is; “Does this earth space really actually conform to Karmic laws?”

An Example of Earth based Karmic Retribution In Action

Here is something you’re probably not aware of and you probably DON’T want to know about either . . .

Earth isn’t set up to follow karmic laws and rules.

That’s a bit odd isn’t it? To be told that we . . .

DON’T have Karma HERE!!!

Particularly as you’ve some beings in considered respected ‘Spiritual’ positions claiming to be Lords of ‘Karma’. That’s even stranger don’t you think?

Why would that be?

Well, this is because ‘Karma’ as a concept is incredibly convenient for anyone in charge because explaining away ‘suspicious’ things as ‘Karma’ will stop people from thinking more deeply.

What is Earth based Karma? How does earth Karma Work?

Karma gives the Spiritual Hierarchy a ‘cover everything’ magical ‘get out clause’ to explain why nothing some people try in healing or therapy terms ever seems to make much if any difference to the horrible issues they are in.

Karma is also sometimes used as a ‘trick’ or worse as a ‘threat’ to emotionally threaten people to do or to not do something else they will incur Karma though particular actions or decisions. Read this earlier page HERE to see if such psychological threats would work on yourself?

It’s used as a great Love & Light Spiritual front to give the impression that the people in charge of what we are experiencing here are loving and compassionate because they can be seen in some cases to magic away some people’s negative issues. Sometimes even negative issues that they (or their colleagues) were often responsible for in the first place.

The Great Karmic Board and the Lords of ‘Pretend’ Karma in terms of how things actually work in this earth space are all a staged spiritual public relations exercise.

Karma makes them and by implication the Spiritual Hierarchy look good and caring while ‘slight of hand like’ it diverts away from even the consideration of spiritual improprieties and worse ALL that they are making every effort to keep well hidden in subtle terms.

Why do the Lords of Karma Pretend that we have Karma HERE?

Karma is the Spiritual Hierarchies ‘Don’t ever get put into Jail’ free card.

No matter how much someone uses their approved healing methods to no avail, if things don’t improve then it’s not the ‘tools’ or those ‘in charge’ that are responsible . . . NO WAY . . . it’s all explained away by;

>> Pretending << it’s KARMA

Ah Yes!!! This nasty shit you’re in it’s actually Karma. From three lifetimes back. Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten?

It was that life where you made a snide nasty put down remark about a Great Lord of Karma’s poodle?


You don’t remember that!!!!!

That’s truly shocking that you don’t because . . . little ‘poochie’ was so upset (although not anywhere near as upset as ‘poochies’ Karmic Lord owner).

What you did was so dreadful that you might find yourself in lots of horrible nasty negative traumatic issue shit . . . Ooopps . . . eh!! . . . ‘Karma’ . . . Yea, lots of Karma to pay back that slight, which we can arrange to keep happening probably for a few lifetimes.

Until you really learn your lesson. You know, the eh!! Karmic what-do-you-macall-it lesson thingie? . . . Eh! . . . be very nice to any ‘Lord of Karma’s’ poodle?

Which can often take quite a while because the real lesson is this;

“Don’t actually do anything that might upset a Lord of Karma or any of their Lordie ‘light’ colleagues.”

An Example of Karmic Retribution in Action

The above is an accurate description of earth based karma and the real reason for the existence of the Karmic Board.

Is it sinking in how much you, me and everyone have been duped by these pretenders of the ‘light’?

It’s probably just as well for them that earth doesn’t play by Karmic rules?

It’s also just as well that most reading this will have been gifted with the Lightworker Implant selection (as described starting HERE) and so won’t be allowed to react to what is being presented here. Without these some of you might just get riled up enough to want the Fake Lords of False Karmic to be subjected to karmic retribution for their dark and evil ‘light’ deeds.

For more details about the Lords and Ladies of Karma, who they are and what their main roles are then read the next page . . .