Spiritual Director Advice; What’s a ‘Good’ Lightworker?

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"New Age Ideology Contradictions. Could New Age Values, Expanded Higher Awareness & Light Trained Discernment all Miserably Fail? Would 'New Age' types be 'Awake' enough for example to stand against a Divinely Sanctioned Light Army plan to carry out large scale Unloving Dark Acts? Would they?"


Perhaps trying to figure out what’s a ‘Good Genocide’ is beyond a mere earth incarnated person perhaps I need to go to the VERY top?

Perhaps I need to get advice directly from those Love & Light Divine Leaders?

Straight from the goats . . . OOooopppss . . . God’s . . . yes GOD’s mouth . . . as it were?

What ‘Goodness and Understanding’ ‘Light’ advice would they offer?

Can you imagine?

What Makes a Divine and Loving Lightworker Master of the Lightmare

Diane writes in a later section of the book;

I have been dealing with Orion for a number of years, and the relationship has not been pleasant. These Be-ings are not human and not to be considered life. They are a clear definition of evil, and it is fully ethical to destroy them. I have received a great deal of damage from all of the above horrors and have witnessed great damage to others. The requests for Orion’s removal from the Earth, themselves and all their mechanisms, boxes, weapons, command centers, and spaceships, has already been made and granted. The war against them has now been won. I have cleared Orion implants from almost everyone I have done healing with in the last ten years. Now is the time to clear them from everyone, from all life on Earth, and that request has also been made to and granted by Divine Director and the forces of the Light. Orion is being expelled from Earth and all Earth Be-ings.

Apparently the Divine Director and the ‘Forces of the Light’ (bit of a contradiction there don’t you think?) has granted the ‘obliteration’ request. Presumable the ‘Death Star’ was requisitioned in advance and the full might of a ‘berserker Light Army’ is ready for their ‘Divinely Sanctioned’ Love & Lightmare ‘Obliteration’ task?

Why does the Spiritual Hierarchy, AKA a Subtle ‘Government’ even Exist? & Why ARE THEY CONTROLLING EVERYTHING?

So, Love & Light and Goodness and Understanding and Compassion and Justice for everyone . . . unless you’re an Orion then ‘apparently’ your Super £**#ed.

Why Would ALL POWERFUL described as ‘LOVING’ Spiritual’ Beings Choose MASS Violence & Death as a SOLUTION?

I’m pretty sure I can remember being told at lots of new age type talks and when talking with lightworkers, new age healers and therapists AND I definitely read in lots of books and even on pages of lightworker sites that our Divine Light Masters are 100% loving and lovingly supportive AND are always doing their very best for all of us . . .

How are they able to keep good LIGHTWORKERS so DOCILE that they don’t even realize they are being asked to offer SUPPORT to a GENOCIDE?

So, it looks like either this genocide is a good genocide or maybe I’m unconsciously dyslexic or ‘something’ while being unaware of this?

Perhaps what’s more likely is that the levels of the Radiant Light of Goodness and Understanding emitted by loving Divine ‘Light’ Master Directors just aren’t quite high enough to illuminate themselves as to the entirely unloving and horrifying things they are apparently doing to some others.

One can only assume that the Orions are doing something completely dreadful? Perhaps for example; they are simply not falling for what the love and light new age propaganda machine is churning out.

OR . . . Even WORSE . . .

Perhaps they have been doing something really super stupendously horrifying like say; refusing to have themselves fitted with the brainwashing suppressive Lightworker Implants (As described in detail in this series HERE)?

Perhaps they actually really did do something this dreadful?

Perhaps the Divine Director found out that they were just too aware or that maybe these evil Orion people were making the mistake of wanting to be able to openly ‘think’ and also ‘discern’ for themselves rather than have a set of implants doing this for them?

OR . . . Perhaps it’s something less obvious? . . .

Maybe our Natural Sources of Universal Energies are running out?

Hey!! Maybe that’s why the Spiritual Hierarchy are now manufacturing artificial substitutes while trying to make sure that no one finds out?

Maybe those dreadful Orion types did find this out and threatened to tell everyone that we are all using fake and pretend Universal Energies manufactured in some Light Industries Chemical plant as I describe HERE?

OR . . . Perhaps it’s something WORSE?

Maybe these Orion types have worlds with pristine untapped Universal Energy Sources which they are trying to keep for themselves?

Is this what makes them EVIL?

Are they ALL ‘really’ Evil? As in each and every individual? Have you thought about that? Do you ‘really’ know that all of them are evil?

Why Would ANY described as ‘LOVING and Spiritual’ Choose MASS Violence & Murder as a SOLUTION?

As a competent healer helping myself and my clients resolve trauma and shock and in some cases trauma that originated due to severe negative events in past lives as well as this one then I’d have to point out that the more LOVING and CARING someone is then the less they are even able to CONTEMPLATE doing something even SLIGHTLY EVIL to ANY OTHER.

Any being in a position to give orders to murder an entire race of subtle people as immortal souls would have to be a fully fledged psychopath because only a psychopath could make this sort of decision and NOT become severely traumatized in doing so. I’d also have to point out that ‘loving’ people would not only immediately react against KILLING souls they would themselves be directly negatively impacted even just being asked to read and to consider this as a possibility never mind being one of the people carrying out these orders of genocide.

How to be a good lightworker? How to be an Aware Lightworker?

ANY lightworker, healer or alleged spiritual person reading this page and NOT being impacted by what is written FOR WHAT IT ACTUALLY IS is actually directly CONFIRMATION that these so called spiritual hierarchy impostor BASTARDS are managing to manipulate everyone into passive, docile ‘walking dead’ uncaring and unreactive zombies while even more impressive making them completely unaware that this is in fact the case (for this in very stark BLACK & WHITE details read this page here).

It’s embarrassing reading of how ‘aware’ and ‘spiritual’ the new age, lightworker crowd are supposed to be while repeated OBSERVATION makes it very clear that the exact opposite describes them. How well the subtle manipulations must be to have then even ‘imagine’ they have woken up? Apparently your a good lightworker if you can read this page and not have enough awareness to realize you’ve been 100% conned by decidedly 100% unspiritual snake oil salesmen.