Lords of Karma Approved Race Obliteration Efforts

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"New Age Ideology Contradictions. Could New Age Values, Expanded Higher Awareness & Light Trained Discernment all Miserably Fail? Would 'New Age' types be 'Awake' enough for example to stand against a Divinely Sanctioned Light Army plan to carry out large scale Unloving Dark Acts? Would they?"


I want to make you aware of how an obvious contradictions will be accepted without question because it is presented as spiritual, is from a so-called ‘light’ source or a respected new age author. That even the presentation, acceptance and support for the genocide or a whole people by a spiritual ‘light’ author doesn’t seem to raise any eye brows . . .

While writing other article series here and looking around at what others have written elsewhere that covered negative interferences and energies I came across the following book.

Reliance on the Light:

Psychic Protection with the Lords of Karma and the Goddess

… By Diane Stein.

I found this originally within google books on a page that even presented extracts from the book which seems to have gone now and is replaced by this HERE;

Radiant Light of Goodness and Understanding

The book description states

“Her teachings are designed to help people gain access to the Light — the radiant energy of goodness and understanding”

I highlight . . .

“Goodness and Understanding”

Have ‘YOU’ read this book?

I read an earlier book by this author called Essential Reiki which helped me enormously during my early Reiki healing and subtle energetic exploration and training phase (I mention this book and spirit directed training on this page HERE).

While within page 20 of the “Reliance on the Light” book the author writes about;

“Obliterating a race of people . . .
. . . and all of their creations and manifestations”


. . . which she seems rather keen on as she seems to have designated these people as ‘evil’.

The Evil Orion People ‘Light’ Contradiction

While another website HERE has a page that describes the same ‘people’ in much more ‘spiritual’ terms while strangely enough completely failing to mention the necessity of obliterating them . . .

As a word that would much more commonly be used in place of ‘obliteration’ in the above context would actually be genocide then when I first read this I was quite horrified.

How can anyone READ of obliterating an entire race of people and the implications of this written by someone stated as representing ‘goodness and understanding’ and it just doesn’t register?

When I originally put this page up on my clients website a couple of years back some of my clients said that they had read this book AND they’d not actually been ‘hit’ by the obliteration of an entire race of people presentations either.

It just hadn’t registered?


It just hadn’t registered?

How can this happen?

How can this happen particularly with people whom for some bizarre reason imagine themselves to be ‘awake’ as well as more aware and more ‘conscious’ than other folk?

How blatantly disengaged from ‘goodness and understanding’ and so lacking in ‘awareness’ would anyone have to be to read this and to NOT actually REALLY have it sink in what it is actually really stating?

Did YOU read this book?

If you did then, then did you query it?

Did YOU?

How can so-called ‘aware’ people be so unaware that they can blindly go along with;

  • An entire race being designated as evil AND . . .
  • That this race of people are going to be wiped out OR are in the process of being wiped out.

. . . and it doesn’t strike anyone as being a bit more than a ‘bit off’?

How can so-called ‘aware’ people miss this?

If they can miss something so very obviously not representing ‘new age, spiritual, ‘light’ values and beliefs’ then it begs the question just what else that’s less obvious could you all be missing too?

If you can relate to what I write here then leave a comment below . . .


  1. ted
    June 14, 2015 @ 12:36 pm

    I cannot find “Obliterating a race of people . . .
    . . . and all of their creations and manifestations” from Diane Stein’s book where you said it would be. I am using the Amazon site to review some of the book and don’t see it on page 20.


    • Clive
      June 14, 2015 @ 2:17 pm

      Wow . . . someone completely desperate to find ‘something’ wrong on this site.

      What a waste of my time this comment is AND what an ‘insult’ in that someone would think or even dare suggest that I’d made this up . . .

      For the feebleminded it’s obviously way, WAY too much of a stretch to figure out that the ‘pages’ on a kindle and or web screen are VARIABLE depending on the width you chose. So, either buy a copy and READ IT, or find a version that you can search the entire book for the phases I point out. Searching for those phrases is what you should have done before bothering to leave a crap ‘waste of time’ comment. You could even have a quick browse for these phrases in a copy of the paper book in your local new age store. I did find this book on google books 10 minutes ago BUT there search function doesn’t seem to work properly and Amazon doesn’t offer one – what a surprise. You could try going for the sample on kindle which might just have the 20th page.


    • Clive
      June 14, 2015 @ 2:28 pm

      On wasting my time reading through the google pages I found ‘another’ reference to the same – the screen shot (click on to enlarge) of what I found is on the page above below the ‘Obliterating . . . ‘ line.

      “Also now being obliterated are ‘The Source of All Evil’, Orion and all of their creations.”

      Perhaps Diane will bring out another edition with all of the ‘Obliteration’ descriptions themselves ‘obliterated’!!!!


  2. S. Aldunate
    July 8, 2015 @ 3:32 am

    Well Clive, I HAVE SEEN some other kind of wording like this in some other authors, though I do not have the time right now to look for it. When I see something like this it sticks in my mind as a contradiction to the spiritual teachings a lot of people is receiving from the Spiritual Hierarchy. But it sticks in my mind maybe from another point of view. Anyway, it became very suspicious to me that we are being told to be “good” and Love everybody and everything and to not “defend” ourselves from any kind of attack in any agressive way, specially when you read about spiritual beings talking about other spiritual beings as “evil” and waging war against them. I am thinking of the Annunnaki here, about whom everybody is talking about these days. I have often wonder how come that these beings became so spiritualy powerful being so incredibly controling and manipulative, and how come that the.”lightworkers” are not suppose to defend themselves in more drastic ways, which is placing them in a “weird” situation, or in a pretty difficult situation, because for now they have no way to defend themselves (if they really exist) from the anunnaki or any other negative being with the teachings that are being given. And I find this quite strange. I would say that practicing the unconditional love stuff is putting us into a victim situation that I find very dangerous, if my suspicions that we are being heavily manipulated are right.


    • Clive
      July 8, 2015 @ 11:27 am

      This is a contradiction to your previous two comments ‘S. Aldunate’ . . . ‘IF’ they want us to be empowered and to ‘change things’ then why manipulate the population into either passivity and or feed us misdirecting disempowering lies?


  3. Nina
    September 3, 2015 @ 2:44 am

    First impressions: I re-read this page after finding out that it has been updated. Unfortunately, my own reactions remain the same as when I first read it some time ago: passive, blank, unable to feel any horror or shock over the “obliteration” (i.e. genocide) of an entire race who have been designated as “evil” even if they don’t seem bad to me. Or more like I feel blocked from any compassion in the first place. And it feels as if my sense of morals and ethics have been compromised and tampered with.

    I know my reaction is not normal because I strongly felt shock and horror over the genocide of innocent civilians when I visited the Cambodian Killing Fields a few years ago, to the point that I almost cried after leaving the place (but didn’t do it; I had to suppress most of my feelings because I was with friends at that time and I feared they would perceive me as overreacting).

    Several minutes later: It took time and effort in re-reading this page at least one more time before I felt the appropriate reactions that were more in line with my character. Eventually I cried, both from the impact of this page and from realizing how easy it is for my compassion and common sense to be blocked, switched off, or manipulated so that I don’t notice or pay attention to diabolical information that goes against my values.

    Stein’s genocide lines remind me of religious groups that have waged wars and killed others in the name of “goodness and love.”


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