How We Create Soul Fragments When We Disown Parts of Ourselves

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Many estranged Conscious Soul Fragments are created because we have separated and consciously pushed part of ourselves away from our own subtle energy body by our attitude and or strong will.

Those people that manage to do this will probably have either a strong or determined will to be able to achieve this and or be desperate and very, VERY focused to get something away from themselves that they strongly perceive as having potentially catastrophic consequences for themselves if this part continues doing what it does.

I recommend that you read the example on a later page called; Really HATING Something of Yourself because it’s an amazing example of someone consciously doing this with their own will and intent . . .

WE Create Soul Body Fragments When we Strongly Dislike and Disown Part of Ourselves

It’s suggested by other subtle energy workers that soul fragments may disassociate and leave because they are either not wanted or because as a ‘conscious’ part of ourselves they are unable to live what is important to them because ‘we’ are suppressing or stopping that expression of ourselves.

I don’t think this is the case and I’ll explain this now.

The Past Life Circumstances that led to these Soul Fragment types should be explored

Most of these types of soul fragment you have got rid of in previous lifetimes . . . sometimes many lifetimes ago. We are who we each are and we each often respond to particular circumstances in the same way EACH TIME WE LIVE THOUGH THE SAME EVENT or situation . . .

So, at some point in some previous life a set of life circumstances arise and then certain negative emotions or reactions kick in OR you develop certain attitudes or behaviours that you don’t like, and which you feel don’t represent yourself.

Now if you REALLY don’t like how you are responding or behaving you may at some point be so against or antagonistic or unwanting of ‘how you are or are feeling compelled to be’ that eventually the energy body part that holds what you don’t want/like is through your will made to disengage and disappear . . .

Identifying & Describing When & How You Create Soul Fragments

What happens in future lives when you live through the same set of life circumstances? . . . Well, you’ll probably feel a set of maybe ‘negative’ responses, behaviours, impulses and or attitudes arising or gathering within yourself AND you’ll probably in a sense repeat what you have always done under the same circumstances which is to take a stance or attitude against these ‘not liked’ responses that you feel or have arising. In a sense you have an attitude of ‘I don’t want ????’ or ‘I don’t want to be like ‘THIS’. You will probably get to a point where you feel that you’ve blocked some response or attitude or behaviour from having expression. So, in a sense you will feel as if you are running through the build-up, you will get some corresponding feelings, responses and attitudes and at the point where you block these this is the point in some past life time that represents when you actually got rid of the energy part that represented that collection of ‘not wanted’ responses, negativity, behaviour and or attitudes.

With regards those I’ve worked with as clients some people have few of these while others can have quite a lot. The average will be about a dozen and in the worst cases you might have more than 50, although one client had more than 100 of these types.

What is your experience of these possibilities? If you can contribute then leave a comment below.

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