Difficulties in Recovering Dispersed Soul Fragments

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This is the scary section remember? So, I’ll be quite blunt. The only soul fragments you’ll be able to recover easily (as mentioned earlier) are the Conscious ones.

The dispersed ones which make up the worst in energy body depletion terms you are not going to be able to recover in anything more than very minor numbers.

The following are some of the problems.

Engaging with ALL Missing Soul Fragments you’ve Ever Lost

You need to be searching for and connecting to soul fragments throughout your entire past history to even start to recover the huge numbers and to NOT just to be dealing with those you find ‘hanging’ around you now. As all of you are used to doing balancing things and don’t have much idea of pro-actively LOOKING for crap then it’s going to take a few decades (probably at a minimum) for yourselves with your guides to develop means to do this . . .

But maybe NOT too much . . . else they can be Difficult to Recover

There is also the problem that if you ACTUALLY do engage with real soul fragments in decent numbers then you will feel and be subjected to what they contain as they are being ‘processed’ which I found at one point to be the limiting factor in recovery. I had means of identifying and collecting these that was so efficient that the numbers that appeared, IF these held for example tiredness or confusion, could actually have clients FALL ASLEEP or BECOME SO CONFUSED that they could not continue with the recovery process . . . leaving them in these. To overcome this problem I had to network all clients using these protocols so that IF someone was being buried under some effects then the intention and focus that one client would generate to recover their own soul fragments would be ‘split’ and automatically directed to any other client that might already be becoming buried under their own.

Numbers of Retrieved Lost Soul Pieces have to be Kept Manageable

This kept these recoveries manageable until our experience took us beyond these limits, never mind that everyone was warned to never use this procedure within an hour before driving or of them doing anything that they’d need all of themselves alert for. Having developed better means to deal with these then we are now no longer being subjected to these problems.

Retrieving Soul Fragments Held by Garbage Disposal Services

Things are NOT as you are being led to believe. The subtle energy technologies that kick in to balance people and deal with negativity in a person’s energy field are in common use WHILE never being mentioned. The so called negativity in the form of negative energies ARE disposed of by the equivalent of garbage collectors AND this garbage IS taken away and it IS kept contained usually at a great distance from yourself. It IS guarded and you ARE prevented from finding out about this never mind of recovering these energies.

In all it’s taken years for me to find out that this was going on. It took a huge amount of effort to uncover the different garbage disposal ‘services’ that deal with people from different groups and paths here.

You have to make Agreements with many Garbage Disposal Services

For myself and my clients to just have their disposed of energy body material returned required that we negotiate with EVERY energetic garbage disposal service that dealt with their particular energetic shit within each lifetime throughout their entire past history. We now have agreements with about 160 such services. Whom now on request when we detect their involvement return EVERYTHING including energetic material that is in their possession in the ‘spiritual’ bin bags.

You have to Process the Toxic Energetic Waste Properly before Integrating

You then have to PROCESS this toxic waste and there in lies another problem. Which is THIS;

All this negativity . . .

ALL of IT . . .

EVERY LAST DROP has absolutely NOTHING to do with us

NOTHING at all

. . . ALL the NEGATIVITY we are in . . . ALL that is taking us/me/you OUT OF BALANCE every last thing is actually being manifested, managed and maintained by very, VERY, VERY well hidden energetic crap . . . EVERYTHING having ANY effect on ANY of us is being done to us by virtually impossible to detect ENERGETIC shit . . . that’s why for day after day for longer that you can imagine we keep accumulating negativity and imbalances while using subtle energetic technology permanently to keep us/me/YOU in as good a state as possible . . . that’s WHY there is this HUGE bias to NOT even look at ‘negative’ things, that’s why EVERY SINGLE means we use has ONLY ever dealt with the bare surface symptoms (no matter what you think) while convincing us/me/YOU that we ARE because THEN we’ll NEVER EVER look for ABSOLUTE REAL CAUSES never mind question what we do . . . I’ve not found 1 person yet that knows, that REALLY knows how what they actually do ACTUALLY REALLY DOES WHAT IT DOES to address issues. This is why each of you is always convinced that what you are doing is SO RIGHT such that ‘you’ actually don’t really think about HOW what you use WORKS ‘openly’ never mind trying to find this out in detail (while taking into account that your guides LIE to hide these things from you . . . ). Read this page HERE for an example of this. There is another example HERE of how much our ‘universal’ solutions are keeping things both hidden from us WHILE actually HUGELY REDUCING our awareness, YOUR awareness over time too.

The energetic crap acting on us has been comprehensively identified AND we have also developed effective means to deal with this properly. So, we have no problem separating out the ‘real’ crap from bit’s of your energy body. NO PROBLEM AT ALL. It’s taken three years to be able to do this properly (not counting the 29 years of research that led to uncovering this crap).

Is anyone interested in recovering ALL of their energy field?

Recovery of all soul fragments of all types including all of these dispersed types are included as part of what I offer on this page here.