Importance of Recovering, Uniting & Integrating Soul Fragments & Subtle Body Parts

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"Soul Fragments, Missing & Lost Soul Pieces. Examples; Stolen, Unwanted, Donated, Used in Spells & Vows, for Voodoo, + to Help others +more. Energy Body Depletion Causes, SF Recovery Advice, Difficulties Discussed of; Finding, Cleansing & Integrating these."

It seems sensible to assume that you have these types of soul fragments and therefore you need to recover these.

This page highlights how important it is to recover such energetic parts and it gives you pointers on how you may become aware that you’re missing something as well as what you may be missing.

Soul Return; To Retrieve & Recover Soul Fragments of Yourself

I’m putting this separate page up here on recovering these specific soul fragment types because these are relatively easy from an energetic sense particularly if you have some subtle or other realm or ‘spirit’ awareness or perceptions because they are in a relative sense ‘large’ and difficult to miss or mistake for something else. Also, because they usually represent a significant one off portion of your energy field then there are usually plenty of clues both within yourself as well as clues in your current life to figure out the original circumstances under which you got rid of this energy part of yourself . . . in some cases it’s helpful to try and find out what the original circumstances are because this might help your own understanding as this energy starts integrating.

These Estranged Conscious parts are also very important to recover because not only do they hold negativity or debilitating reactions or attitudes BUT they often hold;

  • Important energetic functions like sexuality for example or mental functions like memory or focused attention, they may also hold subtle awareness abilities (that got you into trouble for example) . . . they could hold virtually any of your energetic body functions or abilities.
  • Quite often they actually hold STRONG parts of ourselves that have been corrupted or warped or that became extreme which are often why we felt we had to get rid of them in the first place. As the Shamanistic traditions would state by losing such parts of ourselves we are losing some of our power.

Because it’s possible that the total loss of ALL of these Soul Fragment types as energy body material may represent up to 12% of your energy field (if not more in extreme cases) then just from an energetic ‘depletion’ point of view recovering them is important too.

Lost or Missing Soul Pieces; A Feeling or Sense of Something Missing or Lost

You can feel as if you have something missing from yourself, this can be in a psychological, emotional, mental and even physical sense. Clients of mine have felt as if areas of their body are missing something or feel incomplete, at times particular clients would actually feel as if their energy body was fragmented and in some cases shattered.

The client with the greatest numbers of these larger types also actually had visible fractures in their energy body which also required delicate energetic work to realign after the soul parts were recovered. All of these types of sensations relate to missing soul pieces.

Points to Remember when Recovering or Reuniting with Soul Fragments

You may need to get to know any energy part that has turned up, you should spend some time getting to know it and particularly in terms of the circumstances that led to its estrangement. It’s important that you accept this energy and everything that it holds BECAUSE as a ‘conscious’ but separate part of yourself it may be quite disgruntled to say the least both over you getting rid of itself never mind over how you might have done this (angrily or with bitterness or hate for example).

You need to try and clear the negativity, reactions, attitudes and alignments held both within this energy AND within yourself that relate to this energy else in some cases you’ll find these difficult to get back. I’ve an example HERE of integrating such a difficult energy part of myself.

Returning Soul Fragments might have you Gaining extra Memories of it’s Experiences

If a soul fragment of this type is sufficiently large and is from your mental energy field then it may even include some of your memory function in which case when you recover this energy you may becoming aware of integrating memories of what this part has experienced since being separated from yourself. Which may be temporarily disturbing.

Regaining Soul Memories you Yourself Lost may happen on Integrating

In some cases where the reason why you wanted to get rid of part of yourself was to NOT REMEMBER SOMETHING then you may have soul fragments with lost memories that you will ‘remember’ when you integrate that recovered fragment.

Rare but possible is for you to retrieve and integrate an ‘entity’

The only warning point is that it’s possible that a nasty entity OR warped soul fragment from someone else is trying to convince you to integrate itself into yourself. Although this is very rare, it’s possible. I’ve an example HERE of mistaking an energy part of myself for an entity.

Recovering Soul Fragments that were Stolen from yourself

I’d get an expert to be honest to take you through recovering material you consider to be stolen from yourself. People whom steal energetic material are not only probably going to be experts in these subtle energy areas themselves BUT you’d have to expect that they’d have a less than ‘correct’ attitude to be doing this in the first place. Bottom line is that you can expect this to be difficult and it needs someone to both negotiate strongly on your behalf while being skilled enough to spot any misdirections or foul play.

For more information on additional factors that need to be addressed for recovering missing bits of yourself then read this page HERE. I do intend to present resources in the future to recover every combination of the soul fragments I describe on ALL of these pages. Soul fragments can only be identified and fully recovered completely by taking completely different approaches depending on reasons for their loss and their current circumstances. At the present time I’ve 8 separate procedures to address different SF combinations as described on these pages used by clients.

Recovery of all soul fragments of all types is included as part of what I offer on this page here.