Additional Factors that are Important for anyone wanting to Recover ALL Lost Soul Fragments

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This page is about making you aware of the broad ‘range’ of factors that ‘should’ be addressed when dealing with different ‘factions’ of soul fragments.

For example recovering bits of your energy field held within others energy bodies requires a very different approach compared to releasing soul fragments resident in YOUR energy field that belong to others, never mind dealing with fragments that others have stolen from yourself too.

In all to deal with ALL of these types completely and PROPERLY then 5 different angles have to be taken to address different factions of these. I’ll describe these now.

Retrieving Soul Fragments of YOURS held in Someone Else’s Energy Body

From my experience of dealing with my own and my clients fragments resident in others energy fields then there can be 100’s of people that have some of your own material. This means that ALL of the people with these parts have to be identified from your entire past history connections to find and recover all of these. Areas that might need to be specifically addressed include;

Soul Fragments used to make Vows, Pacts and Agreements;

If you are dealing with these retrievals properly them you will have to include addressing those that you exchanged energetic body material with as part of vows, pacts and agreements. Read this page HERE for more details on these areas.

Soul Fragments used to make Spells & Curses

Any material that was used as part of a spell either by yourself OR by another will probably mean that you need to deal with this person/entity specifically with relation to this. Material in such spells will be well hidden or disguised making actually identifying these difficult, never mind dealing with any entity attachments that might arrive because of this situation. Read this page HERE for more details on these areas.

Soul Fragments Lost as Donated Material

Some souls lose energetic material which is REALLY lost OR they cannot for various reasons recover. In which case others may have donated energetic material to make up this loss and help restore them to a ‘normal’ level of existence. This is why GREAT care should always be taken with regards recovering material from another. You cannot assume that it’s either lost, unconsciously given away or been stolen. In some cases you may have ‘consciously’ given some of your energy body material to someone else and if you don’t identify this type of material and NOT recover it then you may end up putting someone is a REALLY difficult space as an energetic being. Read this page HERE for more details on these areas.

I’m not impressed with what I read of elsewhere of others advice of returning or retrieving energy body material that seems to have missed the potentially quite serious consequences of the specific instances I mention above. As like attracts like then you will find yourself with guides whom have (give or take) the same awareness and understandings never mind abilities as yourself. If you are unaware of something then they are probably too. Read this page HERE for more details on these areas.

Returning Others Soul Fragments held in YOUR energy field

Well, what goes around comes around and so you too can have soul energetic material in your energy body that comes from dozens or 100’s of others. AND in returning these you may engage with entities that relate to people in your very distant past that you made a vow or agreement with, or whom you spelled or whom spelled you. Donated material is also a serious factor, in terms of you returning or recovering material.

Serious Healing Sabotages Due to Vows and Pacts

How many of you are aware of the effects that some ‘vows’ can have to absolutely kill any healing work. Either in a general sense or when dealing with specific things?

I’ve had some clients that caused a little confusion because they seemed to not respond to anything that I tried.  Those that this happened to were people whom have tried just about everything and it turned out that NOTHING EVER WORKED. These people were almost ‘compulsive’ as VERY serious helping and caring types and it turned out that they had made some very, VERY strongly vows usually lifetime after lifetime along the lines of;

“I won’t allow myself to resolve ANY of my own issues or experience ANY improvement in myself until ALL those I want to help (or AM helping) have resolved ALL of their issues . . .

This vow has stopped ANY healing in it’s tracks. This type of vow will deflect and block any attempt to address your own issues in ANYWAY whatsoever.

When dealing with these Soul Fragment energies specifically then we came across another set of vows that blocked the recovery of a clients SF’s held in others energy fields as well as of blocking what you’d taken of others into their own energy field. It turned out that they had a vow along the lines of;

“I will always take into myself others bad, negative, traumatic or ?? crap and NEVER give it back”

Which completely blocked anything happening when they were trying to release soul fragments and return what they’d taken in of others crap (as we clear all negativity from these on release then they’d not be returning any of the crap bits anyway)

. . . and there was another vow that seriously didn’t help either . . .

“I will always give what I can of myself to others and never take what I give back.”

Which completely blocked the second Soul Fragment angle by preventing the recovery what others held of YOUR soul fragments in their energy body of that you had ‘given’ them.

Other vow type things along similar lines;

“I WONT EVER take back ANYTHING negative of myself that I’ve passed to ANY OTHER; others can have these forever . . .”

Say someone gave you lots of support and ‘energies’ whom you then seriously fall out with. There could be lots of variations of these.;

“I WONT EVER give back ANYTHING I was EVER given that came from ??? EVER”

The above vows all acted as an absolutely secure firewall that blocked completely some of my clients from giving back ‘some’ soul fragments they themselves held that belonged to others OR of preventing them from recovering ‘some’ soul pieces that they’d given of themselves to others. Only by working with a protocol to clear the accumulation of vows (done lifetime after lifetime) for a few days were they able to work with the first two soul fragment issue areas above successfully. 90% of my clients had one or more of these that blocked either themselves or others recovering some soul fragments or of soul fragments that related to particular people or a particular person.

Recovering Lost Soul fragments that were Stolen from YOU by another

All already mentioned these need to be dealt with by someone experienced that is used to negotiating with both strong and probably ‘dark’ others to recover such material while making sure that this does not happen again OR that other actions are not taken against you. Never mind that revenge actions should not be contemplated either . . . as these lead to you/us perpetuating and keeping the morass of shit we are in stirred up never mind that in these instances WELL hidden energetic crap is ALWAYS found to be what is REALLY responsible for encouraging and maintaining these types of actions.

Having dealt with quite a few demons types face to face, . . . because . . . well, I like to look into the eye of whatever is trying to £**# with me (or my client) and in line with my policy of chatting with . . . well . . . EVERYONE actually to find out their REAL story including so called ‘dark’ others then this attitude tends to be a good line to take in terms of revealing the REAL problems, difficulties never mind stand off’s usually very amicably and as a result of me holding to my attitude down these lines then my ‘staff’ are also experts in these areas too. For more extensive information on these areas including a detailed example then read THIS page.

How To Return Missing Soul Fragments YOU have Stolen from others

Gosh, I bet you’d not even thought of this as a possibility for yourself. Well, I tend to think of everything. So, have YOU stolen anyone’s abilities or bolted on some energy body bits that you liked the look of that you sneakily extracted from someone’s energy field? What do you think? And if you have what are going to be the problems with YOU giving this material back? Like for example ‘power’ issues (which arise from insecurity issues), wanting to be feared or respected or be in control? How are you going to resolve these to a point where you can let go and give back what you took? Giving back material stolen from another might not be too difficult technically BUT dealing with what led you or forced you to do this might be . . .

Recovering Bin Bagged Cleansed Away Dispersed Soul Fragments

For details of what is necessary to recover this type. Then read this page HERE.