Symptoms of Chronic Subtle Energy Body Material Depletion Discussed

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"Soul Fragments, Missing & Lost Soul Pieces. Examples; Stolen, Unwanted, Donated, Used in Spells & Vows, for Voodoo, + to Help others +more. Energy Body Depletion Causes, SF Recovery Advice, Difficulties Discussed of; Finding, Cleansing & Integrating these."

It took a long while before I began to understand just how many of these dispersed soul fragments there really are and how much we are REALLY losing of our energy field because they are so small, elusive and often mixed in with negative crap, never mind that you can only get an accurate count when you get them ALL back.

As a proportion of the main energy body these types of soul fragments are VERY small. They usually represent between 10,000th and 1,000,000th of the size of the main or ‘original’ energy body on the other hand it turns out that there are rather a lot of them . . .

Most of my clients have between 50,000 and 700,000 dispersed soul fragments in dispersed energy collections. We are recovering between 1,000 and 5000 soul fragments as ‘collective’ sets that arose from strategies used to deal with a ‘specific’ debilitating issue lifetime after lifetime each day by working with specific focusing protocols to address these areas.

Your Energy Body will be depleted by a huge amount

The overall horrifying news is that with respect to what a complete and intact, ‘original’ energy body should be like we have lost at best 20% and at worst some have up to 80% of their energy body MISSING.

Some of YOU have managed to discard 80% of YOUR energy field so far . . . .

Which explains why myself and most of my clients using a protocol to recover and re-integrate these have been having to use this EVERY day and sometimes twice a day and are recovering dispersed soul fragments by the boat load EACH TIME . . . never mind that it’s taking about three years working this way so far . . . with only one person so far managed to recover everything . . .

Other Symptoms that denote Soul Fragments as the cause

We have dealt with these dispersed soul fragment collections extensively for the last three years now and in this time we have noticed some physical effects that point to soul fragments as the offending cause. We have found that collections of soul fragments relating to the same issue will ‘flock’ together as it were. When this happens then you feel energies moving within or around yourself in a consistent manner.

Energies moving within, through or around your body

When you enter the same ‘circumstances’ where you originally got rid of energy parts of yourself then you may attract these back to yourself. How these impact you depends very much on your original circumstances and your response to them.

I and my clients have found that a many subtle energy sensations can be due to these types of dispersed soul fragments. You can feel as if parts of your body are covered by an energy blanket or layer. Sometimes these energies can be moving gently around the body area that most represents the originating issue. Here are some examples that I myself and clients have noticed;

Around the Heart area: These energies may be quite sedate drifting around or they can be VERY mobile. One client would feel a heart smothering effect and feel the emotions of past heart pain; sadness or anguish for example which was because of soul fragments containing these effects that she’d got rid of in the past. Another would feel these collections of soul fragment energies building up a few inches outside of her body over her heart – like a small cloud. These are common in people whom have felt their heart or their love to be let down or betrayed. The heart ache and pain they felt in these past times was cleared as ‘negativity’ which also included energetic parts of the HEART as well, which ends up with some people having less and less capacity to be open hearted OR of feeling love. Getting these types back can make a big difference to ‘heart’ feelings.


Around the Head: To have energies moving around your head are almost certainly related to you getting rid of things to do with your thinking or attitude. I meditated for years to help myself enter a ‘void’ head and ‘being’ space. While recovering these types of soul fragments I can feel as if I have a think bag of energy wrapped around my upper head area. When there are lots of ‘head’ soul fragments then this layer can feel oppressive and smothering.


Around the Stomach or Abdomen: You can have energies representing worry, fear, stress or anxiety to some aspect of life in these areas. One client had ‘head’ effects of worry and panic (sensations of movements). These sensations would have her increasingly frightened and panicky which also caused real fear reactions in her stomach too. The effect of her trying to get rid of these ‘negative’ energies from one part of her body would cause them to move through her body as an energy sensation that would pass through her stomach, her chest and then up around her head before starting again. This happening made her even more frightened and panicky, putting her into an unbearable feedback loop making things progressively worse.

Spiritual Practices that lead to Energy Body & Soul Starvation

Many practices used as standard by therapists, spiritual people and healers are actually responsible for preventing the energy body from being able to take in all the energies and frequencies it requires to remain healthy. This is another reason that contributes to more and more people requiring to energetically Top Up as well as more and supplements. You can read about this HERE.

What is your experience of these possibilities? If you can contribute then leave a comment below.

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