Difficulties of Recovering Soul Fragment that hold ‘Negative’ Attitudes

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Depending on the negative reactions and behaviours that a collection of dispersed soul fragments hold they can be VERY difficult to recover . . . to say the least . .

As described in detail on a previous page, dispersed energies can often hold quite strongly to particular deeply felt attitudes, responses and orientations because this is what you did that you got rid of.

Negative Stances Held by Soul Fragments Block their Recovery and Integration

From the example on a previous page . . . this could be

  • An ‘over reaction’ and berating response toward your partner reactions set.
  • An angry ‘You are NOT right’, ‘DON’T do that again’, ‘DON’T be like that with me’ reactions set.
  • As well as a “I don’t like myself”, “I am weak”, “I hate myself for being like this”, feelings of ‘Guilt’ or ‘Being Down about yourself’ or ‘Ashamed’ and perhaps later some; ‘I’m useless, hopeless, not good at anything’ lines too.

Now if you think about it for a little while then what I am about to explain is pretty obvious. This whole collection of bits of ‘discarded’ energy body between them now hold the ‘energies’ of EVERYTHING that you wanted to get rid of.

The consciousness of Soul Fragments holds Negative Reactions, Stances and Attitudes

Some can be Against Yourself . . .

This stunted ‘consciousness’ of negative energies basically understands that YOU “didn’t like it”, that it is “weak”, that it is “hated by you” and ‘it’ feels ‘guilty’ and ‘down about itself’ and ‘ashamed’. These collections of energies will often think and feel the same way about you too; that ‘you are weak’, that ‘it does not like you’ and that in fact ‘it hates you’! So, they quite often don’t want to have any direct association with you because they like you as much as you liked them and worse than that you also THREW THEM AWAY – YOU BASTARD. About 90% of soul fragments hold on average about a third of ‘YOU’RE A BASTARD’ type energies, responses and reactions against you.

And some can be Against or Focused on Others . . .

These negative mixtures can also hold feeling orientations and intentions directed toward others. Like in the example above this can be ‘negative’; ‘You are NOT right’ or ‘I hate you’ or ‘You’re a Bastard’ or even worse . . . say you are infatuated with someone and you try and get rid of these feelings and orientations using some ‘balancing’ practice? Which could mean there are soul fragments with intense feelings and an orientation along the lines of ‘I WANT YOU’ or ‘I love you’ or ‘I want to HELP you’ or ‘I want to BE WITH YOU’ . . . so, . . . in these cases . . . where do you think these dispersed soul fragment collections might head toward?

Some soul fragments (for various reasons) end up drifting toward others AND they can end up in the energy field of others too . . . which means that others can have bits of your energy field held and stuck within theirs which ALSO means that YOU can have energetic bits from the subtle energy body of some OTHER in your own energy field too . . . I write about this in much more detail on a later page here.

Difficulties & Problems Recovering Integrating Soul Fragments

Soul fragment collections that hold either negativity, reactions or attitudes against yourself ARE absolutely not impressed with attempts at reconciliation which is why it took me months to figure out how to achieve this with energy body bits that make a huge effort to not join with something that they ‘understand’ has been actively against them, has not wanted them and in fact has actively disposed of them.

Then there are those bits of your energetic body that take up residence in someone else’s energy field because they hold orientations or intensities toward this person OR because they cared about or for yourself. In this case locating ALL of these types throughout your entire past history never mind recovering these is an interesting exercise.

These then are obviously some of the most difficult energetic healing issues to deal with properly never mind that many therapist types don’t even seem to be aware that these soul fragments are a serious problem for EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US.

Why do we Automatically Balance or Cleanse and not really Investigate?

I have a client whom is very multidimensionally aware and she OFTEN spots these soul fragments either at a distance from herself, collecting around her energy field or congregating around a particular chakra area. She is the most aware of the presentations of these types of dispersed soul fragments of all of my clients but the problem is that she automatically reacts to what she sees as NEGATIVE ENERGIES and immediately starts to clear them away . . . . she would spot these regularly as in every other day AND for two years she’d automatically try and clear them away and then get in touch to ask me why they were still hanging around. “They’re soul fragments USE the SF protocol” I’d say . . . which when used would separate out the negativity and start a reintegration process of her own energies and would take about 10 minutes to initiate each time . . .

The problem being that life time after lifetime as an aware subtle energy healer type the auto cleansing reaction had become completely built in. It took two years before she adjusted and started to deal with these properly. How easy is it for you to think about new things never mind changing your way of doing something?

What is your experience of what I write here? If you have anything to contribute then leave a comment below.

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