How Subtle Body Fragments & Soul ‘Essence’ is used for Voodoo, Spells & Radionics Influences

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In some cases energetic material is stolen specifically so that it can be used to influence you in some way. So, not only in these instances do you have some energetic material taken BUT this material is used in different and specific ways to influence yourself. It should go without saying that sometimes these influences are very debilitating and or sabotaging of people lives.

Once again with respect to my clients we’ve dealt with many different variations of these, which I’ll now describe below.

Using ‘Soul Essence’ for Voodoo Doll type energetic ‘At a Distance’ Influences

A few clients have had their own stolen energetic material acted upon to influence themselves at a distance. In this case someone was or had been actively using some energetic material of themselves to focus and direct negative or debilitating influences or actions to themselves. You could say that the energetic ‘sample’ is used as a reference to locate and influence in energetic terms the person whose energetic material is being used. In some cases these actions can have very debilitating consequences.

Pan Dimensional Thingies or Radionics Used ‘Negatively’

I eventually found another means of influencing others that was done over very great distances AND across different energetic ‘strata’. In these cases sophisticated subtle energetic technologies were being used to effect an influence on someone by using a sample of energetic material from that person. Often these influences where to change or manipulate or direct someone’s thinking or attitude although others were acting in ways that even debilitated physically.

Depending on the design of the technology they use a sample of your essence, resonance or energetic blueprint to direct influences to yourself.

Finding and identifying the technologies acting to influence my clients in this way proved to be very difficult and time consuming. Because all of the influencing actions of these technologies were being done deliberately and with malicious intent AND very often on the authority of ‘higher’ others then a great deal of effort is put into making sure that your material and or the technologies using your material are never ever detected. In the worst cases I’d have to figure out and negotiate multiple security set ups, designed to ensure that no one would ever engage with the technologies that originated the influences.

Overall, there were two different technology types and for each of these there was a wide range of variations in design. Some of these systems were fully automated and had no ‘people’ checking on their functioning, while others were ‘manned’. After a year or two of detecting and dealing with these by ‘hand’ as it were on behalf of my clients I eventually managed to figure out an easier way of dealing with them more efficiently. An audio example of identifying and dealing with one of these technology types can be found HERE.

It turns out that these types of technologies are the ‘energetic’ equivalents of what we call Radionics here. Radionics uses something of yourself (some hair for example) as a signature which is used to tune into and to make changes and adjustments to your energy system at a distance. Although for the most part it’s considered that Radionics systems are used for ‘good’, in the case of how these technologies were being used on ‘higher’ levels to manipulate or otherwise seriously influence myself or my clients I can only say we dealt with the ‘bad’.

Soul Essense and Soul Form Fragments & Energetic Material is Used for Spells and Curses

In some cases material will be taken from you so that it can be used as part of a spell. As I only have experience of deactivating or otherwise getting rid of spells rather than making them then I’d imagine that certain spells for example a love or binding spell would work much better with some energetic material from the person being targeted. In these cases recovering the stolen energetic material requires that you deal with the spell never mind at times an annoyed ‘witch’ or ‘sorcerer’ type that can turn up a little taken back that you’re messing with one of their spells. Diplomacy and or energetic competency is required to deal with these types of encounter.

What is your experience of these possibilities? If you can contribute then leave a comment below.

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  1. Ernest Jarvis Holmes
    October 23, 2018 @ 11:54 pm

    OK would an example of this be a Witch a spell to steal your sperm and perform spells on the person they stole it from.


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