What Causes or Creates Dispersed Soul Fragments

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We are ALL accumulating these types of dispersed soul fragments ALL THE TIME.

They are responsible for ourselves as in me, you and EVERYONE experiencing a depleted if not chronically depleted energy field.

What actually Causes or Creates these Soul Fragments?

Well, the majority of these tiny soul fragments are being created through the use of various balancing and clearing practices, rituals and invocations. Shockingly it is what most of us are using as solutions that are ACTUALLY and REALLY responsible for the gradual build up of energetic and negative garbage in and around your energy field.

Healing & Therapeutic Balancing & Negativity targeting practices

You cannot take anything at face value. OFTEN when you listen to a ‘healing’ or ‘relaxing’ cd or tape for example with the intention to ‘clear’ yourself or to put yourself in some ‘state’ then this ACTUALLY invites some subtle energy technologies to work with your energy field.

These types of technologies are quite common and they work with your intention, direct invocation or how the music or chanting or ‘whatever’ is effecting yourself to identify negativity and imbalances within you which they then work to address.

Some Weirdness’s about this Earth Space that you need to know

There is another complication with respect to this earth space specifically in that to provide us with maximum information about ourselves and our past experiences then it is DESIGNED to present us with symbolic clues and reminders that relate to our past and what we have already experienced. So, listening to a music tape or cd that is NOT for example specifically for healing, balancing or cleansing WILL for some people cause a process to activate because this music is calculated to represent some music that you used in previous times (other lives and other levels) where this WAS for some balancing or cleansing or healing purpose . . . in this instance you will feel and you will ACTUALLY experience a clearing and rebalancing just through this past association.

How this ‘earth’ space actually works can make figuring out certain associations VERY difficult. This earth space presents LOTS symbolically.

So, you can be doing something SPECIFICALLY to achieve some healing change, to cleanse or balance or quieten something of yourself or ‘whatever’ for this to happen as expected OR you can be doing something ‘normal’ or none healing or something not about balancing that represents something of the past that WAS about healing and this WILL cause you to experience what you did in the past in this time now.

Back to Balancing, Cleansing, Healing Practices

So, some if not many people are often using some ‘practice’ with the intention to ‘keep themselves right’; you can be meditating, using some mind tapes, listening to some relaxing ‘energetic’ music, doing acupressure, mantras and so on or from a symbolic presentation point of view even GOING FOR A RUN or making a meal or sitting in the woods can result in the same.

The bottom line is that you are being facilitated in energetic ways to try and address the imbalances you are experiencing. Like mind loops or preoccupying worries or tiredness or anger or listlessness or fear or ‘whatever’. These balancing energies and technologies all act in ways that try and target what is responsible for the imbalances or ‘negativity’ in your energy field. So, they search out and try and isolate what is deemed responsible for the ‘effects and symptoms’ that you are trying to address. These are then identified as accurately as possible AND attempts are made to clear them from your energy body.

Now here in lies the problem because it turns out that as efficiently as they are in doing this they are OFTEN also taking very small if not minute parts of your energy field away with the offending negative and imbalancing crap . . . and not only will you end up with a build up of negativity around yourself BUT this will ALWAYS include some very small parts of your energetic body.

Now, in terms of how many of these you create the numbers at first glance are so few and their size so small that they seem insignificant and they ARE except many people are REGULARLY using some spiritual clearing or balancing practice or something that symbolically represent the same that results in loss of energetic material from the energy body on an on going and often daily basis.

How many of you use some practices or cleansing or balancing ritual once if not two or three times as day? Every day . . . and you’ve used some practice such as this for how many past lives too?

So, over time as in a life time and over a longer time as in lifetime after lifetime the numbers of these are absolutely NOT insignificant at all.

The negativity building up around you is the RESULT of spiritual practices

Soul fragments will always have the same ‘blueprint’ or ‘energy’ resonance as the main energy body of YOURSELF much like a twin. Your energy body and any soul fragments then have a sympathetic ‘resonance’ and so, soul fragments will (on the whole) have a tendency to congregate around or be drawn back to the main energy body. In effect to YOURSELF.

These types of soul fragment ‘collections’ are quite common, they are dealt with by healers, therapists and psychics all the time as well as by beings that come when you ask for ‘help’. None of us (and that includes me) were aware that soul fragments are always found mixed up in with the following;

  • The ‘negative’ energies that healers and some therapists pick up on and cleanse from within and around people’s energy field and energy body.
  • The ‘negative’ energies that congregate around and block the flow in chakras and other energy body structures.
  • The ‘negative’ energies that are hanging around in your ‘space’; at home or work that people get rid of with ‘space clearing’ techniques.

It is 100% likely that these negative energies contain very small soul fragments that have been ‘dispersed’ from your own energy field from the areas that you wanted balanced or cleared of negative or ‘disturbing’ things. They are BITS OF YOU. These energies are usually VERY negative, and depending on any ‘reactions’ they hold, they can even be VERY antagonistic toward yourself.