Others Stealing Subtle Energy Body Form ‘Attributes’ as; Vitality, Energy or Power

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In some cases others may steal energetic material from your energy field because that material holds either;
  • Some aspect of character or attitude that they want to acquire or . . .
  • Some ability or attribute of yourself that they want to have for themselves.
  • And OR they don’t want you to have that ‘advantage’.

These are relatively rare (or seem to be).

Others Deliberately Stealing Your ‘Power’, Abilities or Personal Attributes as Subtle Energy Body Fragments

Shamanistic traditions mention quite frequently that someone may steal part of your ‘power’ and it’s true both that this is possible AND that it happens at times.

I’d also say that we have to consider the ‘power’ term as a generic term for anything that we have that makes us feel strong, able or competent within or of ourselves which could be (and are) entirely different things to different people.

  • Patience
  • Strength & Determination
  • Precognition
  • Analytical Abilities
  • Ability to Access other Realms

Having recovered some of these taken from myself and my clients then I’d have to say that of those whom took such material then some are skilled or focused enough to be able to do this personally while others have some energetic technologies to help them isolate the material that holds the attributes they want and then to ‘extract’ this from another and yet others have guides that are skilled in these areas and whom help to steal energetic material too.

I have virtually no experience of the latter two with either myself or my clients. Just enough to know this can be done in this way and those with this probably do this often.

Stealing Subtle Body Parts Holding: Vitality, Stamina, Determination or ‘Energy’

I suspect that the energy body has some energy frequencies or components that are more related to ‘vitality’ than to ‘structure’ AND that some people will be taking this and hence some people are seen to drain others.

I know that some people are doing this AND I know that some people are being made to look as if they are because others feeling this happening tend to avoid them. That is to say that SOMETHING not of someone but present with them can be making others feel drained in their presence OR actually be doing this to encourage people to NOT have much to do with them OR to avoid them. A couple of clients have had this done to them.

I’ve also found the opposite too in that a client had subtle energetic technology MAKING them feel that others were bad vibing them or draining them . . . this too was a great way of having this person avoiding JUST ABOUT EVERYONE at times.

Recovery of all soul fragments of all types is included as part of what I offer on this page here.

What is your experience of these possibilities? If you can contribute then leave a comment below.

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  1. Colette
    October 17, 2019 @ 11:11 pm

    I “just beginning to read this and am very happy to have found the “stealing” section. I am currently attempting to learn to retrieve what is mine from a less “gifted” and difficult individual who seeks to obtain an ability she does not have. It took me quite some time to recognize and understand what she had done, and once I moved a few hours away; she made a mistake by “appearing/speaking/messaging” (not exactly sure how to describe it) when she should not have during a ceremony or ritual or something. Anyway, it has been very damaging and a very long road to just understanding what has occurred. I have much to learn, and hope to recover my fragments… :/


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