Negative Behaviour of Accumulating ‘Cleansed & Dispersed’ Soul Fragment Mixtures

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I’m going to give you a somewhat complicated example to illustrate how the mixture of negativity held within soul fragments will dictate how these soul fragments behave.

Lets say that you can find yourself ‘over reacting’ at times and berating your partner in a way that is well out of proportion to what is actually going on.

Relationship Problems, Reactions, Attitudes and Upsets

Let’s say that you are finding yourself ‘strongly’ telling your partner that something of their behaviour or attitude is not right and that you DON’T want them to be like this AND you are angry about this toward them AND you berate them often for being like this / doing this . . .

You try and Control Yourself to Stop yourself from being like this

Over time this stresses your relationship and becomes such a serious issue that you take steps to try and ‘control’ these reactions and responses.

However, over another long phase it just gets worse and you end up not only with the ‘original reactions’ but additional reactions which reflect your negative responses to your failure to adjust yourself.

Unfortunately your attempts to Control Yourself Fail

These additional negative reactions can take the form of “I don’t like myself” or “I am weak” or “I hate myself for being like this” or “I should not be like this” and so on.

You might also feel or be ashamed or guilty or become upset or down about yourself which in extremes can lead you to become self chastising or self hating and so on . . . maybe even turning into; ‘I am useless, hopeless, not good at anything’

You end up with three sets of Negative Reactions, Attitudes & Orientations

With this example issue then you actually have three distinctly different sets of ‘responses’ or ‘debilitating negativity’;

  • An ‘over reaction’ and berating response toward your partner.
  • An angry ‘You are NOT right’, ‘DON’T do that again’, ‘DON’T be like that with me’ reactions.
  • As well as a “I don’t like myself”, “I am weak”, “I hate myself for being like this”, feelings of ‘Guilt or Being Down about yourself or Ashamed’ set which might lead to reactions against yourself with; ‘You’re useless, hopeless, not good at anything’.

So, lets say then that at SOME point you do ‘something’ or work with ‘something’ to address these areas (some practice that creates dispersed soul fragments) and you somehow manage either quickly or over time to get rid of ALL of these responses.

These Soul Pieces HOLD your Negativity and Reactions

So, you end up with a collection of VERY small energetic fragments that are most likely building up in the space around your energy body. You will identify these as ‘negative’ energies because they hold all of the ‘negative’ responses and reactions that relate to what you wanted to get rid of and so will be ‘negative’ from your perspective.

So, depending on your issues; the reaction or attitudes that you are addressing will result in soul fragments that hold different emotions, attitudes and reactions as orientations that can relate to yourself and or to others . . . .

Your Soul Fragments may accumulate around yourself OR someone else

If you have thoughts or reactions or altitudes that are strongly and directly aimed at yourself. As in; ‘You’re useless, hopeless, not good at anything’ then not only will these contribute to make you feel like this when they hang around you but they will AIM toward yourself, they will be focused on you too . . .

On the other hand if these reactions are toward ANOTHER as in ‘You’re useless, hopeless, not good at anything’ then they will head off in the direction of whom ever this is because they hold your focus directed at this person. This is why some negativity/soul fragments from yourself can move toward and build up around others, never mind negativity and soul fragments from others building up around you . . .

Which can contribute to people feeling ‘vibed’ by others (although there are plenty of other things doing this too).

Auto Cleansing Implants and Technologies . . . helping to lower awareness

Sometimes the same technologies not only facilitate the creation of soul fragments as part of some healing or spiritual practice BUT they may also automatically clear the accumulation of negativity that builds up in your chakras and around your energy field . . . in which case this contributes to giving you less to become aware of that might prompt you to think about how exactly all of these balancing and energy body cleansing practices actually work because you won’t have anything hanging around that might make you curious and have you investigating . . .

Unfortunately these auto clearing technologies that clear accumulated negativity around people ARE the most common. So, you miss out on one clue because nothing is invoked to set this into action, it just happens. Which means many spiritual people with these implants will remain completely unaware of the possibility that they have (or are heading for) a serious energy body depletion problem . . . particularly as some balancing solutions are triple barrelled and include auto energy field topping up systems too . . . gosh seems like the ‘more’ spiritual someone can seem might actually mean the less opportunity they will have of becoming aware of how much subtle energy technologies are being used to maintain a so called spiritual state . . .

There is an example HERE of the identification of this type of ‘fake’ spirituality and how this can keep you lost for simply ages . . . while thinking you’re saved . . .